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Published June 2012
Phil Doherty our friend up North gets some great interviews this is just another one in a long list. 
EVER since Master Ken and his students broke onto the small video screen with the hit show "Enter the Dojo" Martial News has wanted to do an interview. After much badgering, crying and begging the one and only Master Ken has finally answered our questions...
PD: How did you come up with the name Ameri-Do-Te. What does it mean to you personally Master Ken?

MK: I'd been struggling with the realisation that every Martial Art I'd ever studied was essentially bullshit because every art has a weakness. Then I realised that my knowledge of various fighting styles could be combined to create an unstoppable Martial Art. "Ameri" stand for America which of course has become synonymous with being the best. "Do" means "The Way" and of course I am teaching students "Right Way" as opposed the wrong way they've learned in other Dojos. And "Te" meaning hand…which not only finishes the name of my art, but the "Te" also finishes street fights.
PD:Is Billy a psychopath, strange or really just a mummy’s boy at heart? Why doesn’t he just get it that the girl in the glasses fancies him?

BillyMK: Billy is my number one student. What he lacks in good judgement, common sense and personal hygiene he makes up for with an unusually high pain tolerance. Before I met Billy I would sometimes pay the homeless to come in and Uki for me but they wouldn't last very long and I'd have to spend the rest of the day disinfecting the Dojo. Thanks to Billy I have been able to perfect many Ameri-Do-Te moves that would have killed the average hobo. I can't speak to any issues with Inter - Dojo romances. We're there to train. Although it's understandable that as students spend time grunting and sweating with each other in close quarters they might become confused about their feelings.
PD: What are your views another Martial Arts such as Karate, Ju-jitsu, Ninjutsu and M.M.A? How would they stand up to an exponent of Ameri-Do-Te? Who would win and why?
MK: Most people think I hate other Martial Arts. I do not. The foundation of Ameri-Do-Te has been built from other fighting arts. We're just filtering out all of the bullshit. For instance, Jiu Jitsu is great unless you fight multiple attackers. Ninjutsu only works under the cover of night. M.M.A. only works if you're wearing bikini shorts. But I have taken something good from each of these arts. Except Capoeira. I couldn't find anything useful there. Without other styles there would be no Ameri-Do-Te. You can't bake a cake without any flour. But if you were to try and eat a mouthful of flour without the other ingredients you would choke and spit and regret the attempt (I should know because I've tried).
PD: Do you have plans to bring Ameri-Do-Te to the UK to help Martial Artists here learn from the Master? If so when would you come and what would you teach on such a seminar. Would you be willing to show any challengers here that Ameri-Do-Te is the best Martial Arts there is?

MK: I recently read an article about a man named Tim Larkin who was banned from entering the U.K. for teaching lethal fighting techniques. If that is true I'm sure that Ameri-Do-Te would never make it through customs. Were I invited to teach Ameri-Do-Te overseas I would need assurances that whom ever I'm teaching would not try to take over the world. Such an unstoppable Martial Art cannot fall into the wrong hands. In terms of facing challengers I have a legal obligation to turn down people who want to fight. I would never be able to claim self defence in a court of law. They'd see pictures of the bodies of my attackers and say "This wasn't a fair fight." This would be true because in Ameri-Do-Te there's no such thing as a fair fight. Just like there's no such thing as rainbow coloured fish. If Ameri-Do-Te had a flaw...which it does would be that it is simply too lethal.

Martial artist Master KenPD: What styles and systems have you trained in? And why did you decide to form your own Martial Art? What is it about Ameri-Do-Te that sets it above and beyond other Martial Arts?
MK:I have trained in almost every style there is. I never bothered with Kung Fu because I could tell from the parking lot of the Dojo that it was bullshit. I had to create an art that used all of the other arts strengths with none of the weaknesses. That why we always say "Best of All. Worst of None."
PD: Have you ever served in any special-forces unit or that too secret for general consumption?
MK:I can't talk about that.
PD: You seem to love the groin grab– has this ever led to embarrassing moments in public? Could you share these embarrassing moments with readers?

MK: If by "embarrassing moments" you mean that the occasional hardened criminal or drug addicted street thug has seen his own groin crushed and then separated from his body after threatening a master of Ameri-Do-Te…then yes.
PD: Who do you admire and why are they a hero in your eyes?

MK: I would say that in many ways I am my own hero. I saved myself from a lifetime of meaningless training and today I do my community and the world a big favour by teaching the art of Ameri-Do-Te. If I were able to clone myself as a slightly shorter version of myself and then face my taller self that would allow my shorter self to look up to my taller self...meaning that if I have someone I look up to in life...that person is me.
Master Ken And Billy in dojo
PD: Ameri-Do-Te is a self-defence system and you teach anti-rape classes. What in your opinion is the most important part to remember if you are involved in a street confrontation and have to defend yourself?
MK: The most important thing to remember in any street fight is this: Dead men don't sue. So if you have already brought an attacker to the brink of death by defending yourself you'll save a lot of legal fees if you just finish what they started and stomp the back of the neck repeatedly.
PD: What makes a successful Master of Martial Arts and why?

MK: A true Master of Martial Arts needs no one's approval other than his own. That's why sometimes when I suddenly realise that I am even more advanced than I thought I was. I add another stripe to my belt. Being a true Ameri-Do-Te Master means knowing yourself. That's why we like to say "Inner strength comes from within."
PD: We have lots of female fans of yours in the UK and we are always getting asked whether you are married or not. Are you married or have you committee your life to Ameri-Do-Te?
MK: Ameri-Do-Te takes up all of my time. A warrior must control his desires and channel them into his training. The only exception to that rule would be a chance encounter with Cynthia Rothrock.
PD: Why did you let the film crew from Enter the Dojo enter your Dojo and film what you teach? Aren’t you concerned that the general public might copy your dangerous techniques without proper training by yourself?
MK: I need to get the word out about Ameri-Do-Te. Too many civilians are wasting their time studying incomplete or flawed Martial Arts. The show is a way of making the public aware that an invincible Martial Art does in fact exist.
PD: What is for the future with Ameri-Do-Te and Master Ken? Where do you see the system being in ten years time?
MK: The future of Ameri-Do-Te will hopefully include more school locations, more students, perhaps a television network devoted to all things Ameri-Do-Te and within 10 years I would like the city of Albuquerque to dedicate a street in my honour for my contribution to protecting mankind one groin grab at a time.
PD: Thank you Master Ken
MK: Thank you Martial News...and remember, the other arts are bullshit...

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