Leigh Remedios


Published April 2012

Leigh Remedios Born January 1976 had a career of 28 fights at the time fighting out of Quantum gym. 18 wins and 10 saw Leigh retire from the fighting side of things we caught up with him at Gary Bonds C.S.M.M.A. where he was refereeing.
Leigh Remedios Talks to Cage Amateurs UK's Dan Towers at Ultimate Conflict 2 held in Guildford before heading out to Referee a very busy 15 fight card. Leigh was only supposed to be refereeing 10 of those fights but stepped in at the last moment to take the place of Danielle Curzon who for unforeseen circumstances was unable to take over the reigns for the last 5 of the evening. Amongst other things Leigh discusses the days when he used to fight and how he takes the responsibility of refereeing very seriously and why.

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