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Published November 2013
OFC Charity Boxing

First time at one of Adam's shows for me I was a last minute addition bought in by Lou Lou who I work with on Cage Amateurs UK. Good start with Studio 338 being a short distance from the Medway Towns where we live and one of the best of reasons to be at a show I can think of.

Another first for me being at Studio 338 and I have to say it has now got to be one of my favourite, probably due to the large smoking area and the semi indoor outdoor area where the show itself took place. Looking forward to attending in the summer I can see the place seriously coming into it's own.
The evening was in aid of Children with Cancer UK and had very special guests in the shape of a young girl of a mere four years old and her family who had travelled down from I believe the Newcastle area the night before and had stayed in a hotel in London donated by some kind individual who's name I don't know at this time but will find out in due course.
Having made it all the way from Newcastle the night before things took a turn while we were waiting for our guests to arrive as they had now got lost on the way too the venue on the short drive from the hotel. I must admit I would never have thought it was down the road you had too turn into but all's well that ends well and they arrived in good time and good spirits. 
The young ladies name is Neve and at her very young age is now on her second course of chemo therapy that did nothing to dampen her smile. During the break she was to receive a special surprise of loads of presents presented to her by Mini Mouse.
BIG Thanks go out to sponsors Semtex Gym, Tradesmann Recruitment and I.B.C. Kent. Our ring announcer for the evening  was Mr Neil Grove and our referee was Mark 'The Great White Shark' Potter who having donated his fee and raffle prizes could just as easily be known as Mark 'The Great Big Heart' Potter. He's a big ole lad so I'm happy to call him whatever he wants.
Throw a combination of exhibition boxing, boxing proper and a title fight and the stage is set for a great evening. Not disappointed that is exactly what we got and I will attempt to get the video and photo's on site as quickly as possible.
Lou Lou spoke to Neve's mum and here's what was said:  
I spoke to Gemma the mother of Neve ,the little girl who captured everybody's hearts Friday Night and this is her own heartbreaking story, but also shows just what O.C.F. andNeve other events like it can mean to children with cancer and their families. These events are SO the way forward to making a real difference to their lives.

Our beautiful Neve was diagnosed with ALL Leukaemia aged 4 years. She was diagnosed 15th December 2012 and it was the worst day of our lives .

Beth was aged 11 Ben aged 9 and Sam aged 5. We spent the first two weeks with Neve in hospital just going through the motions of her starting treatment and losing her hair and becoming poorly. She came home in 24/12/2012 for Christmas and we had Christmas at home.

However it was a surreal Christmas dinner we were all prepared yet it was all binned. The kids tried to get excited but there was something hanging over us - CANCER and the early days.....

By New Years Eve Neve was so poorly she was admitted to hospital, she had so many scans, tests blood and platelet transfusions with morphine and ketamine pain relief. This went on for 3 weeks, Neve lost a lot of weight and had a feeding tube as well as an operation in her leg as there was puss gathering. She had this drained twice and still currently has problems with her legs...

Neve is now in the maintenance stage of her treatment after completing 6 months intensive. Her treatment consists of 12 week repeated cycles and will continue till March/April 2015.

Along Neve's journey we have met some incredible people who have sent us well wishes and taken part in some amazing sponsored events and activities .... We have made new friends and had some amazing fun times.Neve And Adam

Recently we ventured to London and watched an incredible Fight Night. Adam Collier set this event up and we got to know him through a lady called Lou Lou... I was in contact with Lou Lou cos of another lady called Bex who has asked and followed Neve's journey from the start.

Fight Night was set up to raise awareness and money for children with cancer and also to give Neve a huge treat.  Neve was invited to London with her family. Neve had been admitted to hospital just previously so until the day before we did not know if we could attend this event, fortunately Neve pulled herself round and was able to attend.

We were put up in a hotel and then attended the fight night, this evening was ram packed with so many people supporting this cause. Neve and her siblings had front row seats and absolutely loved the boxing, the people and of course half time getting into the ring meeting Minnie Mouse with presents WOW wow wow, she was beaming and loved meeting her new friends.... Lou Lou made pinky promises, Scott brought his belt, the whole night from start to finish was utterly amazing. Friendly positive crowd who all gave a lot for charity and awareness.

Thank you so much for giving our family new happy wonderful memories xxxxx

We wish Neve a swift recovery, and send her family all the love in the world ...from Cage Amateurs UK Jon Pepperell,  Daniel Towers and Lou Lou Holloway xx

Here is a little piece of video I made out of bits and pieces I filmed of Neve and her family

Bits of video from Original Fight Club of a special young lady and family at Studio 336 in Greenwich London


Original Fight Club Title Bout

 Dan Harris vs Nick Baker

Scott Baker vs  Lewis Southern
Adam Turrel vs Matt Turrel
Chris Bray vs Gareth Jones
Colin Wilby vs Scott Honeywell
Ben Tayler vs Jake Orgles
Milton Monteiro v Luke Hall
Rory Cameron v Charlie Woodbridge

Zac Milner v Tom Rutherford 

The Original Fight Club Charity Boxing Show will be raising funds for Children With Cancer UK and will be having a special guest in the shape of a young lady called Neve who will be getting a little surprise during the interval
Special Guest Referee Pro Boxer The Great White Shark Himself Mark Potter
MC For The Evening Mr Neil Grove 

Main event for the OFC Title!

Dan Harris vs Nick Baker

Also Featuring

Scott Baker vs Lewis Southern 
Chris Bray vs Gareth Jones
Adam Turrel vs Matt Turrel
Scott Honeywell vs Colin Wilby
Ben Tayler vs Jake Orgles
Milton Monteiro vs Luke Hall 
Rory Cameron vs Charlie Woodbridge
Zac Milner vs Tom Rutherford 
Including a special half time interval where I will be surprising a young girl fighting cancer called Neve with lots of presents with and a special guest!
Sponsored by
Children With Cancer UK
Semtex Gym
Tradesmann Recruitment
 I.B.C. Kent 
 Herbal Life
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