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Published December 2014

Mat Thorn is one of those people who when you first meet you may be unsure about. Mat can be a very intense individual before a fight but once you get past that you see a very different man. We have done more interviews with Mat than any other fighter over the last couple of years and not only seen him fight but he has fought on our own show. Kris has used the word legend a word I personally believe is over used if taken in it's correct form. But...despite not having the record of some other fighters this man will turn up to any show he is booked on. No matter how near or far you can rest peacefully knowing he will be there. He is among the top views of any fighter we have interviewed and whenever I have met him he has always been a pleasure to spend time with. So with that in mind and in the context used I agree Kris, Mat Thorn is a legend. Jon P

This is the second in the series, interview I'm sure everyone has been waiting for! B-BAD legend Mathew "The Quick Hit Cyborg" Thorn!

Kris Megaw. How did you get into Bare Knuckle Boxing?

Mathew Thorn. I first got into Bare Knuckle Boxing when I was 12 years of age. I was in the Playground in a school where the boys and girls were separated into their own playgrounds. A boy called Lee and his mate started on me for no reason. It turned into my very first proper Bare Knuckle fight which lasted 20 mins. I knocked him right out and the hunger started there. After many years of being bullied it made me stronger and got me many brutal fights. The more the authorities let them get away with it the more they fought me.

KM. How long have you been fighting for?

MT. I've been fighting since 1982 in forced Bare Knuckle fights and later in Submission, Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts competition. I was forced out of the fight game from 2003 to 2008 and got back into B.K.B. at B-BAD 1 in 2010. The hunger to fight pulled me through and so I started training again from 2008 and am still doing so, trying to get back what I lost in 2003.

KM. What goes through your head in the 24 hours leading up to a fight?

MT. Knowing the training has been done I think of what I intend to do to get the win and satisfy my hunger at the same time. I constantly think have I done enough training this week, have I done enough roadwork to go the distance, knowing that I have I think about all the combo moves needed to get my opponent in a place where I can finish him off to get that win.

KM. What is the worst injury you have received in a Bare Knuckle fight?

MT. I suffered a broken hand, twisted wrist and arm at the elbow and sprained trap all down the same arm at B-BAD 7. It happened at the beginning of the fight but I refused to back down and continued through to round 3 where I was fighting with 1 hand during round 2 so because I was in pain and had another fight commitment the following weekend I strategically withdrew at round 3 for the only time in my life. I will not ever do that again. The wrist injury is still a problem today but I am working on it. I will be stronger.

B-BAD New Era SmallKM. Has B-BAD changed your life in any ways?

MT. B-BAD has helped me control my deteriorating patience and anger emotions by allowing me to enjoy my passion to fight in the most honourable and safe way. It has also given me a type of family which I really appreciate.

KM. Would you like a rematch against any of your former opponents?

MT. It would be an honour to have rematches with my former opponents. I've always felt that rematches seem to be more brutal than first fights. The biggest learning curve is having a rematch as you know even more about how you can improve since the first fight with an opponent you have fought before.

KM. What has been your hardest fight for B-BAD?

MT. My hardest fight has been against Seth Jones at B-BAD 2. Seth hits like a mule and I have really enjoyed my fights against Jan Jurko.

KM. Who would you like as your next opponent?

MT. As many people know I fight anyone, any weight, any size. I don't mind who my next opponent is as long as its an honourable fight and we are good mates before the fight and better mates after the fight.

KM. What advice would you give to a new fighter in preparation for his first fight?

MT. Think of what you are gonna do to your opponent and not anything else. As long as you have done your training then you just have to keep calm and let the hunger and passion shine. always remember your opponent is going through the same thing, you just have to control it quicker than him and that can only come from experience.

KM. I know you are injured at the moment, will this effect your future fights? Will you enter into your next fight with a different strategy?

MT. I refuse to allow my injuries to dictate what I do in fights even though my wrist injury has been a problem recently. I will just learn about my opponents weaknesses and switch my strategy many times during the fight to get the opening I need to get that win.

KM. What is the best fight you have ever seen?

Mat Thorn v Jan Jacko B-BAD 7MT. That would have to be Dave Radford versus James McCrory in their rematch. That was the most brutal and amazing fight I have ever witnessed. They both are the biggest influence in my B.K.B. career. They were so determined and relentless, it was fight magic!

KM. Can you see Bare Knuckle Boxing going mainstream?

MT. Now that B.K.B. has been clarified as being on the same legal footing as M.M.A. and with still along way to go, I think its only a matter of time before B.K.B. goes mainstream like what M.M.A. did in the 1990's. All of the  B.K.B. Promotions must come together and support each other as well as the fighters and together we will make it mainstream.

KM. Where do you see yourself in 5 years time? Still fighting?

MT. As I have already said I am just too passionate and hungry to get back to my 2003 fitness level and to fight and learn more which is what I have been doing so I still intend to be fighting in 5 years time. I said recently in a B.K.B. documentary, the only time when I'll retire is when I am dead!!!!!!!

KM. You are doing a lot of work at Bradford behind the scenes due to recent injury, is this something you would consider full time once you finish fighting?

MT. I would love to train Bare Knuckle  fighters and coach as well as corner fighters and be a part of the B.K.B. Boxing and M.M.A. scene. I don't plan on finishing fighting as its my life calling. I need someone to take me under their coaching wing and teach me how to go about training others and how to run a Boxing Club.

KM. Could you talk me through your recent injury how it happened for example?

MT. I fought an Army Boxer B.K.B. style in a fight show which included Boxing and B.K.B. During the beginning of the first round I ducked the first and second of a three combo shot but got hit by the third. This happened twice and the third shot in the second combo my jaw was broken. I still kept on and we fought till near the end of the first round till the ref stopped the fight. Ill be back next year and will simply learn to duck n weave the third combination shots!

KM. What advice would you give to a young man wanting to get into B.K.B. without any fight experience other than the usual street fights?

MT. My advice is, if you are passionate about Boxing or M.M.A. then quit the street fights as there is no honour in that kind of fight. Join a Boxing and/or M.M.A. club and train. Many B.K.B. fighters need workout buddy's including me so there are always honourable ways to enter the B.K.B. world. Talk to us B.K.B.fighters and get training, we wont bite!

KM. What is your opinion on the hardest fight out there for you at the moment?

MT. The hardest fight for me will be the constant fight to be at my best which I am always working on. As for the fight, well I go into every fight as my hardest as I respect my opponent and it only takes 1 punch to change the game. I think for example, say a rematch with Seth Jones would be my hardest fight out there. He has the power to deck a horse, and I've felt it!!!

KM. Which fighter do you admire the most and why?

MT. I admire many fighters in B.K.B. Boxing and M.M.A. but the fighter I admire the most is Dave Radford. He has such a great  attitude and respect for other fighters and a knowledge of B.K.B., Boxing and M.M.A. that is fantastic. I long for training with him. After reading his autobiography I noticed some parallels in my life too that I can relate to.

Mat Thorn B-BAD 3KM. Do you reckon the famous gypsy lads would take the B-BAD titles if they entered B-BAD? (Joyce, Nevin, Stokes, McDonagh, McGinley)

MT. In B.K.B. anything can happen in an instant, there are some great B.K.B. fighters out there with great skills. It only takes a single punch and the game changes in any fight so yes any of these B.K.B. fighters can take a B-BAD title as they are just as passionate about the fight and to get that win.

KM. With B-BAD spreading their wings and fighting in the U.S.A. now, do you have ambitions to fight on American soil?

MT. I have already fought B.K.B. style, M.M.A. style and Submission style in the US and I would be honoured to do it again given the chance. I have fought in L.A., San Diego, Chicago, Boston, and Atlanta. I have also fought in Dublin and Paris.

KM. What do you do in your spare time? When not training!

MT. All I do is workout, train, fight and do the Doors as a doorman. I don't do anything else except sleep. On Sundays I do rest but I'm resting more often now as I have changed my training to include more rest periods to recover from injuries and I have reduced my weights workouts from 1.5 hours to 45 mins.

KM. When you get the call to ask if you want to fight what is the first thing that goes through your head?

MT. I become happier and more focused and the training then steps up in increments up to the fight. I check my diary to see if I'm able to get to the event as when I commit to an event, I follow it through and get there. Only injury would stop me from fighting but I mostly go to the events I've had to not fight in due to injury as Ill always be there to help out if I can't fight on the night.

KM. Are there plans for you to fight in the new year 2015? If so can you let us know who and where?

MT. I will be back with a vengeance as I'll be fighting at B-BAD 12. I'll be making my debut in boxing at Witney and Bristol and will be making my M.M.A. debut with up to 2 M.M.A. promotions in the north if it pulls through. They are only plans that are not confirmed. B-BAD 12 is confirmed but as usual subject to change as that's the the way the fight business goes.

KM. Are there any other sports you are interested in? Do you take part in any other sports?

MT. I'm only involved in B.K.B., Boxing and M.M.A. and am trained also in Submission Grappling and am a former trained Pro Wrestler. I now take part in B.K.B., Boxing and M.M.A. public shows and that is all now.

KM. Would you say B.K.B. is a good sport for a young person too take on, or should they start out with Gloved Boxing first?

MT. B.K.B. and Boxing are two different types of sport. It's not easy to switch from one to the other but I think its probable easier for a Boxer to switch to B.K.B. than it is a B.K.B. fighter to switch to Boxing, I hate wearing 'Bitch Mittens' as most B.K.B. fighters do!

Mathew on B-BAD

I first knew about B-BAD from a stranger who contacted me through Facebook. He was passionate about B.K.B. and training and asked to meet me for a drink and chat. Later we trained together at his gym as I needed to relearn my fighting skills. I was a mess and this friend helped me out and we became good mates. He told me about a guy who ran a new B.K.B. event and was gonna put on his 1st event, this guy he mentioned was Andy Topliff.
I had heard of this stranger called Andy Topliff from an event called Field Rage. Little did I know not only would me and Andy meet but I would get to fight on the event he started that he called B-BAD. This good friend who introduced me to the event I got to fight on B-BAD 1. His name is Dale Hyde. It was my 1st B.K.B. fight in 8 years and I haven't looked back since. I later met a stranger at B-BAD 2 for 5 minutes before we got to fight, his name is Seth Jones.
After the fight at B-BAD 2 I was called the Quick Hit Cyborg after it took 4 knock downs for Seth to keep me down as I failed to get to my feet in time to continue. Whenever someone gives me the chance to do something I always give my full respect, loyalty and best and never forget the origins of the chances given as its so rare I'm given any chances at all. I have grown and changed with B.K.B. and B-BAD and will always long to fight on B-BAD shows in future.
Thanks to Andy Topliff, Dale Hyde and everyone who has supported me in my dream to follow in my Fathers and Grandfathers footsteps. My goal is to become a B.K.B. Champion like my Grandfather was on the fairgrounds in the old days.

Thanks for the interview bruv. I'll see you on 14th for B-BAD 11 in Bradford.

Mathew "The Quick Hit Cyborg" Thorn

As always The Boss was more than happy to say a few words!

Mat Thorn is a genuine fighting man, he is also a man that would do anything for anybody, he travels to every B-BAD show to either fight or help the fighters and is very much respected by the B-BAD  family. I wish Matt the best in the future.

Joe Bbad

Thanks for reading guys and girls, I hope to see everyone at B-BAD Soon

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