White Collar Fight Club

W.C.F.C. 3

Published April 2014
Lordswood Leisure Centre
Good Friday evening saw The White Collar Fight Club hold our third show this time at Lordswood Leisure Centre in Chatham. Following on from two successes we were expecting much of the same action and I for one was not disappointed.
Things were much better even before the fighting started with a change of venue which far out stripped the last one and one which we will be using again in the future.

First off we would like to thank all our sponsors without them the show may not happens. A big thank you too all the fighters especially those who stepped in at the last moment.
Also a big thank you to everyone who helped with the show and we appreciate it and hope you will be involved in future shows with us. A large percentage of these people have been with us since day one without them the show would never have taken off as it has.
We still feel we have a lot of things we want to do to get the show to where we want it to be but in all honesty we will more than likely still be saying that in years to come as we constantly want to improve on what we do be that with the show, video or website.
Dan has put a lot into this show and right up to the last second was having to replace people who for one reason or another dropped out. The problem with things like Facebook is you get more than your fair share of keyboard warriors who are up for fighting but after a bit of thought change their minds. This is fine but it would be better if they just came out with it and didn't leave it until the last minute.
There was one downer in the evening. One of our sponsors Bobby Hanlonn of Achieve Clothing was having his first fight but unfortunatley popped a shoulder and was forced to retire at the end of the first round. We wish him all the best and a swift recovery.
When you sit and start to think of all the people you need to thank you actually realise how many people are involved. Hopefully I will remember them all as I go along. Thanks to Jo our Paramedic, Dave Driver our Ring Announcer and his son and daughter who helped out with the music, Our security team, Rob Best, Team Armour, The people from Lordswood Leisure Centre who made things much easier for us, the Kent Messenger, and Sam Rowe from The Academy Of Hard Knocks.
I almost forgot but an especially big thank you to our referees returning for the third time Mr Lee Ambler and Mr Jon Jarvis.
We have had two brothers fight each other before but this time it went one step further and we had three. First up we had Steve and Rob Sykes battle it out and with the winner taking on another brother, Warren after his bout against Dan Almond.
It was also nice to see Dave Courtney and his partner Debbie at the show having met them both while visiting their home, Camelot Castle, where     B-BAD Bare Knuckle Boxing Promotions were holding a show.
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White Collar Fight Club Title Fight

Dan Butters v Charlie Shane

Perry Jackson v Bobby Hanlonn

Steve Sykes v Warren Sykes


John Towers v Nigel Cornell


Mat Thorn v Wesley Birling


 Ashley Friend v Dan Memhet


Dan Almond v Warren Sykes

Darren Jones v Macually Hann


Steve Sykes v Rob Sykes

Adam Savage v Paul James


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