Michael Ord


Published March 2015

I have personally seen Michael fight once and that was at B-BAD 6 in London long before the new era. I actually missed the end of the fight as I moved for a better position. Michael got knocked out leaving me thinking to myself 'Please get up' but it was not too be. Later in the evening we grabbed him for a  quick chat  and he was to later be seen popping up in the interview we did with Decca Heggie but by now having sunk a few beers. There is much talk that Kris Megaw is the illegitimate son of a liason between 'The Mad Dog' and an unknown female cage fighter as he can be found screaming like a teenage girl at a one direction concerts at the first sign of Michael. The parentage issue is still to be confirmed or denied but in the mean time here is a recent interview the boys did with Mad Dog Michael Ord. Jon P
Bbad New Era
Just a few days before his rematch with Ross Chittock on Saturday at the 'LEGENDS WILL BE MADE' show, Kris (who makes no secret of the fact that he is Ordy's number one fan! ), convinced Michael Ord to have a few words before this much anticipated fight.

Kris: Now this Mad Bastard needs no introduction, one of the most explosive fighters to ever grace the B-BAD ring, Mr Michael “Mad Dog” Ord!
Q: Firstly, we know you have had your past with Ross Chittock who will be your opponent in one of the most anticipated rematches in the history of B-BAD, your last fight with him sadly ended in a defeat. What was going through your mind after the bout?
A: After the fight I was pretty pissed off and disappointed to be honest, I thought I should have done this and that. But I didn’t let it get to me that much. I had a good fight, that’s exactly what I came for, getting the big win just puts the cherry on the cake but you cant have your cake and eat it.
Q: How will you go into your next fight differently?
A: When I enter the ring on the 21st I will be a different fighter altogether, that’s what I will say on this one. 
Q: I was outside the venue at the last Newcastle event with you and Ross after your fight, he did mention you hit him that hard he appeared to see three of you and never knew which one to hit, are you going to be aiming for a quick knock out or try to go the distance?
A: Yeah Ross did say he was seeing three of me I remember that bit pretty well (Laughing) I can tell you he will be seeing stars this time round, I’m the same as any other fighter at the end of the day, if there is an opportunity to unleash and finish the fight I will.
Q: We seen you having beef with Ross on Facebook, will this make you more determined to beat him on the 21st?

A: You can see one thing in our exchange off words with his way of words he definitely added fuel to my fire.
Q: Have you spoken to Ross in preparation for the fight?
A: No not really.
Q: Do you think Ross will turn up to the fight?
A:  I was shocked he turned up to the first fight at B-BAD Newcastle, apparently he is sorted for lifts and nothing will ever happen again like drivers letting you down, Aaron “Popeye” Watts sorted that after the Bradford VIP Event.
Q:Is there anything you would like to say to Ross ahead of your Bout on the Pay Per View Show?
A: No I will leave all my talking for the ring, Cheers Anyway.
Q: Finally are there any people you would like to shout out to, or acknowledge ?

A: I would like to say a big thank you to Joe Bbad for signing me to B-Bads Promotions- it will be going global and be massive! And also like to thank my life-long friends Kyle Essex and Lee Robinson.

There you have it fight fans! Another chat with yet another of Bads finest young talents. Big Respect To Mad Dog for having time out of training to talk with us.

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