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Interview With Lewis MacKay

Published July 2015
Lewis Lion Heart MacKay In The RingLewis Mackay is an interview I should have done a while ago but somehow neglected. In fact I have even interviewed his partner Adrienne who is one of Tami's Angels, the girls who apart from looking lovely keep everyone up to date with the rounds and escort the fighters to the ring or cage in this particular case the boxing ring. I first spoke to Lewis a couple of years back at a regular show I attend In Didcot, which is in Oxford for those that don't know called Monaghan's Prizefighters. 

This is a show that raises money for good causes run by Tyrone Monaghan son of the legendary Mr Paddy Monaghan and is a little bit different in so much in that one particular show had a combination of gloved boxing, bare knuckle boxing and the extremely unusual tag boxing. Not only that it was held out side on the pitch of Didcot Town Football Club on a beautiful July evening last year. It was totally awesome and I would say one of my favourites Take a look here at the show. Always a good from Tyrone worth going too see so keep an eye out on the show dates page on this site for when the next one is. 

Lewis is a talented young guy who's pleasant manner masks his ring personality, well able to cut up rough with the best of them and is at home either fighting a traditional bout or teaming up with another fighter for one of Tyrone's Tag boxing bouts. A totally nice guy I should mention he is is sponsored by Tami's Angels and Dance Inspires but anyone who gets the urge to sponsor Lewis please contact him direct or if you get hold of me I will be happy to pass it on. Also any local business who would like to sponsor Monaghan's Prizefighters drop me an email and I'm sure Tyrone will be very grateful.

That is enough waffle from me let's do this. Hi Lewis and thank you for taking the time to do this interview for me.
Lewis MacKay Fighter and Tyrone Monaghan Promoter
Q: Just to get things started for people who do not know you just tell us a little about yourself and how you got started in boxing?

A: I started boxing when I was around 13 years old. I found growing up I had a bit of a anger issue and needed to control it. I started boxing at Abingdon Boxing Club but I am currently at Oxford Mixed Martial Arts Academy. 

Q: Have you tried any other combat sports or was it boxing all the way for you?

A: I did a bit of Judo at School and also did a bit of Close Quarter Combat within Royal Marines Training. I have also given Muay Thai and Mixed Martial Arts a go. I believe as a fighter it's good to try all styles of martial arts.

Q: I have seen you fight on Tyrone Monaghan's show on a regular basis do you fight on any other shows?

A: I do fight on other shows. I have fought in Kent for Daniel Towers and also in Chippenham. I am hoping to try for Queensbury League once my eye is sorted.

Q: How did you injure your eye. Was it done during a boxing bout?

A: Unfortunately, I was on my brothers stag do and a fight broke out and someone decided to eye gauged me. Biggest mistake for him to make and he ended up with a 10 count. Lol

Q: Tyrone has introduced tag boxing into his shows. I find it quite interesting personally how do you feel about fighting in a tag match and how does it differ if at all?

A: Tag fights are interesting and when you find yourself in the ring the tempo seems to be a lot faster. However when you are in a tag you need to be able to trust your partner.

Lewis in action in a tag match

Q: Two parts this one let's start with this. Bare Knuckle Boxing is in the news at the moment and is gaining popularity. There is much talk of getting it mainstream, do you think it will get 'Big' or it will be a flash in the pan?

A: I think if you want something bad enough and want it to go far you have to fight for it and that's what it seems the Bare knuckle guys are doing. I would like to see it go big.

Q: Part two to this question is would you consider fighting a Bare Knuckle Bout bearing in mind there is quite a bit of difference in tactics?

A: I have always thought about it since being introduced to it but for the time being ill stick to boxing. I will definitely have one before my fighting career ends. 

Image of Couple Lewis and AdrienneQ: Quite often you can be seen hanging off a pole. The type used for pole dancing I will mention at this point. I tell people you have been photo shopped onto the picture. Please tell me this is true and if not what the hell is that about?

A: I met my Fiancee back in March 2013. She runs a pole dancing school in Oxford. I went to see what it was like and was shocked by what it did. Ever since doing pole, I became lighter on my feet, My core b

ecame conditioned and solid and my flexibility in my back improved massively so I was rolling and slipping shots so much better. My boxing went for like grade C to A.

Q: I believe you are being sponsored by Tami who runs ring girls Tami's Angels. How much difference does being sponsored make to a fighter?

A: Being a sponsored fighter is so much better, it's bad enough worrying about a fight let alone worrying about how to get there. Tami's Angels also paid towards shorts along with Dance Inspires.

Q: Quick one now what is the one thing you would like to do in life that you haven't done as yet?

A: Win the lottery lol. I think it would have to be something like parachuting as i am a bit of an adrenaline junkie 
Q:Do you have plans to go pro and if so what difference will that make to you?

A: I haven't got any plans to unless I came across a promoter who thought I was good enough and also as long as it would provide for my family.

Q: Out of the Rogues, and this is going to be tricky, who is the fighter you think you would find most difficult to fight.  You don't have to fought them already but having seen them in action maybe they look a bit tricky. Now this doesn't have to be the best one as if you spar with people regular you tend to learn their style. Just the one you think could cause you problems? This question is a bit of fun really but the answer may prove interesting

A: Someone like Chris Smith. He's an MMA background fighter and he likes to come forward. He is experienced and also has a solid chin. I have full respect for Chris as I fought him in a tag and it was a great match.

Q: So what does the future in boxing hold for Lewis Mackay and what would you like it too hold?

A: To be honest I don't like to look at it as a career. I like it as a hobby so who knows. Would not mind holding a few belts though ;)

Look after that eye mate and don't rush to get back in the ring too fast especially being a family man now. It's always good too see you in the ring but if you have to give it up i think you have a future in pole dancing. All joking aside thank you for your time Lewis just too round things off is there anyone you would like to say hi too?

I would like to thank my fiancee Adrienne for always supporting me. She has never has missed a fight and always has faith in me. To Tyrone Monaghan for getting me back in the game. And to all my supporters, Thank You.

Thanks again mate I appreciate this and I look forward to bumping into you soon. Jon P

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