Micky Burns


Published September 2012
Micky Burns
This month I've interviewed Micky Burns who is top fighter from the North East of England. He is well-known as a tough fighter and is trained by one of the top full time gyms in the region the Advanced Fighting Centre under the eye of John Atkin.

GYM: Advanced Fighting Centre, Newcastle
JOB:Warehouseman and Guillotine Operator
Pro Fights: 7 wins 4 losses 0 draws
Semi Pro 1 wins 1 loss 0 draws

Sofi Hassen: Hello Micky, can we start when you started training?

Micky Burns: Hi Sofi, well I started training back in 2001 when I was 23-years-old which was in amateur boxing at Blyth Amateur Boxing gym. I boxed there for four years and in that time won the North East novice championship and also the county novice championships.

Micky Burns
SH: How did you get involved with Mixed Martial Arts?

MB: In 2005 I sustained an injury to my nose which I had operations on which stopped me from sparring and stuff so started to look for some other form of training to add to my fitness and bag work which I could still do. I was put in contact with John Atkin at the AFC in Newcastle were I started to train in grappling and B.J.J. then once my injury healed also started kickboxing and M.M.A. which I still love and train today.

SH: What is your normal daily training?

MB: My normal daily training changes day to day but consists of running, boxing, circuit training, grappling, wrestling, Thai boxing and weights I will usually train one to two times a day, six days a week when preparing for fights. Bearing mind I also work full time in between this but it's worth every minute.

SH: What do you do to prepare for fight?

MB: Preparing for fights I've got to be strict with my diet and training also choose and organise the right sparring and people to train with to suit the kind of opponent I am fighting.

 Micky Burns
SH: Can you tell the readers about your first few fights?

MB: My very first M.M.A. semi-pro fight was against a good boxer called Brian Muckles which I lost due to a cut to the eye and I couldn't go. On my second fight I won by submission but threw a lot of ground and pound but that was only allowed to the body as it was semi-pro; some were very close to my opponent's head, ha ha ha. After this fight John Atkin and I talked and decided it was time to fight pro.

SH: What was your most memorable fight?

Micky BurnsMB: My most memorable fight was my last fight which was on Supremacy FC at the Federation Brewery. I won this fight and I am the current European Middleweight Champion.

SH: What was your worst fight you remember?

MB: My worst fight was a few years back were I also fought for a title and was beaten very quickly under a minute so was a bit disheartening. But hey I bounced back and started winning again - so you win some you lose some and it's the coming back from a defeat which means more to me.

SH: What would you do differently if you had your time again?

MB: If I had my time again I would of started martial arts a lot earlier because you never seem to stop learning. Just the martial arts that I have previously mentioned. In fact I did do a little Judo when I was around six or seven-years-old but stopped for what reason I can't remember.

SH: Who do you respect the most? And who is your hero?

MB: I respect John Atkin as he is my main trainer and also my training partners, but most of all I respect my partner and my son for putting up with ups and downs through my fight camps. My hero in the M.M.A. world has got to be Wanderlie Silva because I love his style of fighting.

SH: What does the future hold for Mick?

MB: Well only the future will tell but hopefully more belts and bigger things and will be looking forward to defending my European title sometime this year.

SH: Thank you Micky for doing the interview

MB:Thank you Sofi...

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