Ollie Beard


Published February 2013
Oli Beard
Ollie Beard is an Mixed Martial Arts fighter from Guilford. We caught up with him for a few question and this is what he told us.
Name: Ollie Beard·
Age: 39
Height: 5'11
Weight: 120kg 
Home: Haslemere

First off thank you for taking time out to do this interview. Let's get started.
Q/ How did you first become involved with the world of Martial Arts?

A/ I’ve been involved with Martial Arts since my teens including Boxing, Karate and Kickboxing but not at any real level until 5 years ago when I started working my gym business, Muscle Inc / UniqPhysique, alongside Matt Powell's Colosseum Fight Club and the rest of the fighters. Namely the King brothers, Louis, Tom and coach Matt who I train with daily. I strength coach and advise weight management with my 20+ years’ experience from bodybuilding and strength training for the club.
My Pro Mixed Martial Arts career started 2 years ago as I had gained a good fight base working so close with very talented and ever improving fighters around me. I’ve turned out to be a very durable, heavy hitting fighte
r. I prefer to move forward fast hence my given name "Bulldozer" which was given to me by my fight manager Gary Bond.
Q/ What is your training schedule over a week period?

A/ I train approx. 15-20 hours a week. This is broken into cardio daily with strength and conditioning twice weekly. K1 at least twice 3-4 hours a week with another 4 hours devoted to Grappling, BJJ and Sparring. I still enjoy my heavy lifting and bodybuilding but this takes a back seat when prepping for a fight as I like to stay loose and agile.
Q/ Who has the most influence on your career?

A/ I don’t really have a favourite fighter. Those I work closest to and who coach me also influence me. Matt Powell with his broad minded approach to all  Martial Arts. Nova Forca's Simon Gill's for his wisdom. Louis and Tommy King's amazing natural talent, Tolly Plested of 1st Generation has opened my eyes up to another level of training recently. Business partners Peter and Rachael Elliott for bringing stability to the business I built enabling me to focus on my training without the stresses of before. I’m very lucky to have such a good team around me.
Q/ Tell us about your last few fights?

A/ My Mixed Martial Arts record is 1-1-0. My debut fight was a 22 second win over Pete Nemeth. I felt I had to do this fast and on the ground as I didn’t want a long stand up fight with a lighter faster K1 fighter. My last fight took place at U.C.M.M.A. 26 which was a loss against Chi Lewis Parry after the fight was stopped in the 2nd round due to me picking up a few heavy cuts. I’ve used this loss as a positive learning curve as it highlighted everything I needed to improve. I kept him moving backwards for most of the fight stopping him from working those lethal knees and kicks but his footwork, range and skill base were in his favour all the way. 

Thank you Ollie for taking the time to do this for us hopefully we will catch up soon for a longer chat.
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