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Published 17th May 2019
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Saturday 11th May saw me heading some six hours from my home in the Medway Towns in Kent in a northerly direction to somewhere I have never heard of before let alone actually been to.
The reason for heading in this direction was to meet up with a man I have known for a while who was holding his first show as a promoter along with co promoter
Danielle Hutchison and had asked me to film it for him. Anyone who is around the Bare-Knuckle Boxing world has surely heard of him if not seen him fight as he is pretty much a regular fighter on The Ultimate Bare-Knuckle Boxing promotion run by Amanda and Shaun Smith but has fought on many different promotions in his three years as a Bare Knuckle Boxer.

But, we are not here to talk about his fighting today we are here to see ‘The GlovesThe Muni Are Off’ a mixed show of both gloved and un-gloved bouts of boxing (Where says you? I will tell you says I) being held at The Muni Theatre in a place called Colne which is in Lancashire.

Fucking hell that was further than I had realised, so far north in fact I thought only Stu Armstrong lived this far up. Luckily, I was wrong and when the doors opened the waiting crowd of people piled in followed by many more which was good to see as this really is the shit or bust moment. At the end of the day things must be paid for so you need bums on seats. Also, fighters deserve support and it must be said this was a generous crowd giving support to all the fighters.

11 fights on the card, I think this is a good number, five of which were to be Bare Knuckle bouts of which three were title fights and one of which was to be between two female fighters.
Fight Card
Thomas Murray v
Brummie Ash
Patrick Blight v
Scott Horsfall
Marley Tomlinson v
Paddy Devlin
Brent Doney v
Sam Robson  
Aaron Leadbetter v
Harvey Wallbanger
Will Cairns v
Aaron Horsfall 
Paul Walker v
Daz Simpson 
Mikey McGowan v
Seamus Devlin
Tom Leadbetter v
Cory Harrison 
Curtis Leadbetter v
Shaun Horsfall 
Sara Smith v
Ella Mac

I won’t go into too much depth about the fights as the video says it all so just a few words on each.

Thomas Murray v Brummie Ash

Starting the evening off Thomas Murray came out to the Thomas The Tank Engine Theme music and in all honesty Thomas the Tank Engine would have probably done better. I think it took his opponent Brummie Ash longer to walk to ring that it took to finish Thomas. Thomas his opponent I mean, not the tank engine. Round one win too Brummie Ash and there is nothing else I can say apart from let’s get on with fight number two.

Just want to make a quick point here. Obviously, I don’t know what skill level Thomas is at but maybe the fella was not quiet ready for that. Enough said and well done for having the balls to turn up.

Patrick Blight v Scott Horsfall

Peter Blight was up against Scott Horsfall in the second bout of the evening. Both lads pretty much testing each other  with the odd punch or flurry of punches being swapped between them. I would say Blight looked like he was waiting for something.

Both lads come out for the second round, touch gloves and get down to business. Pace picks up a bit with Horsfall looking more serious and Blight picking up the pace but not looking concerned. Horsfall then backed into a corner with Blight throwing a few punches to keep Horsfall’s attention. As Horsfall made his move out of the corner Blight closed in with a couple of blows to Horsfall’s head sending him to the canvas. That was pretty much the end of this one and what he was clearly waiting for.

Marley Tomlinson v Paddy Devlin

Third fight of the night and still with the gloves this half of the show. Both lads working the ring I would say Devlin doing most the work which paid off when he backed Tomlinson into the corner and landed him a couple to the head with the referee giving Tomlinson a standing count. Tomlinson came out of the corner and Devlin started picking up the pace, but it was only short lived as the bell sounded for the end of the round.

Round two saw much of the same but Devlin was slow starting to put the pressure on. Tomlinson kept moving but walked on to at least a couple of jabs and was starting to look a bit less keen than he had. End of the round with both lads’ still in the game.

Round three and Tomlinson was starting to look tired while Devlin was still landing head shots. To Tomlinson’s credit he finished the round but hadn’t done enough to take the win leaving the judge’s decision going to Paddy Devlin.

Brent Doney v Sam Robson

Both fighters clearly knowing what they were doing with a constant flow of punches being throw from them both.

Round two saw a pick up of the pace but neither fighter seemed particularly worried both staying out of the way of the now fast incoming head shots. The final round saw a noticeable change in the fighters and at one-point Robson ended up on the canvas but was up in literally seconds. At the final bell it was down to the judges who gave the win to Brent Doney. Nice job from both Fighters.

Aaron Leadbetter v Harvey Wallbanger

Somehow from the very start you knew this fight scheduled for three rounds was going to be just a little different than what you would normally see. First off Harvey was a bit older than his opponent and secondly he had the sort name that made you fancy a drink. It was a fight that pretty much swapped between one fighter throwing some blows then the other doing the same with neither having the edge. That is if you did not take note of the fact that Harvey was like a whippet on his feet and would be out of the way of an incoming punch before the other fighter knew he was going to throw it. 

Did I mention the splits? Harvey is very popular with the crowd this being enhanced by him doing things out of the blue for example the splits with the ease of an Olympic gymnast. Back to the fighting, neither fighter gave the impression of wanting to win which didn't really matter that much but after the bell rang for the final time the judges had to make a decision. They did and the bout went to Harvey Wallbanger who promptly did a front flip followed by the splits. I can't say I saw that coming, at this point I am not sure why I didn't, but I didn't. Very different this one but with Harvey's antics it was certainly entertaining . 

Will Cairns v Aaron Horsfall

Will Cairns is a familiar face although the last time I saw him it was at Ultimate Bare Knuckle Boxing against Duane Keen and it was a Bare Knuckle bout. He won that one lets how he does in this gloved fight. First round started off well in this three round bout with Cairns looking equally at home in gloves as he does in a BKB fight. Pretty much, as is often the case, both fighters were sounding each other out that was until Horsfall launched himself towards Cairns only to find him not there resulting in a head first fall through the ropes. Luckily he didn't go right through and was back on his feet ready to go in literally seconds.

Round two and both fighters were throwing heavier punches with Cairns narrowly missing with a couple of big left hands. That was until 30 seconds in when Horsfall was sent to the canvas. After a count the fight continued with a flurry of big punches ending with both fighters going down but Cairns was straight back on his feet leaving a pissed off Horsfall to take another count.

Round three things took a turn when Horsfall gave Cairns a dig to the ribs leaving him down on one knee. Up from the count and this was repeated with another count being taken. Horsfall must have seen the chance to monopolise on his change of luck and took every opportunity to land a few good digs into the ribs of Cairns. Cairns held out until the bell even sending some of those lefts towards the head of Horsfall. In my opinion the result from the judges declaring the fight a draw was a fair one. Nice fight lads.


Paul Walker v Daz Simpson

Fight number seven on the card tonight and the time I have personally been waiting for and by that I mean the Bare Knuckle part of the show. First of five B.K.B. bouts with Paul Walker and Daz Simpson having the honour of kicking off the second part of the show.

From the bell starting round one both fighters were up for it with what looked like some serious punches being thrown. For me it looked like Walker was taking command but that aside Simpson was not looking like he was just along for the day out. Round one saw both fighters finishing in one bit at the sound of the bell.

Round two and my money was still going on Walker which was just as well really with Simpson on the ropes Walker unleashed a right and a left with the right connecting with Simpsons chin leaving him down on the canvas looking
somewhat confused.


Mikey McGowan v Seamus Devlin

I was surprised Seamus was fighting tonight as being the promoter fight night tends to be a busy time. But fight he was going to and fight he did and as a added bonus he was fighting for the Middleweight Belt. 

The bell sounded for the start of the first round with Devlin throwing out jabs. 1 min 45 into the bout his opponent was down and had well and truly decided he did not want to play anymore. So that was it Seamus is now the Middleweight Champion and we are moving on to the ninth fight of the evening which is also the third Bare Knuckle fight on the card.

Tom Leadbetter v Cory Harrison

The ninth bout, the third Bare Knuckle bout and also a title fight for the Heavyweight Belt.

Straight from the start Leadbetter was on the retreat resulting on him on the floor in the first ten seconds. After the count things carried on much the same again resulting in him being down and not getting up. There was a bit of a wait while the medics took a good look at him and that was the end of that fight and the start of Harrison's reign as Knuckles B.K.B. Heavyweight Champion.

Curtis Leadbetter v Shaun Horsfall

More B.K.B. but this fight is not a title bout. Straight from the off Leadbetter was on the receiving end of things with Horsfall delivering a hail of blows. But it was not a punch that floored Leadbetter but rather he was dumped to the ground by something resembling a move from the W.W.E. Leadbetter was straight up and things carried on in much the same vain until at 45 seconds  when he was reunited with the canvas. After a standing count he was away again until the sixtieth second when once more he was down. Within the next ten seconds Leadbetter was backed up against the ropes until he was clubbed to the canvas by the ever advancing Horsfall. In less time than it took me to write the last line the lad was back on his feet and raring to go. But even the best trooper cannot go on for ever and after a flurry of blows to the ribs and one to the head Curtis Leadbetter's fight was over.

Sara Smith v Ella Mac

The final fight of the evening had arrived. It was to be a bout between two females, Bare Knuckle and for the Knuckles B.K.B. Ladies Featherweight Champion Belt. If it went all the way it was going to be 3 x 2 minute rounds.

Both the girls ready and the bell sounded for round one. Well fuck my old boots Ella Mac came out of the corner and gave Sara Smith no chance to do anything. For the full two minutes Ella was on the attack, Sara could do no more than keep backing up. There was a slight chance for Sara to get her thoughts together as she took a standing count then it was back to the same relentless attacking by Ella Mac. 

Round two saw a slightly slower pace with Sara returning some punches in this round but pretty much it was Ella Mac in charge.

Round three and with Ella Mac working at a slightly slower pace Sara was able to mount a bit of an offensive. This was short lived when she was caught in the eye by a left uppercut which clearly caused her a problem resulting in the referee jumping in and stopping the fight.

Needless to say Ella Mac took the title but Lady Sara Smith would have been there till the last second of the last round had she not been stopped when she was. Congratulations to the Ladies Featherweight Champion Ella Mac and big respect to Lady Sara Smith for not giving in when many would have.

Most people who know me know my views on women fighting especially Bare Knuckle. I am a bit long in the tooth to change my opinion but I will say again as I have before the women's fights are without a doubt as exciting as the men's in any of the combat sports shows I have attended over the last seven years. This was certainly no exception.

Well that bought the show to an end. All the work involved had been worth it and from a personal point of view I would have classed it as a complete success. Only thing left to do really is to say some thank you's.

This is what Seamus said:

The Co Promoters are myself and Danielle Hutchison and we want to thank good friend and Co Founder of Knuckles Baz Neil and all who came to support us from the Crowd to the MC Chris Clarke the DJ and BK Entertainment. And Lee Whelan who was a HUGE help him and his team at NGB Next Generation Boxing ???? plus Mr Adam Pilling, my family and I want too thank Charles Shepherd for attending the show and I would last but not least I want to thank a integral part of it all which was YOU!!!! To do what you do for the love of the sport and for next to nothing is admirable.

Thank you to Seamus and Danielle for having me along for the show and if anyone is interested here is an interview I did with Seamus back in May 2018. Interview with Seamus May 2018

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