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Published May 2013
M.A.A.S.I.F. Southern Open Martial Arts Tournament A sunny Bank Holiday Sunday found me driving the couple of miles to Medway Park Sports Facility in Gillingham Kent for the M.A.A.S.I.F. Southern Open Tournament. M.A.A.S.I.F. or Martial Arts All Styles International Federation hold their tournaments every couple of months and with over 100 categories including Hard/Soft Forms, Light Continuous and Strike and Grapple (Amateur MMA) it is a busy day especially trying to decide what to actually watch.
With so many categories you may be excused for thinking it is going to be a slow day with a lot of standing around. As a competitor many moons ago I can remember the times I stood waiting for hours on end especially if you got through to the finals or were in the team events.
Not so the M.A.A.S.I.F. as things move along at a good pace and with four matted area's being utilised by organiser Leo Alderman and his team of helpers keep things moving nicely.
There are going to be three more tournaments this year so if you have a club or you are an individual that would like to compete in the next tournaments make a note of these dates and give Leo a shout to book your place.
28.07.13 MASSIF Summer Open - Gillingham, Kent
15.09.13 MASSIF UK Open     -     Gillingham, Kent.
16.11.13 MASSIF BRITISH Open - Gillingham, Kent.
New sections for these events. No Gi Grappling/Wrestling and Nunchucku Sparring. More info on these and all sections very soon..
or you can contact Leo via Facebook. As a side note should you require advice on insurance and or licensing etc or you not happy with your current affiliation Leo may be able to help you out.
Premier Team PhotoThe refereeing is of a good standard although I expect that somebody will disagree as happens at such events but to be honest I can't say I heard anyone complaining and It was good to see top ref Dan Movahedi, a regular on Cage Amateurs UK, and resident ref/matchmaker for FURY M.M.A.  among other shows taking control of the Strike & Grapple part of the tournament with partner Helen timekeeping and generally keeping the order of fights and other such things from becoming a bit of a mess
The paramedic had a quiet day (A good result for all in my book) with only a couple of bloody noses and one slight injury during the Strike and Grapple after a take down with one young man being left somewhat dazed. He was up quickly ready to carry on after the medic had taken a look at him but for obvious reasons Dan did not allow him to continue.
The possibility of an injury is always a real threat during any combat sport but it has to be said the referees kept a tight reign and the fighters showed good control and technique which minimised any such incidents.
Fighting Lions Logo It's always nice too see a friendly face amongst the clubs attending so it was good to see Chris Foran and the Premier M.M.A. Team in attendance in large numbers and doing the business as usual winning a very respectable amount of categories. Shihan Darren Murphy who runs local club Spartan MMA Kyokushin Centre in Gillingham and has also completed a 50 man kumite, so he knows a bit about fighting, was there to support his fighters and what with a few guys that I recognised from Fighting Lions Martial Arts Academy which is Leo Alderman's club in Whitstable, things were good for a bit of catching up during the very few breaks in the action.
Numbers were down slightly from the last time I attended but this in no way should be taken as a reflection on the tournament as personally I think this one pretty much has it all by way of quality competitors, good organisation with a decent venue and as a bonus the car park is free. Happy days.

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