Published December 2014

I was talking to Kris Megaw the other day about interviews he had written for B-BAD when he asked if there was anything I could put on site to help his friends campaign against knife crime. I suggested a couple of things but while talking to his friend, Steve Cairney, it was playing on my mind as my first thoughts did not seem enough. We have brushed this subject before resulting in our first white collar boxing show which was in support of a young mans family after he was murdered on New Years Eve. Our good friend Sam Rowe at The Academy of Hard Knocks  is running courses for young offenders which hopefully may save someone from destroying someone life and also their own. I have thought about little else the last couple of days.
Steve put me in contact with trustee of the charity, which Steve started after his own son was a victim of knife crime which sadly ended his life, Mr Stuart Armstrong. Stu with Steve have been spearheading the campaign bought about by a parents worst nightmare. Ex Doorman, now author, Stu has seen his fair share of what can happen and has been kind enough to write a piece to start this off.
B-BAD Promotions are involved and a local newspaper, others include Radio Northumberland who have also joined the campaign. The more people becoming aware the better. I'm going to start this with Stu Armstrong and leave the last word to Steve Cairney  a man whose life was changed forever on 22nd December 2012.  Jon P
Stuart Armstrong
Stu Armstrong wrote
After meeting Steve Cairney and becoming friends at some B-BAD Bare Knuckle Boxing events and hearing the tragic story of Leon his son, I am a huge supporter of his campaign for awareness and have been doing some work to help with Steve’s charity Choose Lives not Knives and was honoured that Steve and his family asked me to become the Patron of Choose Lives not Knives.

Being a father to three sons bought this home all the more to me, and working as a doorman I have faced issues in regard to knife crime on a number of occasions. When I was made aware of Steve’s campaign I knew that I had to try and help. If by having Leon’s story in all of my books and just one life was saved then it is more than worth it.

Knife crime is all too prevalent in this day and age and people don’t stand up and to be counted. Steve is standing up to be counted, and both now and in the future I will be there to support Steve in his courageous campaign.

Choose Lives, Not Knives!
Stu Armstrong
Author of The Diaries of Doorman series of Books.
Next up Joe Bbad gave us his thoughts and offered the support of B-BAD to the campaign. This was reproduced from

B-BAD shows support for Choose Lives not Knives

Joe BBad Wrote
Well what a few weeks it’s been, Bradford, America and all kinds or other things to deal with!!

It’s no secret that a hell of a lot has happened in B-BAD over the last two weeks, some good, and some bad. It does sadden me somewhat that there have been arguments and accusations flying as that’s not what either I or B-BAD are about.

When I say the B-BAD family this is something that I truly believe in and I guess like all families we have our up’s and downs, that’s just life, but throughout some of the difficult times over the last couple of weeks one of the things that’s kept me positive is seeing the ‘Choose Lives not Knives’ campaign pushing forward in leaps and bounds and really getting out there.

This is a charity that is close to my heart, not just because it’s a fantastic cause but also because I think the world of my good friend Stevie Cairney, and I know just how important this is to him. I give my wholehearted support to him both personally, and through B-BAD and I am so proud that so many members of B-BAD are getting behind this, fans and fighters alike.

After all of the, well upset shall we say over the last week or so it’s great to see the B-BAD family sticking together and helping Stevie and things are now flying ahead for him with the website and of course the Firewalk that Stu Armstrong is organising with support from my close friend and B-BAD legend James Mc Crory and as always the great design skills of Neil Mumble Savage.

It does make me feel proud of the B-BAD fighters, all of them are always happy to get behind such great causes but ‘Choose Lives not Knives’ really seems to have struck a chord with them with fighters such as Scott Midgley and Michael ‘Mad Dog’ Orr wearing t-shirts both in and out of the ring to support and publicise the cause, and of course Gypsy Boy who is lending his name to, and attending the Fire walk scheduled for March 2015.

Lives Not Knives

I have been chatting with Stu Armstrong earlier this week to congratulate him on taking up the role of Trustee for ‘Choose Knives not Lives’ to help Stevie and I have told him that ANYTHING that either myself personally or B-BAD can do then he just needs to say as I wholeheartedly support this cause as does my partner in crime so to speak, Arron. To me that’s what this whole journey is all about, the B-BAD family is a family, dysfunctional at times maybe, but all of the best ones are.

Let’s all get behind Stevie and Stu and support Choose Lives not Lives, B-BAD are proud to support them on what is going to be an amazing Journey!

Finally we are going to hear from Leon's father, Steve, about the night that changed everything.  After reading what Steve has to say I will put the links to the campaigns website.

Steve Cairney wrote this:
My Son, Leon came out of school at the age of 15 and enrolled with the army at the age of 16, determined to make difference in the World. He did tours in both Afghanistan, Bosnia, Ireland and was a keen boxer who represented the army and got in to the finals in Germany. He came out of the army when he was twenty, due to losing one of his army pals in a road side bomb.

Once he came out the army he started to work with his dad, within demolition and progressed well within this new career path. He had just started a young family and had two little girls (The girls now are at the age of five and three). Leon had worked with dad for the past five years and was a very happy, positive young man and a lot going for him.
On the 22nd December 2012 when Leon was at twenty five years old, my wife and I were called at around 2.30am by a person at the door who mentioned that he thought that Leon had been stabbed. I got dressed and told my wife that everything would be OK and ran down the street and into a back garden, where someone was trying to resuscitate Leon.

I pushed him out of the way and fell to my knees and picked my son up in my arms his eyes where as bright as stars but his body was as cold as ice and told him he would be OK, because his dad was here. The knife was still stuck in Leon. The next thing, the emergency services were there but Leo was pronounced dead at the scene.

A few days later we had to identify the body and we had to wait two months to bury him. The whole family was torn apart. It has only been the last few months until we have been able to restart building our lives.

We would not want any family to go through this.



A big thank you to Stu Armstrong for all his support and raising awareness to others via our sad loss and story and for agreeing to become the Patron of Choose Lives not Knives. If we could stop one family going through this heart ache, nightmare and grief, then the above made a difference.

Rest in peace our son Leon Cairney!!!

Stephen Cairney
Recently Stu and Steve did an interview for Radio Northumbria of which I will attempt to get and link
The Sterling Observer are also featuring Choose Live Not Knives
December 4th 2014 Daily Record and Sunday Mail also featured a piece by Gareth Iwan Jones
Stirling Observer Stirling ObserverStirling Observer
There are to be fund raising events and various other ways you can get involved. I think the best way to keep on top of events would be to visit Stuarts website where all updates will be posted. 

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