Michelle Browning


Published August 2012

Michelle was at the show after speaking to C.S.M.M.A.'s Gary Bond via telephone and offered her services in support of The Women Fight Back show in aid of the charity Victim Support, an organisation that is involved with the victims of domestic violence, and could be seen officiating at the event having flown over the pond to England from The United States, may I add, at her own expense. 
Michelle is the first female Mixed Martial Arts referee in the state of Texas and was voted woman of the week on FOX San Antonio. In April this year she was contacted by Shannon Knapp, founder and co-owner of Invicta FC, regarding the prospect of her joining them, Invicta being a show featuring all women fighters and run by woman. Although at first Shannon, was a little concerned at Michelle's lack of experience, having just under two years under her belt, She made the decision to give Michelle a chance and wisely applied the theory that unless you let people do what they have been trained to they are going to be stuck in the circle of not enough experience so no job, no job so can't get the experience you desire them to have.

Michelle had an attack of the "what ifs". What if I make a bad call, what if I miss a Tap Out, what if what if what if but this was all to be unfounded as Shannon and business partner Janet despite being run off there feet, were always on hand to put her at ease and belay any fears and answer any questions she had.  

Things passed without incident and Michelle has since been asked back and said  "My job is to keep those ladies safe and ensure they don’t break the rules on my watch. They can break their opponents face all they want, but not the rules!"

Having been a keen Martial Artist Michelle decided that the injuries were starting to take too long to heal but wanted to stay within the Fight Game leading to her decision to take up M.M.A. refereeing predominantly a male area. Not a stranger to unusual occupations Michelle was a Mortician for six years spending her days embalming the bodies of the dead. At this point I find myself thinking I hope it was ONLY the dead but kept my thoughts to myself. Enjoy the interview below.
Recorded Saturday 25th August 2012 At Fight Science Aldershot

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