Joyce Stuns Gunn


Published September 2013

Former I.B.A. Cruiserweight World and current American BKB Champion Bobby Gunn has been left stunned by a YouTube video showing an Irish traveller 'calling him out'.

Gunn who has had 26 pro boxing fights under his belt, winning 18 by KO, and losing just five, was sent the video by someone on social networking site Facebook.
Davey Joyce
The traveller in question was revealed as Davey Joyce who is the son of Big Joe Joyce who was well known throughout Ireland as a great fighter in his day.

The video shows young Joyce telling Gunn: "I have seen your tapes and there is a lot better men in Ireland than you, including me."
"I wanna box you I am a proper man and I can fight, not like some of them men you have fought. "

"Get your people in touch now to arrange it cos I wanna box ya."

Joyce continues to goad Gunn during the one minute 20 second clip, and even seems to throw a few insults at Gunn's former opponents.

Gunn has replied to his would-be contender via the social networking site. He said: "This is not the way this is done. You do not call out a man without an offer of a purse."
"I don't even know this guy so how the hell are my people supposed to get hold of his people."
"I have spoken to a few of my traveller friends and they have advised me that an offer should be made." Bobby Gunn

"I do not like how this has just been sent to me via my Facebook."

"This guy is very unprofessional."

Gunn is the Champion in the USA and he has competed on BKB events which are sanctioned and legal there.

As people in the UK are still unsure about B.K.B. perhaps they should look in on B-BAD Promotions running its fifth show this week.
However it's not surprising a pro like Gunn who has also been a World Champion finds this way of organising a bout very bizarre.

Even B-BADs fights are arranged with in a fair professional manner.

In fairness to Joyce this is the way travellers have 'called out' other families since YouTube first hit the internet, before its creation, they would send tapes.
With a fight iminent for Gunn with Roy Jones JR it is highly unikely the fight with Joyce will happen.

Another very good reason it is unlikely to go ahead is Gunn is under the constant eye of the governing bodies of boxing and has been warned to steer clear of B.K.B.
The offending video is no longer available on YouTube.

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