Paddy christopherson


Published July 2012
Name Paddy
Age 19
Record 1-3-0
Weight 84kg
Hometown St Helens
Gym Independent Fighter
Hi Paddy thanks for agreeing to do this interview here's the first question
Q/Where was you born?

A/ I was originally born in Whiston, and lived there most of my childhood.
Q/ How did you first get into M.M.A?

A/ I first got into M.M.A. as I was doing kickboxing at the time and noticed a gym in my hometown called Hamma.
Q/ What would you say is your strongest M.M.A. skill?

A/ I would say my strongest M.M.A. skill is my stand up, but when it goes to the ground, I like to control my opponent and use ground and pound.
Q/ Tell us about your previous fights. Who and where you performed?

A/ In my previous fights I haven't really performed to the best of my ability, my most recent opponent was Sean Beard and I fought him in Cardiff in South Wales.
Q/ Tell us about the N.S.A.C. you are associated with?

A/  Well I made my N.S.A.C. debut last Sunday and is a lot more exciting than amateur B-class as it gives the fighter more chance to show there ability, rather than without head shots.
Q/ Who has been most important in helping you train?

A/ The most important person was Sean Martin my previous coach, he basically started me from scratch and built me up but at the moment i have recently started training at Sapphire Shoot Fighters Huyton.
Q/ When is your next fight?

A/ My next fight is on July the 28th on a newer kind of show in Liverpool called Dome M.M.A. against John Carney one of my old team mates from Hamma.
Q/ Do you plan on turning professional?

A/ Yes I would like to turn professional and be the best in the country one day, but i am in no rush to turn professional yet although i have been thinking hard about it lately!
Q/ What do you do to earn a living?

A/ I help my father in his business from time to time but mainly part time work.
Q/ Who in your opinion is the best pound for pound fighter in the World?

A/ I would say Anderson Silva as he's all round a great fighter and will remain one for a long time.
I'd also like to add I'm looking for sponsors and always looking to get on new shows and meet new people, if any shows or anybody would like to get in contact with me please feel free to add me on Facebook, Paddy Sean Christopherson!!
Thank you for the Interview Paddy we look forward to catching up with you in the future. 

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