Monaghans Prizefighters


Published April 2013
Red Corner - Blue Corner

Light Middleweight 3 x 2 Minute Rounds

Mathew D Thorn vs Tom Larman - Win

Welterweight 3x2 Minute Rounds
Win Frank Horwood vs Mark Ince
First time seeing Frank fight for us and it was good to see Mark again after we saw him fight at 
Zoo fight Club in Hastings.Unfortunately he broke three ribs that time lets hope he has better luck this time
Super-Featherweight 3 x 2 Minute Rounds
Win Little John Patrick vs Warren Sykes

 Light-Welterweight 3 x 2 Minute Rounds
 Win Bradley Livingstone vs Matt Harvey
Interval - Raffle and Auction of Fight Memorabilia from Classic Fights and Prizefighters
 Super-Welterweight - Wing Chun Kung Fu 3 x 2 Minute Rounds

 Draw Craig Ifill vs Josh Edwards Draw
It's not everyday you will see Wing Chun at an event like this so it was a treat to watch 
this great display by Craig Ifill and Josh Edwards of what is still one of the more mysterious of the traditional martial arts.

 Super-Middleweight 4 x 3 Minute Rounds
 Win Ashley Holmes and Tom Brennan vs Chris Jones and Jamie McKenzie
First of two Tag Boxing fights. This is something Tyrone has pioneered and to get straight to the point is a four man fight in two teams that can tag in and out as would happen in a wrestling tag team fight. So what does this achieve? It results in some very nice tactical fighting and a very fast pace. When Tyrone first told me of his idea I told him he is either mad or a genius. To be honest I am still not sure which it is but the tag boxing's excellent.
Light-Middleweight 3 x 2 Minute Rounds
 Gary Austin vs Steve ‘The Cobra’ Cox Win
Super-Middleweight 3 x 2 Minute Rounds
Matty Sammons vs Carl Stockwell - Win
Light-Heavyweight 3 x 5 Minute Rounds
Adie Selby and Lewis Mackay vs Troopz Malone and Gav ‘Scarface’ Towler-Wilson Win
21st April 2013

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