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Published April 2012
The M.A.A.S.I.F (Martial Arts All Styles International Federation) Open Tournament run by Leo Alderman was held in Ashford Kent at the Stour Leisure Centre. There was a large turn out and the 4 mated fighting areas were kept extremely busy from the start of the day to the end of the competition. The Referees, Judges etc were kept on the go all day as martial artist after martial artist from the many styles who have turned up for a day of competition. The quality of fighters were high in all categories and there were many new fighters who looked to be having there first competition fights the judges keeping and especially close watch on the least experienced of the fighters as as we know things can quickly get out of hand. No chance of this as before the start of the first fight Leo explained the rules and made it very clear what was expected and what would not be allowed, this was enforced by some top quality referees and corner Judges. Sadly we did not get the chance to catch up with Leo as he was impossible to catch standing still for long enough as he kept the event flowing smoothly. Well done to those fighters who placed in there groups and well done to all who stepped up to the mat and took part.

 Jon P

While at the Tournament we managed to catch up with Paul Saunders and his partner in a break from Refereeing and managed to grab an Interview with them which can be viewed HERE

We were also fortunate enough to grab Ashley Collins between rounds of fighting and grabbed a few words which you can view 

Recorded 15th April 2012

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