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Published July 2014
The Rough Diamond
Saturday 12th July saw myself and Lou Lou heading off too Didcot Football Ground for an evenings entertainment. Now you are more than likely thinking we were going to see the local boys have a kick round but no. Didot Football Ground is also the home of Tyrone Monaghans Parcel of Rogues Boxing Promotion which we have attended twice before but tonight we were in for something a little different.
Under the banner of Paddy Monaghans Bare Knuckle Boxing Fight Night we were going to be treated too both gloved and ungloved fights plus two Tag Team fights. It was a bit of a mix that maybe would not have suited every body but it was a great night out and for us a chance to catch up with the people we normally only see on the various Facebook pages we frequent.
We were minus Dan due to him having been rushed into hospital for an operation and while we were looking around for a decent spot to set up I spotted Jay M.M.A. who was there to take photos and headed off in his direction while Lou Lou started to work her way through all the people she knows to say hi. That's the last we saw of each other until the end of the evening and the drive home on which I was treated to her singing all the way to my front door where she dropped me off and headed off into the sunset still singing. This is an experience I am unlikely to forget in a hurry believe you me.
The Fight Card ended up with 7 fights which is unusual for Tyrones shows but as I know from personal experience despite all the hard work you put into your show if fighters decide to let you down there is no a single thing you can do about it.
Paddy Monaghan BKB 
Bold = Winner
Both Fighters Standard Text = Draw
Jamie Leslie vs Michael 'Dyckesy' Dyckes
Tag Team Boxing 
Robert Mojak & Jowan Curnow vs Ben Scott & Tristan Axtell
Mathew 'Quick Hit Cyborg' Thorn vs Jason 'Granny' Grant
Wayne 'Beastie' Fleming vs Turkey 'The Tornado'Boxing  
Ian Smith vs Aaron Peedle
Tag Team Boxing
Lewis 'Lion Heart' Mackay & Tom 'Burger Boy' Larman v  Darren 'Chippy' Jones & Pat 'The Rock' Egan
Paul Knight vs Clifford Grey
Everything went excellent from the public view if there were any problems behind the scenes then it didn't show front of house and to be honest thats where it counts.
Dave Courtney And Paddy MonaghanThe ring was on the pitch of Didcot Football Club which gave the event excellent seating by way of tiered seating usually reserved for Didcots supporters. The weather was beautiful either Tyrone has friends in high places, as in this country holds no guarantees despite being the summer, or he just got lucky. Between the high places and just got lucky choices I think the smart money is on the later.
Referees Tyrone Monaghan, Andy Topliffe and Adie Selby kept a grip on things with ring girls, Tami's Angels, adding the glamour and keeping us up to date with the rounds. Paddy was looking well as was his good lady, Chief Angel Tami looks like she has put on a few pounds, being pregnant was likely the reason rather than she had eaten those that failed the Tami's Angels interviews another Angel missing from the line up was Fighter Lewis Mackay's young lady who was looking radiant but being pregnant she was sitting this show out. Now that's two Angels pregnant so there seems to be a bit of a theme going on maybe the new Angels should take care.
Moving on quickly Jay M.M.A. between taking the photos, was good to catch up with and  the more shady element were out in force answering the question ' Where has all the UK gold gone?" Especially nice to see Dave Courtney and his lady and the totally unforgettable Terry Barrett. Classic Fights were there with some great stuff it was good to see them both. So many more faces but my age has not been kind with my memory.
It was also nice to meet Charlie Bronson's fiance a very nice lady who I hope gets to be with Charlie in the not too distant future when one of the people that are supposed to look after the people of this country stands up and say Charlie has paid for whatever he has done wrong and now his time for release has come. This country ( My Country ) has been built on years of Law and Fairness and however you personally feel about things the Law should be for all men and you should be judged equally. Rant finished but if you haven't already please go and sign the petition and if can make a donation to the Appeal Fund.
Those thirsty amongst us only had to stroll along to the end of the terrace for a beer and a few feet away from that was a little place you could grab a burger from should the need so take you. Fighting, Food and Fosters. Sorted.
I am not going to do any writing about the fights as the video speaks for it's self but it was a good night out with an interest mix of Gloved, Ungloved and Tag Boxing. What I will say is especially watch the Wayne 'Beastie' Fleming v The strangely named Turkey 'The Tornado especially. This was hilarious and if Tyrone was aware of the antics these two were going to get up too then it was a stroke of pure genius including it as it added a great light edge to the evening. This show was not the usual mix that we would see at one of Tyrone's Boxing Promotions but like his father Paddy himself a champion ( Please scroll down for Paddy Monaghan Interview )Tyrone proved himself a champion and bought this combination of fights into the Champion League of  Fund Raising Events.
Last bit from me before the fights, respect to the people over at The Appeal For Charlie Bronson you have been fighting your own fight for years hopefully for not too much longer. All the best too you Jon P.
 The Fights
Jamie Leslie vs Michael 'Dyckesy' Dyckes
Robert Mojak and Jowan Curnow vs Ben Scott and Tristan Axtell

Mathew 'The Quick Hit Cyborg' vs Jason 'Granny' Grant

Wayne 'Beastie' Fleming vs Turkey 'The Tornado'

Ian Smith vs Aaron Peedle

Lewis 'Lion Heart' Mackay and Tom 'Burger Boy' Larman vs Darren 'Chippy' Jones and Pat 'The Rock' Egen

Paul Knight vs Clifford Grey

Paul Knight v Clifford Grey by Cage Amateurs UK
Big Respect To Clifford Grey Who Stepped Up At The Last Minute As A Replacement Fighter
Mrs Monaghan Paddy Monaghan Charlies Fiance And Terry 
Mrs Monaghan, Paddy Monaghan, Charlie Bronsons Fiance and Terry Barrett enjoy a chat and some top boxing
Finishing up I am going to let Lou Lou have the last word. Apart from being a Cage Amateurs UK person she is also female and they always get the last word
What can i say apart from Me and Jon had an awesome road trip there, catching up with all the gossip of course ( we all know what an old woman he is LOL).....awesome show and awesome, mad and a bit fu*ked up road trip back ........I had a proper blinding night ..... I go to fight events nearly every weekend and have done for a few years ...... Last nights show without doubt shoots straight into my top few all time favourite shows .... It had everything a fight show should have and then some more, plenty more .....Well impressed with the organisation ....all the fighters came out at the right time ....MC was on the ball , refs were on the ball, bar was fair price, ring girls were lush , the crowd were awesome in support and behaviour, the raffle went smoothly , and the signed glove raised one hundred and fifty five quid !! Going to Ashton Seymour who out bid me by a fiver LOL ..... It was a pleasure to spend quality time with good friends of old and new friends too and to top it all it raised awareness and good money for Charlie Bronson Appeal Fund Well done Tyrone Monaghan ....can't wait for the next show x
Jon P says 'Bad grammer and punctuation. See Me' :-)
Thanks To Anyones Whos Photos I Have Used Mostly Jay MMA
Dave Courtney And Jay MMA 
The Night was in aid if the Charlie Bronson appeal under the Banner of Champion Bare Knuckle Boxer Paddy Monaghan. Paddy had an extraordinary fight career which he told us about when we were lucky enough to speak to him almost two years ago. Nothing quiet matches a video so instead of writing facts down here I will let Paddy give the answers from his own mouth. I hope you enjoy the video.
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