Karl Hazelden


Published January 2018
UBKB Fighter


Karl "Hazman" Hazelden is returning to fight on the 10th of March at Ultimate Bare Knuckle Boxing's show in Manchester against the man he fought at Colwick Hall on the very first U.B.K.B. show. After an epic battle the fight was declared a draw. This time Sean "The Razor" McFarlane has his British Light Heavyweight Title Belt on the line so there is everything to play for.

For Both Fighters.

Hi Karl thanks for taking to time to do this interview. If you are ready we will get started.

Jon P: Going to jump straight in to this by saying "F**king Hell" that first fight you had against Sean McFarlane on the first Ultimate Bare Knuckle Boxing show at Colwick Hall was an epic punch for punch marathon. Anyone who has not seen the fight you really should. Should we expect more of

Team Hazman

the same on the 10th?

Karl: Yeah I think it will be same kind of fight as me an Sean have the same kind of style in how we like to go to work and go for the finish as soon as possible. It is what makes good fights, great men willing to go hard or go home no matter what happens.

Jon P: I certainly agree with that it makes for one hell of a fight.

Jon P: This time you are fighting for Sean's belt. He has the belt too lose, where as you have everything to gain. Do you think this will give you an advantage or will it fire Sean up to make sure he hangs on to his title?

Karl: Well Sean is a top fighting man and yeah he has got the title to lose but I know how much this means to me and also know how hard it going to be for me to take it from his grasp. Obviously it is the job and we both want the win but the respect I have for the man is off the chart but sure he will tell you same, when that bell goes it is time to put that aside and push for the win and the crown he holds.

Jon P: Let's jump back a bit what was your experience with combat sport before joining Ultimate Bare Knuckle Boxing if any?

Karl: Well my passion has always been rugby league played from young age and the I went kickboxing also. But after a knee injury years ago and few operations later I hear about BKB and was given the chance to do it. I always loved a good fair man to man fight maybe a bit to much in younger days but now I do it properly and the right way. Best thing I did was join the Ultimate Bare Knuckle Boxing Team as it's the only place for me to call home now, and of course to fight .The Company is run how it should be loyal and respectful but most of all they put us fighters safety first and that is what is important in this game.

Jon P: What is your normal training schedule and will you change anything leading up to March 10th?

Karl:  Well I train with my brother and mates most of time. But I'm going to train hard for this one and do work with different people to get myself ready for what is the fight of my life. Make no mistake about this. I really can't wait to go again after the last battle with him Why wouldn't you ha ha. 

Jon P: Being a family man what does your wife think of all this fighting and does she go to watch you fight?

Karl: Well my partner Linz hates the fact of me fighting but understand it's who I am and she respects that I love to fight. She has never been before but I hope she is going to come to this one to support me on my quest to be on top of the division. That is something I want to achieve.

Jon P: What are your thoughts on women having Bare Knuckle bouts? I have spoken to a few people on the subject and it surprised me that it was a fifty fifty split. Personally it is not for me although there are some great female  gloved boxing fighters and women U.F.C. fighters. Amanda is not for the idea either, and it tends to be the ladies who are not against it, what are your thoughts on the subject?

Karl: I personally wouldn't mind women joining the BKB action if they chose to as there are fighting women the same as we are fighting men, it is who they are. This day and age equal opportunities and all that lol ha ha. 

Jon P: Fair point.

Karl HazeldenJon P: There is usually a good atmosphere between Bare Knuckle Fighters resulting in having a beer together after they have fought each other. I notice quiet a few of you train at Shaun Smiths gym. Then the inevitable happens and you end up in the ring against each other. How do you switch on and off like that? I would think it would be different fighting someone you don't know

Karl: Well once you get it through your head it is the job and it is how it works. I know I have faced Sean before and I believe I said it the first time because I come so very close and generally I like the men who I face. We square up again in March and as he likes my family and he is a genuine bloke and has a heart of gold we are alike in many ways. I am sure after this we will be even closer as once you go through what we do you cant help begin to love n respect the man to be honest. 

Jon P: That is something I have noticed with certain fighters it almost becomes a brother type respect between them.

Jon P: On the subject of Shaun and the Gym what is Shaun like as a trainer. Obviously for what you are about to do in the ring on the 10th March you need to work hard but not get injured how do you balance the two up during  training or is it a bit luck of the draw?

Karl: I don't get to train with Shaun much as my work keeps me away from home a lot of time but I do know Shaun is the real deal, the real McCoy in there. You see in the lad videos he train them and not only that there are many stories of him helping them out, in and outside of the gym. So what more does fighter need than.

Jon P: Many times I have seen promoters let down when people have dropped out at the last minute with some of the most unbelievable excuses. You had a 100% reason not to fight that no one would have thought the worst of you if you had cancelled the fight. This is massive commitment on your behalf and an unbelievable level of support from your good lady. Would you tell us what happened?

Young EllisKarl: Ha Ha yeah. Linz was mean't to be induced with my son Ellis on the Friday and I said "Listen love, he is ok where he is. I am fighting and won't let people down who pay the hard earn money to watch us". So we put the birth off to the Sunday. There I was in the hospital getting my thumb put back in place, looking like a panda and not long after our darling son joined us. I say I'm going to fight I will fight. It is not fair on the man who would of been training his heart out to prepare for a fight with you and then to have to change at the last minute well. Also  I never turn a fight down no matter who or what weight the person is. Never. Also it was worth it in end Ha Ha.

Jon P: The picture to the left is Ellis who when he is grown up will have a great story to tell his own children of when he was born.

Jon P: Who is your favourite fighter if you have one and if not what makes a good fighter for you?

Karl: Well we have a few on U.B.K.B. but the best boxers for me are the guys who is an animal and humble and that is what I like about a good fighter. I have no time for a loud mouth and disrespect in the game. 

Jon P: Before I finish up, one more question and I think I will ask this to all the fighters I speak to. As we know Shaun and Amanda Smith are the promoters of this show. Amanda in particular I am going to ask about. What is it like fighting for a female promoter and does it differ from having a male promoter?

Karl: To be honest Amanda seem to be the back bone Ha Ha sorry Shaun lol. No seriously she is always grafting doing what she can to make sure anyone who needs anything can reach her. She never fails to get back to you and help in any way possible. Besides the U.B.K.B. promotion  Amanda and Shaun do a lot of charity work which I love and support massively. This just goes to show how big heart'd people they are. 

Us, The Fighters, are ALWAYS put first. ALWAYS

Jon P: Well thank you for allowing me to have this interview with you I have enjoyed it I hope you have too. One last thing to do. Is there anyone you wish to say Hi, Thanks or Bollocks too?

Karl: Yeah I just want to wish my opponent Sean the best of luck and wishing he and his family well as always. Come fight night we put on another show for all the fans up and down the country. The soppy side of me thanks linz for putting up with me cant be easy. "I love you darling". See you all fight night people. Enough respect from Karl "Hazman" Hazelden xx. Thanks for the interview Jon I look forward to meeting you mate the pleasure was all mine. 

Jon P: That just leaves me to say Thank you once again for taking the time out to do this interview and I look forward to seeing you on the 10th of March at The Bowlers Exhibition Centre.

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This is the first time Sean McFarlane and Karl Hazelden in what turned out to be an epic battle.

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