Lennie Scudder


Published September 2012

We caught up with Lennie shortly before his first Pro fight at Glory M.M.A. back in September 2012. Lennie went on too win the fight and we was there to record it and speak to him afterwards. This is what he told Dan in an interview we had with him the week before the show.
Lennie Scudder
Name: Lennie Scudder
Home Town: Eastbourne
Gym: First Generation Gym but I teach Karate for Rising Sun Martial Arts
Age: 22
Fight Record: At Welterweight (77kg)
Semi Pro MMA 4-1-0
Semi Pro K1 1-0-0
I have seen never Lennie fight but I have to say I really like him. He puts a lot of work into Mixed Martial Arts and also recently appeared as a Cage-Boy for the Women Fight Back Show was run by Colosseum Sports.
This is what Lennie had to say.
Q/ How did you first get into Martial Arts?

A/ When I was 6 I began Karate in which I'm now a 2nd Dan Black belt. I started cross-training different styles when I was 16 and as an independent fighter had 6 amateur fights. I began specific training for Boxing, BJJ, Wrestling and Muay Thai a year ago and started fighting Semi Pro Mixed Martial Arts after 2-3 months.
Q/ Where do you currently train and how many hours do you train?

A/ First Generation Gym Eastbourne and unless I have exams I'm in the gym 4-5 times a week for 2 lessons each evening I attend and a few hours on Saturdays for Fighters Training. When it's possible though I bust out some weights or a shark tank in the daytime. Can't put a limit on the value of a 1G Shark Tank!
Lennie ScudderQ/ Do you work as well as train?

A/ Primarily I am at University reading for Law but work wise I currently teach courses for First Response Learning Ltd such as First Aid and S.I.A Security Courses over London, Surrey, Sussex.  

Q/ Tell us about your previous fights. Who, where and when?

A/ I've been fighting for the last 2 years. 1 year of amateur, 1 of Semi Pro and going into my 3rd year I'm turning Pro! I've fought on KAYO M.M.A., South-Coast Fight Championship Eastbourne (First Generations home show), U.C.M.M.A. Contenders... and a fair few other shows. I've had about 12 in total so far I think. I have a varied style but I'm more of an opportunist and take advantage of where the other persons lacking. My latest ones have been Steve McDonald (twice), Steve Symington, and a Polish guy I still don't know the name of lol.
Q/ Do you currently have a sponsor?

A/ I don't currently have any sponsors but as I'm turning Pro I have started cooking! A Supplement sponsor would be great as I walk around heavier than when I fight so my nutrition coming up to it is very precise.
Q/ You are an instructor at Rising Sun Martial Arts. How do you like the job?

A/ Love it! Due to all my other commitments I can't be there for all the classes but my good friend Nick Scholes takes the brunt of it running the club. Rising Sun Martial Arts is mainly aimed at Kids and Teens but we do have more adults joining all the time. It focuses on traditional Shotokan karate with a modern twist incorporating other martial arts from Capoeira to BJJ on top of the Karate Syllabus so it develops discipline and practical skills as well as fun! The club does a lot for anti bullying campaigns and works with local schools and charities; we have even taken PE lessons in schools in the past teaching basic skills and anti bullying to children. It's just nice being able to give back to kids who are the age I was when I started! 
Lennie ScudderQ/ Tell us about any up and coming fights?

A/ I have two on the cards - My first Pro M.M.A. fight at Night Of Champions (Paul Saunders of Zoo Fight Clubs Show) and my Second Pro M.M.A Fight which I am really looking forward to! It's at my Gym's home show (First Generation's South Coast Fighting Championship on October 5th) where I'm fighting a guy called Ben - something for the 77 kg Title! Apparently he's been chatting **** but I'm not too fussed to be honest, a guy from my gym (Liam 'Bad Boy' Etebar) has already beaten him and won his home title off of him. I'm just going to go in and get another win and belt for 1G. I'm not really into chatting **** but... I'm going to make the last 1G beat-down he got seem like a lucky escape.
Q/ Who has helped you the most in your fight career?

A/ Tolly Plested, hands down. That guy is a ridiculously good coach. Since joining 1G my game's exploded. Paul Morgan (Boxing Coach) kicked my hands into shape too. Took me a while to get out of Karate Kid mode, though I do bust out a Daniel-San move or two still! All the guys at 1G have helped though, it's an easy gym to get on with people and everyone's trying to help someone else out.
Q/ Who is your favourite

A/ Two Jo(h)ns; Fitch & Jones. Jones because he is an exciting fighter who's very diverse (not too happy he killed 151 but...) and he wins convincingly. Fitch because he gets the job done and has lost like 2 fights in his last 25 or something. Fitch isn't massively exciting but he wins. I'd probably get both my arms barred if I didn't include 1G's very own Oli Thompson and Tolly Plested who as well as being great fighters are great coaches and training partners.

Q/ What do you hope to achieve over the next few years?

A/ That's a long period of time and I'm only 22!! I aim to rack up a fair few W's on progressively better shows hopefully chasing after Tolly and Oli on U.C.M.M.A. I'll have this belt on the 5th of October so I'll want a couple more if I get the opportunity. I'm finishing my law degree next June so will hopefully be making use of that! Essentially I'm just going to improve as much as I can in regards to Mixed.Martial Arts and take what ever comes my way.
Thanks Lennie we look forward to seeing you at Zoo Fight Club Saturday
Lennie Defeats Clive Morgan At Night Of The Champions - Warriors Collide
Recorded 8th September 2012

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