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Published  October 2015

It was indeed a Night of Champions with Leo Alderman bringing together a more than respectable Mixed Martial Arts show. For fear of understating myself it was an excellent show. The venue get's a tick, being a night club these always hold themselves to such events, but it was good to see that Casino Rooms owner Aaron Stone had not taken the lead of most clubs holding fight promotions and used the chance to rip the piss out of the punters by hiking the costs of the piss water and bottles of cheap shit they pass off as beer and wine. No such thing here. The fights were exciting and gave good value for peoples hard earned cash and with twelve fights on the card I don't think there can be any complaint. Minus's for this show was the bloody awful DJ. Get off your phone and pay attention then the ring announcer may not actually have to leave the cage and walk up to the booth to attract your attention. Apart from that I think everything else was just fine.

First time for me at this show. Would I go again? Yes I would. It was an unusual thing for me to be accompanied on any promotion which makes it very difficult to do a full review with the video. This time I had company in a lady who has written for Cage Amateurs UK before and who was at a loose end. I'm talking about my good friend, writer and M.M.A. nut Louise Holloway who will run you through the fights with a mixture of what she saw, experience of the many fights she has been too and maybe the odd few she's been in. Jon P

Louise wrote:

I met my partner in crime Jon, in Rochester for lunch before we headed off to the Casino Rooms to watch, film and review a Lion Fighting Championships fight night. 
I met Leo Alderman who I have 'spoken' to on facebook ....(for advertising his fight match requirements from the very first LFC) but had never actually met him until today. What can I say? The pleasure was all mine.

He was totally stressed as are most promoters on fight night but gave me a nice hug and directed Jon to his ladder and me to a wicked cage side seat so I had a bird's eye view everything looked in order and ran in order.... it was well under control.

I got a fight card, twelve fights of mixed martial arts (M.M.A.) and kickboxing, with debut's, ammy's, pro fights and also one title up for grabs.

Atmosphere was brilliant, slow to fill up but when it did, it was with a good crowd.

The MC was great and the show ran with no blips. The ring girl Kia Jade is an absolute fitty. The Medics, Adam Mills, Tina Mills and Marcin Gmach all were in the cage quick sharp when they needed to be. 

The referee's were Sam Amdi and Andrew Nichols, two lovely men, well respected and the judges were Shahram, Jacqui and Mike.

I can't fault any of their decisions, all spot on....APART from the title fight .... that decision was proper shit , lol.

I had a brilliant time I just can't believe its the first L.F.C. I have been to.

I certainly won't be missing any from now on.




Finlay Latter from Nam Yang Gym Vs Erik Silva from Team Vengeance.

Both these young lads came out looking nervous for their debut fights, both holding back and waiting for the other to make their move before they struck. Latter with the better kicks and them connecting where they should have and Silva retaliating and catching him with a few where he should not have ! Latter made good use of the referee warning to recover and catch a bit of a break during the time out. The first and second rounds were pretty much blow for blow toe to toe and there was not much too choose between who took the respective rounds but by the third both were showing signs of strain and were noticeably gassing. Silva’s combinations were the better of the two but I am guessing due to his low blows at the start of the bout it cost him and evened the scoreboard the fight being declared a draw.

Fair play to both of them, now they know what it feels like to actually be in a cage fighting with a crowd of fans shouting and cheering they can use this to move on to their next fights with more confidence.

Sam Mason Sebastian Kwarciany bout announcement


Sam Mason from Busters Gym Vs Sebastian Kwarciany from Sparta M.M.A.

Another debut bout with both these fighters coming out looking psyched up and ready for war! From the start Mason took a back seat as Kwarciany unleashed months of training into his face.  Against the cage in the first round, after a LOT of unanswered strikes the ref rightly stopped the fight giving Kwarciany the win by way of TKO after little more than 75 seconds to the delight of the crowd of supporters present.

Jon P wrote: Couple of big lads Kwarciany was relentless in pushing forward it was only going to be a question of time before he overwhelmed Mason.  Mason did well to get back up from the floor but the second he did Kwarciany was all over him. 


Jake Thompson vs Kamil Pruchniewski bout announcement



Jake Thompson from Bad Manors Gym Vs Kamil Pruchniewski from Spirit Dojo

Thompson making his debut with no walkout music nor supporters (apart from his corner) (which I personally don’t like, it's not good when no-one gets behind a fighter to encourage them , especially for debut fighters, and this is where a gym needs to step up and ask other fighters to help and families and friends need to know the importance of supporting someone).Especially in bouts like this where the opponent (also debut) brings massive support and has a banging tune to get the whole crowd going. From the start Thompson went on the attack charging in over and over again with more of a wild style that any particular technique and although Kamil was on the defensive, he was landing some lovely hard low kicks. Second and third rounds much the same, Thompson charging in wildly which went against him as it was obvious he was running out of steam at an alarming rate. As he burned up more energy Kamil on the other hand was shrugging it off and looked ready for another round or two! If there had been another round I think Kamil would have won by other means, but as it was he won on a points decision. Just from a fans point of view Thompson needed to stop charging and flinching/closing his eyes on being struck and Kamil needs to realise when he can finish it earlier.

Jon P writes: From where I was when Thompson came out with no walk on music and only his corner for company I felt for him. He looked a bit of a lonely character standing in the cage waiting for his opponent. But....He DID come out, He DID fight and he DID go the full three rounds. I'd buy the man a beer. Screamer of a round house at 2.48 had that connected I think it may have been a bit different. But it didn't and Pruchniewski didn't blink an eye and carried on in his cool, calm way.

FEATHERWEIGHT AMATEUR M.M.A.Aaron Winters v Jack Colenutt

Aaron Winters from Banbury Fighting Fit Vs Jack Colenutt from Fighting Lions / Team Pride

Both lads looking good coming out fight fit, focussed and ready for this. Not much crowd support for Winters but half the venue cheering and chanting for Colenutt. Colenutt dominated the first round landing loads of great shots and kicks and Aaron hardly managed to get anything in because he was on the back foot the majority of the time! Towards the end of the first round Colenutt took Winters to the ground nice clean sweep followed by a longgggg GnP which unfortunately for him it did not go on long enough to take the win in the first. The bell stopped him which was very unlucky and meant Aaron could get a break and breather to compose himself before round two.

The second round saw Aaron come out with new energy and tried for the takedown practically straight away but Colenutt turned that round wanting the win by GnP it seemed and in the struggle to free himself, Aaron left his arm out and Colenutt was quickly on that opportunity and with swift action put Aaron in an armbar. In what was I think a long time withstanding the pain of it, Aaron finally gave in giving Colenutt the second round win by armbar.

Jon P writes: Nice fight by both lads

LIGHTWEIGHT AMATEUR M.M.A.Tom Healy vs Abubakr Rajput

Tom Healy from Steel fist Gym Vs Abubakr Rajput from 10th Planet London

What to say... Both men came out looking focused and keen to get it on. It went to the ground almost straight away with Healy on top going in for the GnP. However Rajput switched that and very quickly showed Healy exactly who he was by putting him in a beautiful leg lock taking the win by submission leaving Healy grimacing in pain with medics rushing in with a splint!

Nicest leg lock I've seen for a while, well impressed.

Jon P write: Totally agree with Louise that was a great switch by Abubakr Rajput he certainly deserved the win for that alone.


Rocky Stenning v Dean Forrest Holden


Rocky Stenning from TMA Gym Vs Dean Forrest Holden from Busters Gym

Rocky came in bounding around like he was a seasoned champ from U.F.C. or something. 

Stenning jumping around giving it the bigun straight away,stepping toward Healy motioning with his hands as if to say ‘’Come and have a go if you think you are hard enough.’’ It seems some fighters come in like that  to put their opponent off, some come in like that because they are simply very cocky by nature, and some come in like it purely because they are totally confident they are going to take their opponent out easy! 

Jumping six foot in the air doing hand to toe star jumps....he was thumping his fists on his chest making so much noise was expecting a gorilla to appear for his corner and Jane to come swinging across the cage on a jungle rope!! Anyway to cut a long story short Dean took a beating with hardly any defence at all. Rocky totally dominated, Dean looked rather shocked and the ref had no choice but to stop the fight within about a minute giving Rocky a deserved win by TKO. He came in like a bad boy..... He wore bad boy shorts ....and a bad boy he proved himself to be !

Jon P wrote: Gotta love a character and he loves his mum so he's ok by me.

Sam Howe v Issam Kurdi

Sam Howe From Busters Gym Vs Issam Kudri From Bat Cave Gym

Both these fighters came out on fire and immediately in obvious competition to get the first take down. Kudri got the better of it and got straight on top going swiftly with an erratic and what looked to be a not too punishing Ground and Pound definitely not one of the best I have seen considering this was a Middleweight fight I would have expected the ‘pounds’ to be a bit more powerful. However after a barrage of unanswered blows to the head and body the ref stopped the fight, giving Kudri the win TKO via Ground n Pound.

LIGHTWEIGHT AMATEUR M.M.A.Steve Keen vs Kamil Czyzewski

Kamil Czyzewski from Sparta MMA Vs Steve Keen From Nam Young Gym

The support for these two was top drawer !! Loads of friends, family and M.M.A. fans really done their fighters proud , the noise of the cheering crowd almost drowned out the music..... love seeing fighters being supported in this way !! Kamil looking very calm and focused went straight in for the kill and took Steve down fast and hard but Steve wriggled out and got back to his feet holding Kamil against the cage landing a good few head shots one of which nearly took Kamils mouth guard out, he faffed trying to put it in and Steve used this to his advantage landing another good head shot before the bell went.

The second round once again Kamil went straight for the take down and it was a beauty. Although Keen was making very good use of the cage he was unable to get out from under Kamil giving Kamil the chance to get an arm bar on, which he somehow managed to escape from but it was short lived as Kamil was at it again this time with better use of his legs holding Keen down while he again locked on with a lovely arm bar. Keen could have tapped earlier than he did, I think a lot of fighters would have, but despite a brave effort he did eventually give in to this painful technique and tap with the ref in position to stop the fight before any serious damage was done. I will be keeping my eye out for Kamil on other shows as I have got him marked as a good prospect, definitely one to watch out for in the future !!

FEATHERWEIGHT PRO K1Kirk Jackson v Lee Beardmore
Kirk Jackson from Team Vengeance Vs Lee Beardmore from Tri Style Martial Arts

These Pro K1 fighters came in ready for a war !  Exciting start with plenty of action including some harsh shin clashes that could be heard in every corner of the venue! Beardmore timing his shots very well and Kirk with some what would have been awesome (kicks high and low) had they made contact!! Kirk ( surprisingly for a pro fighter ) was badly (in my opinion) misjudging the height of his opponent and more importantly the distance between them. Unfortunately all his head kicks and spinning back kicks (although like I said were impressive looking ) were just a waste of energy and meant he often left himself open. If Beardmore had capitalised on Kirk facing the other way and instead of just landing non dangerous head shots he could have without doubt landed his own kicks to Kirks head and had HIM out cold.....AND equally had Kirk come in that little bit closer and not been so hasty it would have been a different story, the opposite in fact, his kicks were more than powerful enough and had he caught Beardmore with one it would have been Lee sparko on the cage floor. I think a pro fighter misjudging so many moves like that was what lost Kirk that first round.

The second round saw Kirk making up for his first, (at a guess he had been told by his corner (in no uncertain terms) that he had about another 4/5’’ in height to go before contact and at least a foot in front )  Coming in closer, being the right distance away and landing those lovely kicks caught Beardmore off guard, and then two wicked spinning back kicks had Beardmore backing off quick time ! Credit to Beardmore as he regained composure enough to land a couple more shots but they were nothing compared to Kirk's combo’s which came while the echo's of his feet smashing into Lees face were still resounding round the venue!! An easy round to Kirk !!

After seeing Kirk smash the last round and knowing he had probably lost the first, I was expecting to see more of what I had just witnessed. But NO!! For some mad reasoning Kirk put that distance back between them and Lee was all over him again. With both men gassing pretty much from the start of this round and with the distance being of benefit to Lee, he took his time and landed some lovely clean shots, one after the other.

The fight was a good hard fight and K1 being one of my favourite disciplines I totally agreed with the result which was Beardmore winner on points. Kirk obviously disagreed, created in the cage a bit and walked off in a strop. Nobody likes a sore loser, especially not from a Pro fighter, and in this case the guy needs to get a copy of the proceedings so he can see for himself what it was that lost him the fight ....and then go buy himself a tape measure.

Jon P wrote: I will be the first to admit that when filming something you don't actually see anything In particular more of an overview but having watched the playback I can't say I totally agree with you on this one Lou as it seemed to me that neither fighter was under too much pressure from the other.

Callum McDonagh v Adam Gregory

Callum McDonagh from Oxford Shootfighters Vs Adam Gregory from Masters Academy

The first round saw the pair toe to toe. Both fighters were composed and landing lovely clean shots (as expected) in this battle for the Lion Fighting Championships Lightweight Amateur Title.

Adam defending champion and Callum coming to the cage with a 5-0 very respectable record .... both wanted this, and it was a great match.
Callum got the first take down, Adam struggled to get up and get control but Callum was already bending down and managed to pick Adam up to almost fully standing before he smashed him back down again !
Adam quickly got back to his feet after this one though and although he held Callum flat against the cage for a while, he did nothing with it, allowing Callum to break free and score more points with another lovely take down followed with a mediocre  GnP nowhere near heavy enough to make Adam even think about tapping!

Great first round from both lads.
The second round saw some proper nice exchanges, both soaking up some heavy shots and both landing them just as good. Adam aiming for the head and on target but Callum after landing a cracking, and I think it was literally WAS a 'Cracking' blow to Adams ribs, carried on targeting the same spot.  It was hurting Adam and this was obvious as he kept turning his back for the rest of the round, backing off and even running at some points. There was a brief moment where Adam had Callum against the cage and put in a few nice knees .... but not enough was done and I think Callum dominated !!
In the third round Adam came out with what seemed a renewed energy, came up with a few lovely knees to repay Callum for the rib damage in the previous round and then he caught him with an awesome, solid and very quick knee smashing up into Callum's face following up with an attempt at the take down which was unsuccessful. Another attempt followed which was successful, but as soon as he was down Callum quickly turned that to his advantage by getting an arm bar but couldn't hold on long enough bringing the fight to an end which meant the fight had gone the distance and was now down to the judges score cards.
SO.....ADAM WON .......Hmmmmmmm.......I was well shocked when the MC said Adam won the fight !  I was like Reallllllly ???
 This was the only fight result the whole night that I thought was a wrong/bad decision ...... I know I'm not qualified to 'judge' and obviously couldn't have seen what the judges did for them to score that the way they did .....COZ I had EVERY single round won by Callum !!! 
I think he was robbed to be honest, and I did hear that Adam and his corner were quite surprised with the result as well !!



Jon Ferguson v Martyn Harris

Jon Ferguson from Black Dog M.M.A. Vs Martyn Harris from Masters Academy

Both these men came out to very good support from the crowd, entering the cage focussed and ready to win.
I thought it was going to be a battle of three rounds but after a few kicks Martyn took complete control landing kicks followed by a take down, ending up sitting on top of Jon putting in some great body shots.
I first thought it was going to be won by a bit of Ground and Pound but Martyn went right in for the kill and got Jon in a lovely rear naked choke. Holding on proper tight and for long enough to take the win by way of submission by Rear Naked Choke.

FEATHERWEIGHT PRO M.M.A.Vitor Silva vs Huseyin Garbet
Vitor Silva from Team Vengeance Vs Huseyin Garbet from Double K +Team Titan
Vitor came out looking ripped, focussed, and confident to a VERY excited loud crowd !

There was plenty of support there for him, he always has a good following and is a very likeable and totally professional fighter.
It was already buzzing in the venue anyway but as Huseyin came walking out the Casino Rooms literally erupted with Garabet's supporters cheering and making so much noise they drowned out the MC !
Fighting out of Double K and Team Titan as well as having the huge support that goes everywhere with him (Wherever and Whoever he fights) Huseyin also bought two of the best corner men you could ask for with him, Mickey Papas and Jake Brutal Bostwick. :)
These two fellas never fail to be there 100% for their team mates at Team Titan, it is a very close knit gym.
 Huseyin is well respected as a fighter and also as a gentleman... as is Vitor, and both very exciting fighters to watch !
Vitor steamed in straight away, moving forwards and with several of his powerful overarm punches connecting with Huseyin's head. But Huseyin just moved in closer simply avoiding getting hit by any more! 
Looking like it was going to be a more arms than legs fight  It all suddenly changed as Huseyin let off a proper barrage of hard and fast knees to Vitors ribs.
 Vitor was hurt, and instinctively backed away from the onslaught of blows, only to find he had backed up too fast and too far and was now flat against the cage with Huseyin all over him.
SO....What happened next ..... ?
A seriously good head shot followed by a wicked flying knee and an awesome elbow which slammed straight across Vitor's face and forehead was what happened next !
Huseyin had unleashed the energy worthy of a full fight in about 5 seconds!
Vitor sustained a nasty cut above his left eye from the elbow, but the ref spotted it straight away so as soon as it started to open up, and then began to bleed profusely he stopped the fight. I spoke to one of the medics after who said it would probably need 5/6 stitches. 
But anyway, bad luck Vitor and well done Huseyin :)
Jon P wrote: Well it has been a long time since I have seen Vitor in action. The first time was way back when at FURY MMA 5 June 2012. How time fly's but I digress so I will say thanks to Louise Holloway For the write up of the fights. Jon P



Well there you have it please come over to Cage Amateurs UK soon for more fight action and news from some of our favourite shows including the Lion Fighting Championships. If you want to know when Leo Alderman will be holding the next Lion Fighting Championships  promotion Leo can be found on Facebook or on the Lion Fighting Championships website. We will also be keeping up to date with things here our show dates page with up to date information on this and some of our other favourite shows. 
Video Content Filmed by Jon P At The Casino Rooms Rochester.
Written Report by Louise Holloway
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