Mathew Thorn

Mat Thorn Bare Knuckle Boxer

Mathew ThornMathew just loves to fight bare knuckle or gloved he doesn't mind. But behind the guy who we first met then over time got too know properly there is a genuinely nice guy who when he says he will be at a show is there no matter how long or what distance he has too travel. Mat was regularly training in wrestling, boxing and mixed martial arts until a hospital blunder robbed him of what he loves best. The ability to Fight. He has worked hard to get back to the stage he is now but still has some way too go to reach his former ability. We count Mat as a friend and this is what he told us in the first of many interviews we have since had with Mat 'The Cyborg' Thorn
Name: Mathew Thorn
Age: 42
Home Town: Wakefield
Trains @: Wakefield
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to speak about BKB.  My name is Mathew Damon Thorn and am known as Fighter Matt by my friends. I am 42 years old and I live near Wakefield in West Yorkshire. I train with Cage Kombat in Edinburgh in MMA Vale Tudo in 6
day blocks at a time and I train in 2 gyms at Boxing at the moment. I hope to train more at a boxing gym in Hemsworth ran by Dave Radford. I have trained in Dublin in Ireland, Atlanta in and Los Angeles in the US in the past which included submission grappling and pro wrestling. I have recently started back at fighting BKB after an 8 year absence due to a hospital blunder which ended my cage fight career in 2003 so my current fight record in BKB is 1 fight and 1 loss. The first 4 photos are of me training with Cage Kombat MMA club and the 5th is of me 1 Min after a Bare Knuckle fight in Manchester.
Mat Thorn is competing at B-BAD BKB on October 26th. It is one of the few promotions of it's kind with the promoter Andy Topliff working towards bringing bare knuckle boxing back into the main stream. We spoke to Mat and asked him a few things about him and the BKB scene.

Matt thanks for taking the time to answer a few questions.............

Q/ How did you first get into the World of Fighting?
A/ I started fighting when I was 12 years old when I was attacked in the school playground. That fight lasted 18 minutes and was my first bloodbath street fight. I felt the hunger to fight from that moment and after many forced fights I got to be good at it. After living in bedsit land for many years I had to learn how to defend my property and fight for my Jacket and bedding many times.  After living on the streets of London and Yorkshire for a while I had to defend myself on a regular basis.
Q/ Tell us about your MMA career and how you had to end it suddenly?
A/ In 1998 I was asked by a friend to try out MMA so I went with him to classes he was attending and I enjoyed it.  I then would train with this friend and others and later went to Dublin with one of these friends. I trained with him at his club and returned wanting more.  After a number of years and after getting 1 on 1 training privately I got good at ground fighting and stand up. was asked by this friend from Ireland to join him in competing in the Killarney games in 2003 so I arranged to do that. Another friend told me of the Cage Kombat open trials so I applied for that. I kept on working out and training for these 2 events but my career was cut short and wasn't able to compete after my local hospital caused a blunder which destroyed my life.
Mat THornQ/ What do you think of what B-BAD are trying to achieve?
A/ I think it is long overdue for BKB to become legalised and sanctioned.  B-BAD has always been passionate about looking after its fighters and the sport and growing the talent to keep BKB out there in the public interest. I am thankful for the opportunity I've been given to grow my skill set and meet other fighters as passionate about the sport as I am.

Q/ How is preparing for BKB, different from preparing for MMA?
A/ Preparing for BKB is different from MMA as the regime is stand up based and stamina based with a lot of emphasis on striking and footwork technique where as MMA is more ground fight and shoot style technique with emphasis on quick movement and space control to gain leverage over an opponents balance.  I enjoy both stand up and ground fighting. It takes longer to learn and get right boxing technique than MMA groundwork and training is always a good challenge in itself when you are training with passionate and focussed fighters I have been training with. The biggest learning curve is when you are in the fight itself, nothing compares to that.
Q/ What is your main training routine over a week period?
A/I train in boxing Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and soon Fridays and when I do MMA 6 solid days of non stop training in a week (I do need a place closer to train).I workout with weights Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and compete in bi monthly amateur events in Manchester on a Saturday. I jog and walk 2 to 3 times every day round a circuit near my home.
Q/ How do the weight classes work in BKB and what weight will you be at?
A/ I am a light
Mathew Thornweight at 72kg (11.25st approx)  and I mostly fight guys heavier than my weigh category. Its not often I fight other lightweights. In  some bkb events there are no weight categories and in some there are. I fight any one who wants to fight as long as they stick to the rules. 

Q/ Tell us about the TV documentary that you appeared in?
A/ When I was competing in an amateur event in Atlanta a TV documentary crew where present who filmed parts of the event and I gave a taped interview. This was not long after the hospital blunder and I was very ill at the time so they only used about 10 seconds of my footage in the ring. The event included Pro style, submission and NHB events and I did all three. The event was in its 12 year that year.
Q/ What kind of diet would you have over a week period?
A/ I have 3 to 4 meals a day which one meal consists of a modern version of Devils Broth that the ancient Spartans used to eat during campaigns. I also add 4 eggs to that before I go to the gym. I drink plenty of fluids during each workout and boxing session. I do need more advice on what and when I how much I should eat as I fight it hard to maintain my gains
and increase my weight to 11.5 stone which is my optimal weight for my height of 5ft 10in. 
Q/ What do you know about your opponent at B BAD on October 26th?
A/ I only know he's another light weight from Italy and he fights in Fight Club Roma.We have talked over along time but never met.


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