Lee Ambler


Published March 2012
Since this interview was first done Lee has been more into the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu side of his fighting career and is soon to be fighting in The United States. This interview took place at Combat Sports Academy in Strood and was the first Interview Cage Amateurs UK every recorded. Lee also refereed at White Collar Fight Club's first show in May and it is hoped he will return for the Medway Meltdown show being held in September. 
Lee Ambler
Lee Ambler is a 26-year-old MMA and BJJ fighter from Gillingham Kent. He has also recently started a new style called TUFF, which is a mix of grappling and Brazilian JiuJitsu. Lee's first competition in TUFF was against a Brazilian who trains under Claudio Silva who had a far greater experience and under London's top club Shoot Fighters. So many great Brit fighters have trained here and still are training there. Lee held his own for five gruelling minutes. He leg swept his opponent twice, but due to something in the rules was not given the points. He finally lost by a single point and considering the time he had to prepare for the tournament and the skill of his Iranian opponent, he did a professional job and its yet another skill he is mastering. I spoke to Lee before the contest while he was doing some running to warm up. Lee trains under Lee Johnstone of Combat Sports Academy in Strood, Kent.
Daniel Towers: Lee we see your running up and down, is this usual as I would have thought you would preserve your energy for the grappling? Can you explain why you do this?

Lee Ambler: I am warming myself up and also I am getting a bit out of breathe so that when I fight, I will get my second wind which is a lot more controllable than just going in not doing anything. It really helps.
DT: You went to the States last year. What did you get up to out there?

LA: Me and the guys from where I train at Combat Sports Academy were funded to go over there. We trained with guys from all across the states including U.F.C. and Strike Force guys.

DT: How did you find the training compared to how we do it over here?

LA: It was a great experience. The Americans welcomed us and we met some great fighters and fans from everywhere.
DT: I have to ask, Did you do us Brits proud?

LA: We held our own and beat some top guys in training. They seem impressed with us, and I tapped a U.F.C. coach which was cool.
DT: Your Mixed Martial Arts record is 3 wins 1 loss. You are England's third best in BJJ at 84kg with 22 wins, two losses and one DQ. You can go pro in both sports. Have you had any thoughts on that?

LA: I will do it as I have the record now. My experience has grown so much over the last three years. I compete in BJJ all over Europe and the UK, I also fight in the M.M.A. ring so I am a busy man.
Lee Ambler
DT: Your wife Sarah Jayne Ambler is also now into BJJ and at a competitive level. Are you proud of her?

LA: Sarah has done fantastic over the last year. Her skills have just developed as if she was a natural and we often get to train for the same tournaments. Also the advantage is we both eat healthily and spend time together in the academy which is a bonus.
DT: How important is it having Lee Johnson, the owner and trainer at Combat Sports Academy, as a mentor and teacher?

LA: Lee Johnstone is a very genuine, unique and a disciplined trainer. His help has been great for me. If you chat to any of the Lads at C.S.A. they will all say what a great guy he is to have with you. Whether its on the mat at BJJ or by the ring in M.M.A. Lee Johnstone is a must have guy to be around and he is a good friend which makes it even better. We are like family at C.S.A. and Lee is the Governor.
DT: When is your next fight Lee?

LA: I am competing in the BJJ English Open later this month in Brighton. Then in June I will be fighting at Medway Valley Park in M.M.A. under the Combat Sports Academy which is based in Cuxton Road, Strood. Lee runs the gym and he the best BJJ trainer in Kent. Also I do all my other Mixed Martial Arts stand up there. 
DT: You got married last year to Sarah Jayne who was your childhood sweetheart. Tell us where the lucky lady got to spend her honeymoon?

LA: We went to Thailand for two weeks to learn the art of Muay Thai. It was great and it's a beautiful country and we learnt so much about their culture and way of life and, most importantly in the short time we had, we improved our Muay Thai fighting skills.
DT: Thank you for taking time to talk to me Lee.

LA: Thank you Daniel...
For more information on Combat Sports Academy phone 01634 719867
We also got the chance to speak to Lee at The T.U.F.F. Grappling Tournament the next day in this video interview
Lee Competing against Shoot Fighters Esi at T.U.F.F.

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