Monaghans Prizefighters


 In Aid Of MacMillan Cancer Support

Published March 2015

MacMillian Cancer Support
Before I say anything else I must say a big thank you too Andy Juby, Paul and Andy's daughter for making sure I got too the show and even more important got me home. It is always good to get to one of Tyrone's shows as apart from a good night of boxing it is nice to catch up with some of the regulars. 
One particular regular was missing on Saturday, that person being Tyrone's dad and champion bare knuckle boxer Paddy Monaghan who is currently not feeling at his best. Hope you are feeling better soon. 
The show was to raise funds for MacMillan Cancer Support. Classic Fights were in attendance with some quality fight memorabilia and Tami's Angels were in action taking care of the fighters and keeping the audience up to date with the rounds. Add Tyrone's mum helping out, the Leicester Bulldog supporting the show and Lewis Mackay, although not fighting due to a spell in hospital, also supporting the show the stage was set for  the nights entertainment.
The first fight of the night was between Luke 'Sledgehammer' Wheatley and James Cody neither of which I had seen before but was none stop action finally finishing with a win too James who also won the Fighter of the night.

The Albino was up against Adie 'The Warrior' Selby for the second bout of the evening which ended when Adie took a hefty blow to the ribs causing him to pull out of the fight. As a point of interest this fight was sponsored by local tradesman Jordon Seer, JSS Painting and Decorating, so if you need any work done take a look at his services on his website

The third bout of the night saw two fighters who I have seen fight before Freddie 'The Nightmare' Allen against our old mate Mathew Thorn. Things were not to go Mat's way resulting in him injuring his shoulder and the nightmare  for him of having to stop. It should be said that he had a few problems with his arm earlier in the fight but the trooper Mat is he carried on until the injury forced him out of the game.
Before I continue with the action Tyrone was supporting  MacMillan Cancer Support please help if you are able to. The nights sponsors were Allsports Trophies, JSS Painting and Decorating and Hobs Repro Graphics whom without their support the show would have been much harder to put on. Anyone who would like to sponsor the next show please contact Tyrone Monaghan it will be very much appreciated.
Also anyone who would like to fight on the show can also contact Tyrone for information. Ill put his contact details at the bottom of the page for anyone who may be interested. 
Next up we had Tristan Axtell against Tom Osborne. Tristan was fighting with a broken hand against debut fighter Tom which forced him to retire at the end of the first round leaving crowd favourite Tom Osborne the winner by TKO. That is too take nothing away from Tom's performance I for one will be looking forward to his next fight hopefully giving him more of a run out.
Tyrone MonaghanWheatley and CodyAt this point a raffle was held to raise yet more funds for the causes and thanks goes out to those that donated prizes and everyone who bought some raffle tickets.
Thank you too those that supplied raffle prizes. Many thanks too Glowin Glam - Susie Spiritual Awakening - Bayliss Beauty and Get Your Ink On Tattoo Studio. 
Back to the Action. Now this one was a bit unusual in so much as 'Gums' real name Andrew Waters is usually standing on the opposite side of the ring to me taking photos of the fights. This time he was all gloved up and in the ring ready to fight Mark Ince. It then got stranger. 
Battle commenced but had a strange feel to It from the beginning and continued to the end of the first round. The bell sounded for round two but instead of referee Tyrone Monaghan starting the fight he announced 'Gums' the winner as Ince refused to carry on which was made even stranger by the fact he looked totally unruffled. I personally do not have a clue what happened but how ever you look at it the win went to 'Gums'.
The last bout was between Ian Smith and Paulo Mansama and was in the third and final round when Paulo decided that was enough and retired from the fight.
This bought the evening to a close and after a few amusing stories from Tyrone we headed out for the trip back to home. Monaghan's Prizefighters is a regular show held in Didcot and is well worth attending.
You can keep up too date on Tyrone's next night of boxing on our Show Dates page or on Tyrone's Facebook.

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