Khaled Hamid



Published June 2012

As Mixed Martial Arts grows, we continue looking at different fighters and organisations across The globe. This time it's Egypt's turn. Egypt is renowned for The Pyramids, Pharaohs  and The beautiful Tombs that reveal it's past. E.F.C. is Egypt's Number 1 M.M.A. promotion and in the short time it has been running it has had a great success. Some fighters on their cards have had over one hundred fights and the standard is exceptional. We had the pleasure of interviewing the Promoter Khaled Abdel Hamid who lives in Cairo and studied at the well known Helwan University. All the best fighters from Egypt and surroundings come to E.F.C. to show their skills.
Here is what he had to say to Cage Amateurs UK
Khaled Hamid
Hello Khaled and thank you for speaking to us.
Q/ You are a promoter at E.F.C. Please tell us how E.F.C. was started and the reasons it was started?
A/ I started speaking to people in Egypt and everybody told me, There is no Egypt M.M.A. It made me angry that we did not have this great sport in Egypt. I done some research and discovered that there was Mixed Martial Arts in some parts but it was being done in a bad way. So that is when the idea came to have an official M.M.A. Promotion. After our first show on January 25th we revolutionised the sport in Egypt. It started with no funds or sponsorship but I could see all people who came had a great time and were very happy.

Q/ The standard in the UK is very high. We have some great talent over here. How do you rate the standard in Egypt?
A/ Egyptians fighters  known their strength and physical endurance they a training hard and want to win in every thing, to them country and to them self.

Q/ Can you tell us the names of some of the Top names in E.F.C. and Egypt as a whole?
Khaled Hamid
A/ Ahmed Mostfa
Mohamed Mashaly
Mohamed Abdel Karim
Mahmoud Hassan
Amr Wahman
Mahmoud Salama
These are some of the top guys but there are many more making there way to the top.

Q/ Do you to get E.F.C. fighters to go Abroad and Fight?
A/ Yes, I want my fighters to fight abroad and this is very important to me.

Q/ The guys at the top level in the UK train very hard for very little money if any. Is this the case in Egypt?
A/ Yes very much so, but all my guys trust me and one day they I hope they will get there dream.

Q/ Who is your Favourite fighter? 
A/ Mahmoud Salama.

Egyptian Fighting Championship

E.F.C. EGYPT: Where The Champions Are Made. The Best Mixed Martial Arts Promotion In EGYPT...
The New Generation
The U.F.C. in it's early days formed a "No holds Barred" style of fighting. The first six shows had very few rules. This could be said to be very similar to the Ancient Egyptian rules of Pankration which had the same rules of no eye gouges, biting or fish hooks.
The E.F.C. want their promotion to travel the globe and become a house hold name like many other promotions across the world. Could your promotion bring these's guys to the UK and test the skills from that part of the world. Khaled is on Facebook and his group is called E.F.C. Egyptian fighting Championship, he is more than happy to have people join and the group is full of the guys photos and videos so please join and say hi to the guys over the water in Egypt.
We would like to thank Khaled for all the time he has given us and if you want to chat with him please feel free to look him up on Facebook or email

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