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Published August 2012
Kurt Angle
Kurt was born 9th December 1968 in MT Lebanon Pennsylvania. He currently wrestles under the Carter families T.N.A. wrestling company. He was involved in wrestling at a young age, he competed in high school and then in College. He won numerous accolades, including being a two-time National Collegiate Athletic Association Division I champion. After graduating, he won a gold medal in freestyle wrestling at the 1995 World Wrestling Championships. Angle then competed in the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia, where he won a gold medal in heavyweight freestyle wrestling. Kurt Angle is also one of only four people to complete a Grand Slam in amateur wrestling which is the Junior Nationals, the N.C.A.A's, the World Championships and the Olympics. He was named the greatest shoot wrestler and one of the top 15 college wrestlers of all time by U.S.A. Wrestling Magazine. He trained under legend Dave Schultz at Fox Catcher Wrestling Gym. He beat Iranian Abbas Abide but bear in mind that he had a serious neck injury in the year leading up to the Olympics and was having regular injection’s to stop the pain in the buildup and during the 96 Olympics. Undeterred he won. As with most Olympic athletes there is always the question “What Next?” Kurt was invited to commentate on a Pro Wrestling Show called E.C.W. Extreme Championship Wrestling and that is what it was, Kurt was disgusted and left halfway through, fearing his all American Hero persona had been ruined. W.W.E. offered Kurt a contract but he said no, not realising W.W.E. was not as gruesome as E.C.W. But God willing he signed an 8 year contract in 1998 and this is when the star was born.
Kurt AngleI know the news of Kurt joining W.W.E. had its usual mix off good luck wishes and some not so pleasant from former piers in the amateur world. Kurt never turned up and got straight on TV. He first had to re train and adapted fast to his new style. Once at a good level, he wrestled in dark matches and in house shows virtually as an unknown. He made his ring debut in 1999 at the Survivor Series. His character was an American  Hero, however his arrogance soon got the crowd booing him and this is when he excelled. His acting was incredible and forever going on about his Gold Medal and the three I's, intelligence, integrity and intensity, made him a great heel. When his entrance music came on, the crowd would chant you suck and Kurt hated it. But whether a good guy or bad, it is the crowd that makes a star and Kurt was quickly going to the top. In his battles these are the top ones that I have chosen.
TRIPLE H: This was Kurt’s first big story line. He battled with HHH over his wife Stephanie McMahon who turned on HHH in the story and they had a war at Unforgiven that no one will forget.
THE ROCK: The next big push was when he and The Rock clashed. The Rock ridiculed Angle for weeks in the buildup to their title clash at No Mercy and Kurt won the match with a little help from Rikishi. He became the only ever Olympic wrestler to win a title in Pro wrestling.
THE UNDERTAKER: Survivor Series saw Kurt against the dead man. The buildup saw Kurt run and hide but in the end he retained the title and defeated Taker. He also won a 6 man Eliminator match in a hell in the cell at Armageddon. He eventually lost the title after four months to the Rock at No Way Out.
Kurt Angle
CHRIS BENOIT: We all know how Benoits life ended and it was a tragedy. I do not wish to big up a man who murdered his family, but that aside Benoit was one of the greatest tactical wrestlers other than Angle that I ever saw. The feud was bad between these two and went on a long time. With Angle winning then Benoit then Angle. The feud died after a while and then came Team Angle. Kurt’s own idea of having wrestlers train and win belts for him. This lasted till team Angle ditched Kurt for his obsessive behaviour.
EDDIE GURERRO:  He lied, cheated and stole to win the gold, but what a wrestler he was. He tragically died a few years ago but I can still remember seeing him at a live UK event, and the music and reaction of the crowd will stay with me forever. RIP Eddie and thank you for the memories. You are truly missed and the war between him and Angle catapulted Eddie to the big time. He is a Hall Of Fame legend and his wife Vicki is still in W.W.E. now, to the family’s credit, along with Chavo Eddie’s partner in crime.
TNA Impact WrestlingKurt went on and had a feud with just about all the top names. But he had become an Icon and any doubters had to admit that the guy is special. He had more neck problems in his later career at W.W.E. and was told not to wrestle again, but he had surgery and returned within four months. However the pain killers and trauma got too much and on August 25th 2006 he was granted early release as he was working seriously injured and felt W.W.E. did not give him any choice. W.W.E. say his behaviour was erratic and they no longer deemed him employable.
After this there were many rumours, it was said he would step into the U.F.C. Octagon and become an M.M.A. fighter. This rumour lingered until one special night he turned up at T.N.A. wrestling and had signed with them. This aroused much attention and I know many W.W.E. fans took the plunge to the T.N.A. show. Now coming up to its tenth anniversary the show offers a different style to W.W.E. and one that is catching on very fast. I saw Kurt in a tag match with Lesnar, Cena and The Big Show, many years ago in Birmingham. Earlier this year, I took my ten year old daughter Maria (Who is a massive Sting fan) to see the T.N.A. show at Wembley. Angle was billed but for some reason never showed, much to my disappointment.His most famous feud on the show is with Ex-wife Karen Jarrett and her husband Jeff, who is a long time wrestler in many organisations and although rarely popular with the fans, he has done so much for Wrestling. The show is great and although not as big as W.W.E. it has a very large secure following and is growing bigger and bigger. And with  Hulk Hogan and daughter Brooke now in the company, it is gaining world wide recognition.
To the legends credit, he tried out for the 2012 London Olympics, he did well but in his early forties and injury problems, it was not to be. But fair play for trying again. There are rumours now of Kurt returning to W.W.E. at some point to finish his career, but I do not think that will happen until he feels his work is complete at T.N.A. Kurt has appeared in a few movies including End of Game, Dylan Dog and it has been speculated he has signed a new three year deal. Dead of Night and Death from Above to name a few. 

With this immense career still continuing, the come backs from serious injury, Gold Medals in the World Championship and Olympic winner. I believe this is what makes him a true American icon and in my opinion the greatest wrestler of our generation. I am not alone in this thought and I know many wrestling fans consider this to be a fact.
This is an article I have written, and is just my opinion. I state the facts and why I believe this. I know other people will think different, so please do not take this as fact it is just my opinion. Dan Towers

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