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Published July 2015

I saw Mikie Barlow fight at the first Raging Bull show I ever went too which was Battleground 2 in Leicester and then found out he was promoting the Raging Bull Wales Show. Mikie is a young guy with a partner and kids who resides in Wales and works for the local council so he is a busy man. I thought I would take up even more of his time and find a bit out about him. This is what he said.

Mikie BarlowHi Mikie thanks for doing this question one coming up

Q. I saw you fight at Raging Bull Battleground 2 was that your first bare knuckle fight?

A. No, I had one about a year before that which I got my Ribs cracked in which took me out for about 3 months and then I broke my heel a week before I was due to fight Matt in the January by jumping down a flight of stairs so I wasn't able to do much because of the injuries and recovery. I had to get better during that time as well so once injuries were sorted I was training hard and learning more and improved. Mentally I'm always ready.

Q. What is your fight history have you fought before in any other combat sport or gloved boxing?

A. No I haven't apart from the 2 bare knuckle fights I've had. I fought a lot growing up in the street and things, Did a little boxing training at a gym growing up but that's about it, my temper always got in the way of excelling there though... As it did at most things I did

Q. How long have you been following bare knuckle boxing and have you been to any shows yourself to watch?

A. I have been following for just over 18 months now where legal shows and things are concerned. The traveller fights thou ever since YouTube was brought about. I love watching a good tear up, love having a fight even more. I've been to a few shows, Raging Bull and Bbad shows.

Q. So why Raging Bull and not any of the other promotions or are you going to stay freelance and fight on different shows?

A. No I'm now a Contracted Raging Bull fighter, I am loyal and I stay loyal to who is loyal to me. Jay Wann has put trust and faith in me to widen the fan base of Raging Bull by giving me the responsibility of running Raging Bull Wales and promoting Raging Bull Wales and Raging Bull Fight Promotions by putting on top shows and finding exciting fighters to fight for us. The first of our shows will be August 29th in mid Wales.

Q. How does it feel when you are waiting for your turn to fight and what do you do to prepare yourself in the last 10 minutes?

A. I feel a buzz inside me ready to bounce, I can't wait for my turn but when it is it's like tunnel vision I'm not focusing on anything but the opponent and fight..... I'm still learning myself though what I feel most and why because I've only had 2 fights as yet, really can't wait to have more! The 10 minutes before I just prepare myself mentally once more, go over things in my head and warm up.

Q. One of the big problems is fighters dropping out especially at the last minute. For promoters it is a nightmare as you well know and we will get round to your delve into promoting in a minute. But as a fighter after all the training it must be a sickner. What do you think the answer is to this problem if there is one?

A. Thankfully I have never experienced this as a fighter yet and I hope I don't anytime soon. It's definitely a pain in the arse for everyone involved. I say 2 times and that's it you don't fight again for anyone. I would never just not turn up or drop out at the last minute unless it was an injury. I have dropped out of a fight a week before because of a broken heel which I felt terrible about, and I agreed to a fight once then changed my mind because of the 5 hour each way I would have had to drive myself and then fight which I wasn't going to do. I want to be fresh and stand my best chance. I did that a month or so before the show was due on and within a week or so of agreeing to it so was in plenty of time but I still felt really bad and promised myself never to make the same mistakes again.

Q. So how did you come to take on the task of promoting a show and is this the direction you will be taking more of in the future?

A. As I said Jay Wann gave me the responsibility of running the Wales division of Raging Bull. I am brand new to this but I'm doing all I can and I'm really learning the way now. I've definitely learned the hard way of promoting and still have plenty more to learn but I think I'm doing really well and buzzing for the first show.

Q. Your previous show was cancelled at the last minute how did that feel and did it make you think twice about doing another one?

A. I didn't like to use the word cancelled because it's not what it was, it was postponed because of a few mistakes on mine and the venues parRaging Bull Walest. We have now cleared all the hurdles and well on our way. The first Raging Bull Wales show called 'For The Love Of Glory' is on August 29th, I will be fighting there and so will 9 other beasts all being well. 5 fights is my aim for a small show in a small village in a small country, to begin with. I had 5 confirmed bouts but because of date changes and things changes are having to be made. All will be sweet in the end though.

Q. How did you go about things differently to try and avoid the situation happening again?

A. I didn't put much responsibility on others this time I did everything myself pretty much to make sure what needed to be done was done. I am covering everything to make sure we have no more problems.

Q. How do you feel about women doing bare knuckle boxing?

A. Yes why not if they want to go for it. Don't know how long I could watch for but it's everyone's right to do the things they want to do. Women do most things men do, most things they do better.

Q. Craig Liptrot will be fighting  Pete Stoten  soon at BBAD. Things have settled between the different promotions which can only be a good thing. What's your thoughts on the subject and do you feel the co-operation between promotions is the way forward?

A. It can only be a good thing mate like u say. There's plenty of lads I want to fight from the other promotions. I would happily cross promote with Jays blessing but not before Raging Bull Wales gets a couple shows done. I'm building a strong team and will only get stronger after a couple of shows. I always stayed out of all the arguing Facebook nonsense that went on, and will continue to do so. I keep my opinions to myself and just focus on the right things, winning an argument or getting my pointless point across on Facebook is not one of them.

Q. Who is your favourite fighter out of the new breed of bare knuckle boxers?

A. Hmmmmm...... Tough one, I can't pick one, I'll say Stevie Gold, Mike Ferry, Jimmy Sweeny, Christian Evans (#teamwales) and I'm looking forward to seeing all of the fighters I have on the Raging Bull Wales show! All of them that get in the ring/pit really, there's a buzz to every fight u watch.

Mikie Barlow v Mathew ThornQ. Which two fighters would you most like to see fight. Choose any two regardless of weight or promotion and why would you choose them?

A. I would like to see Stevie Gold v Nel Nelder number 2 which is happening September 5th in Leicester at Raging Bulls Battleground 3. Also Michael Ferry v Decca Heggie because I think Decca would be a proper test for him and Jimmy Sweeney v the Welsh number 1 (in my opinion) Christian Evans. Also I want to see Jay Wann fighting again sometime soon. 

Q. What are your plans for the immediate future regarding promoting/fighting?

A. My plans at the minute regarding promoting are to get all the final bits sorted for the Wales show next month. As for fighting I have one on that show and then another a week later on the Leicester show so I'm training for them .

Well thank you very much Mikie for your time is there anyone you would like to thank or say hello to to finish this interview off?

Yes I would like to say thank you to all my family and friends who support me an show interest in what I'm doing especially My partner Rachael and my kids who keep me head strong and on the straight and narrow. To everyone who is involved with bare knuckle more specifically the ones who have helped me since I've come on the scene and to Jay for giving me opportunity to shine, with plenty more yet to come. I've not done fuck all yet.
Thanks a lot Mikie I enjoyed reading your answers and with Raging Bull doing more and more all the time I am sure I will catch up with you very soon. As always if you have enjoyed this and like what I do I am Jon P and we are Cage Amateurs UK. If you didn't then I am Stu Armstrong and this is BBAD TV. Keep up with what's going on in Raging Bull here on Cage Amateurs UK
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Mikie Barlow against Mathew Thorn at Battleground 2 in Leicester
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