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W.C.F.C. 2

Published September 2013
Saturday 21st September saw the return of the White Collar Fight Club to The Rainham Mark Social Club for a night of great White Collar Boxing. All in all it went well with fighters coming down from Monaghan's Prizefighters adding to the local talent and having a tear up with us in Medway.
Dave DriverLoads of thanks to try and remember but first thanks to the prick who kicked things off meaning the bar shut so that I couldn't get a drink at my own fucking show. Moving on thanks to Dave Driver for announcing the fights, refs Lee Ambler and Jon Jarvis, DJ Rozzer for keeping the tunes flowing, Rob Tickner for photo's, The ring guys, The girls from Amazon and the ladies hostessing. The Academy of Hard Knocks and The Oriental Arts Centre, Fight Medic Jo, The Security Staff, All Corner Men, Zeki, Zeki and Mem, Tom "The Cam" Keoghan. All the fighters of course and lastly most of you for attending. It was good to see some familiar faces from the last White Collar Fight Club show back in May as well as some familiar faces from our friend Tyrone's show in the shape of Tami and the nice people from Classic Fights.
White Collar Fight Club is powered by Cage Amateurs UK. Cage Amateurs UK are Dan Towers, Jon P and Lou Lou Holloway.
It was a bit of a hectic start with the fight card changing by the second due to drop outs. First up was Jim Norgate v Bradley Livingstone one of the guys we have seen before on Tyrone Monaghan's Prizefighters Fight Night Boxing Shows up in Didcott. Jim got off to a good start before Bradley took control with the fight being stopped by referee Lee Ambler in the second round.
Next up we had Mat Thorn who had travelled down from Yorkshire and had spent the week with us and was now up against Arron Mullins who was last down in Medway cornering Tom Brennan at W.C.F.C.1
Things got off to a surprising start with Mat pretty much taking everyone off guard and fighting like a totally different man taking the first round in my opinion. Arron remained calm and floored Mat in the second which left him obviously angry with himself but still able to continue. By the end of the third round Arron had done enough to take the fight but speaking to him afterwards he had the same opinion as me about Mat's improved performance.
Next up we had Tim Hursell in his first fight against Fast Eddie who at this point was far from living up too his name having arrived shortly before he was due to fight. After an initial brave burst from Tim in the opening seconds of the bout Eddie left us all in no doubt and floored the inexperienced Hursell and finished the fight. Hopefully we will see both fighters again in the future thanks for your support guys.
Mike Hocking was up next against last minute replacement Danny Pashley and things didn't go anything like anyone expected. The Ref, Jon Jarvis pulled the guys into the middle of the ring for the pre-fight chat then told the fighters to return to their respective corners. They touched gloves at which point Danny smacked Mike in the nose. Now traditionally I thought you waited for the bell and at very least let the ring girl get out of harms way. This pretty much set the pace of thing to come.
Things started at a lively pace to say the least. But Mike quickly started to loose ground as Danny landed blow after blow regularly being stopped by Ref Jon Jarvis as Mike in his first fight was getting overwhelmed. To Mike's credit he had been somewhat messed about due to people dropping out, and he took this fight with another last minute replacement. To be fair all credit to Pashley for stepping in shame from there on in.
It was at this point things took a turn for the worse. The fight was stopped yet again and I would have said the win was in the bag for Danny but he decided to march up to the ref and give him a shove, then proceeded to lay into Mike.
Now I shit you not.
It all happened so fast personally I just saw a flash of orange followed by a bang as Lee Ambler our other ref vaulted over the top rope and busted a move on Dave Smith. Zeki Hussain must have moved with the agility of a racing Gazelle as he was also now beside the floored fighter who was complaining bitterly and threatening all sorts of things to Lee Ambler, whilst in the tactically bad position of being flat on his back with Lee telling him to calm down and stay put.
The applause from the audience would have drowned out the cheers from the crowd if The Gills scored the winning goal in the European cup. Check out the video is all I can say.
Please watch the fight but here is the juicy bit you wanna see
Fight five of the evening was a return to the ring by the oldest of the Best brothers from Sittingbourne Rob in a match up against Zak Bezuidenhout. Currently being trained by Zeki Hussain and Mehmet Faulds.  Rob was looking serious as the bell went for the start of round one. 
For only his second fight Rob was looking good and the first round consisted of the fighters testing each other out. Much of the same followed from both fighters for the next two rounds with Rob Best taking the win in a close fought match.
Fight 6 saw Darren Jones who has travelled down from Monaghan's Prizefighters finally get a fight after being let down not once but twice. From the bell Darren and his opponent Danny Brimstone traded blows until Darren was caught sending him to his knees shortly before the end of the first round.
It didn't really look like he regained his momentum leaving Brimstone to monopolise  on the situation. Surviving the second round and heading into the third Danny kept coming forward finally stopping Darren when the ref stepped in. Both fighters gave a good account of themselves with a lively crowd showing their appreciation.
Next up we changed the pace a little by putting in an Amateur MMA fight between Paul Marsh and my son Kyle Pepperell. I was a bit on the biased side but having never seen Kyle in action apart from him boxing on Medway Madness and knowing nothing about Paul Marsh I was a little unsure how this was going to go. Kyle had said he felt stronger on the ground and having spoken to Paul after I now know that Paul who was about to have his first fight, was more of a stand up fighter. It looks like Kyle made the right choice by going to ground winning in the first round. Paul suffered some damage to his nose but was patched up by our fight medic Jo Martin and will live to tell the tale. Thanks to Paul for stepping up for this and well done.
Brad Martin is no stranger to the White Collar Fight Club having fought on the first show we held. Here we see him in action against Nic Webster in a nice battle with plenty of big punches flying. Brad has been training hard for this one with Zeki Hussain and Mehmet Faulds at The Oriental Arts Centre.
I was looking forward to this one as our other Brad, Brad Best had been putting some serious training in after his last fight against his brother on W.C.F.C. 1 in May. John was well up for it but not having seen either of them in training I wouldn't have wanted to bet either way. The guys both came out of their corners guns a blazing both looking like they mean to get the job done quickly. After getting into a couple of clinches referee Jon Jarvis pulled the fighters apart only for Brad to cuff John round the ear as he was being pushed back to his corner.
John did not seem happy about the situation and started to complain but  but to be fair too him didn't make too much of a fuss about it and even crossed the ring to touch gloves with Brad before continuing with the fight. Round one continued in a constant trade between the two until the bell called the end of round one. 
There was a slight break while a fight was dealt with which resulted in the bar being closed and me now going through the footage which will be resulting in a few less people being there if we decide to do another show. 
As luck would have it the break had fallen as the bell went for the end of round one.  As people had paid to have a night out and people were bored with the performing monkeys with a touch of the gloves we started round two. 
John came flying from his corner and attacked with flurry after flurry of punches catching Brad slightly off guard and forcing him back into his corner. John kept up the attack but Brad seemed comfortable with the situation. I know John had been looking forward to this and he seemed to be enjoying himself and wasn't expecting things to be easy.
Brad was clearly more mobile than he was at W.C.F.C. One as he had only just had a knee operation weeks before he fought against his brother.
A bit of a slip left John sitting on the canvas but he was straight back up just in time for the bell to sound the end of round two.
Round Three saw much of the same with Brad the crisper of the two having benefited from training under the combined talents of Zeki Hussain, Mehmet Faulds and brother Zeki. By the time the bell rang both Brad and John looked tired but as though they had enjoyed themselves. Brad took the win clocking up another win for the Hussain/Faulds Team. 
As a point of interest The Hussain/Faulds Team had 6 fighters on the show and came away with 4 wins by the end of the evening. 
Time for the Supporting Main Event between Steve Heseltine who fought on the first show we held and first time fighter Stuart Hemsworth who also happens to be the son of someone I used to work with some ????  well lots of years ago.

Unfortunately one of the fighters, Steve Heseltine, dislocated his shoulder and ended up in hospital after the show. Lou Lou went to see him and spoke to him about the fight and this is how it went.

Steve Heseltine vs Stuart Hemsworth  White Collar Fight Club Medway Meltdown 21/9/2013
I went to see Steve Heseltine to talk about his fight and his injury following his fight at  Medway Meltdown......

Steve is 25 and is a self employed builder from Gillingham in Kent.

Stuart HeseltineHe was trained in MMA at Combat Sports Academy Strood for several years before starting at The Oriental Arts Centre in May this year just before his first fight for W.C.F.C 1 (Boxing) which he won on points against Tommy 'Gunn' Brennan.

This, his second fight for W.C.F.C. was against Stuart Hemsworth, a bigger,older and more experienced fighter and he knew it was going to be a challenge. He did his usual training and prep for the fight but added the extra element of sparring with taller/heavier opponents in readiness,wanting to know he was able to soak up everything  hard hitting Hemsworth threw at him.

However nothing could prepare him for what happened in the very first round!

Steve's first punch had Stuart on his knees followed by several fast exchanges of well landed shots which were thrown by both men. Steve threw a left that Stuart dodged and the force of the swing ripped his shoulder out, dislocating the bone and tearing all the surrounding soft tissue.

Steve said he knew he had done something bad but the adrenaline obviously kept him going. This was all within 20 seconds of the first round!
At the end of the round the medic was pointing out what had happened and the corner (Zeki Hussein, Mehmet and Zeki Faulds) were also advising him not to continue. Against advice Steve said he didn't want to stop, he came for the win and wanted to go home with it.
You can see how bad the injury is in the video, you can clearly see Steve using his right glove to hold up his left so it didn't 'hang' !

The fight ended up going the distance and with the injured Steve winning on points !!

Both men gave it all they had, it was an exciting and solid hard fight ...but for Steve to have been injured as badly as he was and to continue fighting AND to win is nothing short of awesome !!
Several attempts to fix the dislocation under heavy sedation failed, and so resulted in emergency surgery to get it back in place..... he cant push, pull, lift, carry, drive or do anything for  a full six weeks ......signed off sick and unable to work is bad enough but he has also been told there is a real threat that he may never fight again....... So when I went to see him today I was half expecting to meet a very downhearted man .... but no, not all.... A very sore but very positive Mr Heseltine said  ''After plenty of physio and I get back training , only time will tell, I want to fight and if I possibly can , I will .'' 

His last words before i left   ''I WANTED TO WIN...AND I WON'' !!

All of us here at W.C.F.C wish you a speedy recovery and hope to see you at the next W.C.F.C Event.
Nice one Lou Lou and get fit soon Steve

The Main Event

Gav Towler-Wilson vs Lewis Mackay
We have seen these guys box before over at Monaghan's Prizefighters so we were expecting something good. Gav and Lewis along with Arron Mullis, Bradley Livingstone and  Darren Jones had travelled down from the other side of the M25 to be with us so thanks guys for coming it's appreciated. 
Gav Towler Wilson v Lewis Mackay Both enter the ring Gav wearing the pink shorts, referee is Mr Lee Ambler.  Both fighters come out jabbing then Gav unleashes a flurry of punches but Lewis rides them. It's worth remembering these guys are friends but they haven't travelled all that way too lose.
More sounding each other out waiting for the gap to open up, the bell sounds for the end of the first round.  
Corners are manned by The Prizefighters guys on Lewis Mackay side and Team Hussain/Faulds on Gav Towler-Wilson's. Thanks to Zeki,Zeki and Mehmet for their help on the evening and with four wins out of 6 fighters they must be feeling pleased with how things went.
Round Two is sounded by the bell Gav unleashes a volley which Lewis absorbs and counters with his own flurry of blows. Lewis takes Gav back to the ropes for a second but Gav returns fire. Another flurry from Lewis pushes Gav back to the ropes just before the bell sounds for the end of the round.
Round Three and after a touch of gloves the guys get right into it. Gav ends up on the ropes with Lewis trying a couple of big uppercuts. Gav rides this and both circle until Lewis unleashes a big right which Gav leans out of the way of. Like a couple of cobras swaying and waiting to strike the odd jab is thrown followed by a flurry of punches from each fight until the bell calls an end to the round.
Thanks to everyone involved in the show and if you want too know who won. Watch the video. Jon P
Jim Norgate goes up against Bradley Livingstone in this out at The White Collar Fight Club Show, Medway Meltdown on 21st September 2013 
Mat Thorn & Arron Mullis in action at White Collar Fight Club - Medway Meltdown 21st September 2013

Initially wondering how Fast Eddie got his name we didn't have to wait long in this first round win against Tim Hursell at The White Collar Fight Club Show - Medway Meltdown on the 21st September 2013
Lee Ambler takes action after things get a bit out of hand during the bout between Mike Hocking and Danny Pashley at the recently White Collar Fight Club Medway Meltdown show on 21st September 2013

Rob Best returns to The White Collar Fight Club to do battle with Zak Bezuidenhout  at Medway Meltdown on the 21st September 2013

Darren Jones and Danny Brimstone at White Collar Fight Clubs Medway Meltdown

Paul Marsh and Kyle Pepperell square up for an Amateur MMA bout at The White Collar Fight Club Show Medway Meltdown 21st September 2013

Brad Martin and Nic Webster at White Collar Fight Club on the 21st September 2013

Brad Best and John Towers are back for their second White Collar Fight Club Show and are both looking forward to meeting up for this battle

Steve Heseltine and Stuart Hemsworth go head to head in this battle that results in Steve Dislocating his shoulder.
A great fight at White collar Fight Club - Medway Meltdown 21st September 2013

Gav Towler - Wilson is matched against his friend Lewis Mackay in the Main Event on The White Collar Fight Club Boxing Show. Medway Meltdown

W.C.F.C. is back on September 21, at The Rainham Mark Social Club and the second show follows our debut, which raised more than £1,200 for the two children of knife crime victim Dave Young who was killed at the beginning of the year. His killer was found guilty of manslaughter and his family are campaigning for tougher sentences for knife crimes after he was given a three-and-a-half year sentence. They have set up an online petition and need 100,000 signatures to get the matter raised in Parliament so the law can be changed.
For W.C.F.C. 2 we have secured some of our regular lads back into the ring.
The Academy of Hard knocks, The Oriental Martial Arts Center and C.A.U.K. are the main sponsors. Sam Rowe will be at the event selling T-shirts to raise money for his campaign to help try and stop youngsters re-offending after they’re released from prison.
The sexy Amazon girls are back to do there stuff in the ring and the one and only MC Driver Dave also makes his return.

The family of nine-year-old Ronnie Campbell who has been diagnosed with a brain tumour will be at the show as VIPs doing a collection and a raffle to raise money for him.
Zeki Faulds who defeated Jon Towers via decision at WCFC 1, will be fighting Lewis Mackay who is more experienced and will be travelling down from Oxfordshire.
Their bout promises to be a cracking main event.
Jon is also back and this time has been training harder to prepare for a bigger opponent Brad Best.
Steve “Raging Bull” Heseltine will compete against local and new boy to W.C.F.C. Stuart Hemsworth. Heseltine surprised everyone at W.C.F.C. 1 with his pure aggressive defeat over Tom Brennan, so now we look at the under card.

Ashley Smith and Nick Seales, both Medway lads, will be making there W.C.F.C. debut when they do battle.
Promoter Daniel Towers said: “Ashley is a bit of a wild lad and Nick is a bit quieter, I am looking forward to seeing these two go at it.” Chris Clark is also back after his incredible performance at W.C.F.C.1. This time he will be fighting Zak Bezuidenhout who will be coming down from Combat Company in Richmond. Bezuidenhout is trained by Peter Simon who said: “This could be the fight of the evening. Zak and Chris are both come forward boxers so there will be plenty of punches thrown, it is Zak’s debut and I have watched the fight Chris had in which he was very impressive. “I hope Zak settles down early and does not get gassed through nerves and excitement, Easy.” Popular and respected veteran Mat Thorn will be heading down from Leeds to take on younger opponent and pride of Witney Arron Mullis. This will be a tough fight for both. Mr Towers added: “These two guys are friends of mine and I have known them both a while now. “I have seen Thorn fight many times and although he has lost a few let me tell you he can bang and he has the biggest heart in the world. “Mullis is a great guy and I cant wait to see the lads at the show.” The heavy boys will be local Mike Hocking v Guilford’s Jay Sherlock both lads weigh in around 17 stone.

Other fights include Daniel Towers v Rob Best, Mike Graham v Nigel Cornell, and Cornell back after being defeated by Daren Brooks but he is a true legend and will fight anyone.

We also will have Brad Martin who was very impressive at W.C.F.C. 1 in his epic war against Jon Wilkins.

Mr Towers added: I need to match Martin, he did great last time and he worked hard. Brad can fight from 11 stone to 12 stone so if you are a suitable match please contact me. “I am also looking to match Kyle Pepperell for his first MMA fight in a ring at 80kg. We also a couple of ladies to match and a few fellas at different weights.”
Keep up to date with W.C.F.C. at

With more of the same coming from W.C.F.C. 2 Medway Meltdown another night of great action is on the cards

Medway Meltdown
White Collar Fight Club return with Medway Meltdown on 21st September 2013 at the Rainham Mark Social Club in Rainham Kent.
The second show from White Collar Fight Club offers much more of the same action as was experienced at Medway Mayhem by the crowd of 300 people on a hot May evening in The Medway Towns.

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