Published June 2019

Mad Joe

This interview is with permission of a friend of mine who has been involved with Bare Knuckle Boxing for sometime and is currently Ultimate Bare Knuckle Boxings Media go to man, which is extremely handy. He uses all kinds of media and is a regular at both gloved and ungloved productions, also he can be found on radio and television, and just in case you are unaware he is also an accomplished author, actor and fairground bronco operator. Not really about the fairground but the rest is true. This is a bit of a rare treat as Stu usually films his interviews but treat or not, friend or not, I only use stuff I like by people I like, both boxes ticked so sit back with a beer and take a look at this and enjoy. Check out the links at the bottom of the page for further information.

Stu writes:

Ultimate Bare Knuckle Boxing Champion 'Mad Joe' talks BKB and his up and coming double title bid fight with John Spencer.

(Stu) First of all, congratulations on the successful defence of your UBKB British Light Welterweight Title, how do you feel that fight went against Peter Adam?

(Joe) Cheers mate, yeah good I mean I am strong and powerful for my size so I know I can get people out of there if the right shot lands but other than that in the gym we just working on coming forward and working hard so in the back of my mind I know I ain't getting tired and can grab a points win as well but for me I could take his shots well so after a while I only knew it was just a matter of time.  
(Stu) I remember speaking to you in the run-up to the fight and you telling me that you were the underdog in this fight. I said to you that in my experience nobody should underestimate the underdog, for a lot of reason’s but I think mainly because and underdog doesn’t always feel the pressure to perform as much as say a predicted favourite for the win, and the predicted favoured is weighed down by the fact that they are expected to win. Do you think this is the case and did you feel less pressure and more able to perform?
 Mad Joe

(Joe) Yeah I seem to be underdog most of the time but I think it's down to people not really knowing me and not knowing how I train I mean I go into every fight thinking I'm going to win otherwise what's the point? And yes definitely think the underdog has less pressure and yeah it helps to be more relaxed.

(Stu) I think I have told you this already, I was really impressed with your performance in this fight, you seemed to change your style a little and seemed to come out faster, harder and take the role of the aggressor on a higher them previously, would you agree with this, and if so was this a conscious decision that you had planned for?
(Joe) Yeah to be fair we always train to come forward and be aggressive I think this one just looked more like that because he was being aggressive as well made for a better fight enjoyed it, no didn’t change the training for Peter it's the same every time. 

Mad Joe vs Peter Adam - Bare Knuckle Title Fight March 2019 

(Stu) July 6th is big day for you, not only are you making your second defence of your title against the Welterweight Champion John Spencer, with both of you putting your titles on the line, one man will walk away a double champ and one a former champion, this is massive and is an amazing opportunity for both of you as fighters and champions. How did this fight come about?

Title Belt(Joe) July 6th can't wait yeah definitely a big day for me because I am fighting someone with loads of experience who is tough and been in with some of the best so it's just a great challenge for me. 
(Stu) Obviously as most people know John Spencer is one of the most experienced fighters on the circuit with something mad 23456876 fights behind him, in fact the kids a mercenary lol, how do you think that will cope with his experience?
(Joe) The fight I think I just mentioned fighting for both belts and it got set up more or less straight away I mean I'll fight anyone but this definitely the best fight for me got a lot of respect for John and will be great throwing hands with him and yes his experience is insane the guy has had tones of fights but I ain't even thinking about that I just train and do what I do doesn't bother me a man's a man we can all be beat.

(Stu) Can you predict an outcome? Who wins, when and how? What would it mean to you and why, to become a double Bare Knuckle Champion?
(Joe) A prediction that is a hard question not saying don't want to jinx anything hahahahah. 
(Stu) What would it mean to you to become a double champion and will both belts?
(Joe) It would mean a lot beating John in a fight without a belt or two on the line so getting another belt out of it WOW. 
Mad Joe Hands(Stu) If you take the win and the all-important belts from John, what is there in the future for you? Is there anyone you would like to fight as a title defence?
(Joe) Not sure to be honest I'll fight anyone. For me anyone who's up for having a scrap in front of loads of people with no gloves on deserves respect so whoever’s game bring it on. 
(Stu) Same question but if you don't get the win?
(Joe) If I don't get the win I'll just get my arse back in the gym and train harder and smarter.
(Stu) Why did you decide you wanted to fight Bare Knuckle in the first place and ditch the gloves?
(Joe) I Never got a Buzz out of gloved boxing I mean I train with gloves on but would whip them off in a second if someone wanted a proper fight lol 
(Stu) How did you come to be part of Team UBKB?
(Joe) Somehow found Amanda Smith online and just sent a message saying I was game to fight whoever n that was that.

(Stu) As the sport grows, what do you think of UBKB in general?
(Joe) UBKB is a great Company to fight for all the people running it look after you and all the fighters are like mate’s love it.
(Stu) Ok, so let’s get the record set straight on something, why ‘Mad Joe’? To be honest you seem perfectly sane to me?
(Joe) Mad Joe is just a name I got when I was out drinking because I'm crackers on the stuff, just thought it sounded cool lol but I do feel I change into Mad Joe when I go through them ropes. 
(Stu) I feel a bit let down now mate, I expected some long and elaborate story about how you got your fight name, haha maybe I have been talking to jay Eggleston too often to expect that kind of answer.
(Stu) Your fighting in one of two title fights on the night, the other being Middleweight Champion Will Cairns in his first title defence taking on ‘The Scalp Snatcher’ Chris Wheeldon, how do you think this will go and can you predict a winner? Who wins, how do they wain and when?
(Joe) It's a difficult one to predict Will Cairns Vs The Scalp Snatcher because they are both quite awkward fighters and both have enough power to get you out in one shot, all I can predict is it's definitely going to be a KO.
(Stu) If anyone wants to come along and support you on the night, how can they get tickets? (We will stick your personal Eventbrite link in here mate)
(Joe)Just click my personal Mad Joe Eventbrite link going to be a cracker of a show.

(Stu) Well Joe, thanks for your time I am looking forward to the fight I think it’s going to be a naughty one if if I am honest, but I wish both you and John a safe fight and may the best man win on the night.

Mad Joe
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