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Published September 2015
boxing ringDidcot Football Club saw the return of Tyrone Monaghan's show having now reached double figures making number two, which was the first we attended, seem so long ago. It is always good to make the trip to Didcot to see some of the friends I have made over the years and this was to be no different. The trip up from Medway went surprisingly well with no incidents with trains to mention and a pretty clear run from Tunbridge Wells, where Andy Juby picked me up from, saw us arriving in good time to get settled in and set up our equipment.

Tami's Angels were in attendance to lead the fighters to the ring and keep everyone up to date with the rounds whilst my old friend Mathew Thorn had come down to lend a hand making sure the fighters were ready for their fights on time, a job which it must be said he carried out in a very efficient manner, resulting in a nicely flowing show.

We were met at the door by Lewis Mackay who was holding the fort while Tyrone had shot off to pick his daughters up, this gave me chance to catch up about life in general and enquire about his detached retina which he said has now healed leaving him in the position to fight on the nights card. This was to be his first time in the ring after a considerable break from the ring due to his eye injury.

Tyrone returned and everything was looking pretty much on schedule but as defined by the law of sod it did not stay that way as Darren 'Chippy' Jones had broken down complete with another fighter in his car on the way too the show. A couple of Tyrone's friends were dispatched to find them, which they did, bringing them back in time for the start of the show.

A few tweaks to the final order and the show, in aid of  The British Heart Foundation,  was ready to go. Tyrone always supports a worthy cause through his shows and this time was no different with a a raffle taking place during the mid card break. Before I get on with the fight card there was an amusing event during the drawing of the raffle when the final ticket was drawn and a young lad, pleased as punch, made his way to the ring to present his ticket and collect his mystery prize. 

This actually turned out to be more of a surprise prize than anyone would have guessed, as a young lad looking not too far into his teens was told he had just won his choice of a tattoo or piercing . Which to him must have felt like finding a pound only to find you have lost a fiver.

The fights themselves were a combination of single, tag and an exhibition boxing bouts with Matty Sammons and Lewis 'The Lionheart' Mackay kicking things off with three rounds of singles boxing.This looked as though it was going to be an interesting fight and it was with both fighters exchanging blows through out the first two rounds on a pretty much even basis. This changed in the third with Lewis gaining control while Matty was trapped on the ropes. Lewis went to work and Matty decided that would do for one day a minute into the third round.
Matty Simmons v Lewis Mackay boxing
The second bout of the evening was between Adie 'The Warrior' Selby and Tony 'Pancho' Coulton. Things started well but it looked like Tony caught one in the ribs resulting in the referee stopping the fight. I don't believe Tony was over pleased with this but it has too be said he did stand with one hand holding his rib which would suggest to me that if it had not had been stopped it was only going to be a question of time before it was all over anyway.

Into fight three with Jacko Jackson squaring up against show regular Darren 'Chippy' Jones. Things started off at a fast and furious pace Chippy finding himself on the ropes with Jacko laying into him. Suddenly Jacko stopped swinging and walked away from Chippy holding his arm. It turned out that while he was swinging at Darren, who was strangely passive while on the ropes, he had torn the muscle in his upper arm. Darren's lack of fight back was due to being hit in the family jewels early on in the onslaught which we boys know tends to slow you down pretty much instantly. With an injured Jacko unable to continue this left Darren Jones the winner albeit a little higher in the vocal department.

Next up we had Stephen Green who I have not seen at Monaghan's Prizefighters before against Paulo Mansama who I have once before. Round One was a pretty quiet round although Paulo did receive a short standing count.

Darren Jones v Jacko Jackson
Round two started off with both fighters working each other out interspersed with the odd punch and continued in that vain until the bell at the end of the round. Three started with some tit for tat punching although no one could really claim to be ahead. Both fighters survived till the end with Stephen taking the win over Paulo. 

Next bout I am not going to write anything as it was a screamer of a bout between Kris Gach and Warren Fox. I will let the video speak for it's self. . I actually ended up missing the start of this fight as for some unknown reason the battery detached itself from the camera falling to the floor leaving me somewhat confused and scrabbling in my pocket for a back up.

An exhibition match followed between Chris 'The Wild' Westland and Steve Sykes. Steve Sykes, from Swindon, had stepped in for this exhibition fight as the guy Chris was supposed to be fighting dropped out at the last second. The end of the second round and Chris in the red corner didn't wish to carry on but as this was just for demonstration purposes as tradition dictates it was called a draw by the referee.

The night was finished up with a bout of Tag Boxing. As this suggests you can tag in or out much like in wrestling. Some people like it, some don't I personally think it makes a change to the normal fights. Due to injury this nearly didn't happen but after a bit of shuffling we ended up with Freddie Allen and Charlie Black v Adie Selby and Darren Jones. 

The Fights


If you fancy fighting on one of Tyrone's future shows he can be found on his Facebook page, Monaghan's Prizefighters 10 was in support of The British Heart Foundation
Ring Girls were from Tami's Angels
For future Monaghan's Prizefighters shows you can also keep up to date here on our Show Dates Page
Final word from me I would like to thank Tyrone for having me along and also a big thank you to Andy Juby for getting me home.

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