Published April 2013
KapapAn interesting piece by Steve Williams about Kapap which is the self defence system used by the Israeli Military. Personally it's new to me, if it is for you take a look a what Steve has too say.
We are Kapap England and this is our story…
Towards the end of the Ottoman (Turk) rule in Palestine, the Jewish settlers realised they could rely on no one to defend and protect them from the threat of personal attacks in the lead up to what eventually became the 1920 Palestine Riots.

Consequently they started developing a simple “self defence” system made up of simple elements, learning, amongst other things, combat methods from British soldiers who were still fighting the Turks including boxing, Judo, wrestling and other fighting systems that the British soldiers had learned during the years of the British Empire. British Army trainers added fighting with a walking stick, shepherd stick, knife and bayonet. They called this style of fighting Kapap קפא"פ (Hebrew acronym for Krav Panim el Panim, קרב פנים אל פנים - face-to-face combat).

Between the years 1920 -1948 Kapap evolved and became the combat doctrine of the different underground movements, mainly the Haganah הגנה (the Hebrew word for defence). Kapap developed and became more sophisticated throughout the years as the new immigrants to Palestine brought with them new practices and tactics.

With the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948, Kapap became the combat doctrine for the Israeli Defence Forces, Israeli Police and the various other Israeli armed forces. The unique style kept on evolving, adding elements of modern, classic and ancient combat using rifles and guns. Kapap became the concept of simple and very effective fighting styles.

KapapIt was not until 1999 that Kapap started being taught in an organised manner both in Israel and throughout the world.
This happened after many years in which other kinds of combat styles predominated, such as: Krav Maga”, karate and judo, instructed throughout the world mainly for the purpose of sporting competitions. These martial arts lost their fighting effect and became “soft” in order to meet the needs of those competitions. Kapap came back to the fore as a result of the volatile security situation and increased street crime which created the need for real self-defence techniques. Kapap instructors in Israel today train Israel Defence Forces units, different armed forces units such as the Yamam and Shabakas well as various elite units.
So what is modern Kapap?
Kapap is still a combat style made up of a combination of several fighting techniques and the emphasis is on fighting empty handed against armed and unarmed assailants, including weapon against weapon. Kapap is suitable for use in all environments fields and enables the practitioner to overcome any kind of fighting and prepares them for almost any situation. Kapap is not a sport, neither is it competitive; nor is it a martial art. Kapap, though, is still a great means of self-defence.
A Kapap practitioner will never compete; never receive a medal or trophy when he overcomes an opponent. However, he will protect his life - which is the true reward.
Why you should take up Kapap with Kapap England? In spite of Government statistics to the contrary we are all aware that violent crime is on the increase. We all run the risk of being ‘happy slapped’ by a ‘hoodie’, being filmed and having that film posted on the internet. This is on top of the risk of being robbed in the street for the ever increasing list of gadgets we all seem to carry with us on a daily basis. Almost every day another shocking crime is reported in the media. So, are you safe enough?
Most people believe that incidents like this only ever happen to other people and most victims also suffered from this misguided belief.
Self Defence training, like First Aid training, is something that everybody should do with the hope that it is never needed. Plan for the worst and hope for the best.
The KAPAP ENGLAND programme is taught by security professionals who teach a unique combination of hand to hand and weapons defensive tactics, which can help defeat stronger, more skilled and armed opponents.
Defending yourself and your loved ones does not have to take years to learn. Military and security personnel for example usually only have a few days to learn hand to hand combat. KAPAP does not employ countless, complicated techniques. It is an easy to learn system, which enables you to be confident and capable in a short time.
KAPAP is practical and can be learnt by just about anyone. Due to the structure and logic of the techniques, the system is absorbed quickly. KAPAP'S tactics are direct, they are fast and they are effective, whether you are a security professional, police officer or a lay person.
KAPAP'S philosophy is that no one has the right to interfere with you with malicious intent and anyone who does, should be dealt with immediately, the priority being that you are safe and secure.
KAPAP has a programme that will enable you to achieve your personal security goals and meet your self-defence needs. If a technique works then continue to use it and if it doesn't then get rid of it.
As Instructors of Kapap England we have over fifty years experience in the Martial Arts and thirty two years in Policing, both local and specialised. We have over ten years experience in instructing self defence to Police, Military and Security personnel as well as members of the public, youth groups, schools and other organisations.
KAPAP - Maximum Defence, Minimum Time, Minimum Risk
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