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Published February 2015

The lads have been busy yet again keeping the interviews flowing up to the last minute when the action moves from the page and into the ring. Although I have never seen Paul fight at BBAD I have seen him on a previous occasion fighting at the Paddy Monaghan Fight Night last year against Clifford Grey. 

So lets get on with it before Kris and Andy have another interview done and ready to read
Bbad PromotionsPaul Knight has accepted our challenge of an interview which will prove to be one of his toughest fights to date. Paul will be fighting at Newcastle against Paul Williams in what is sure to be another explosive fight, I could see this one being a possible fight of the night contender! 

Kris caught up with him......

Lets do this!

BBB. Could you tell us a bit about your up and coming bout with Paul Williams?

P.K. after the last three fights I've had which due to lack of experience not lack of trying I lost due to T.K.O. YES three fights but one no one will ever see and I will not disclose who I fought and why. I think me and Paul Williams is a good match up. the best yet. I don't know his weight, height etc. but in our private message seems like a nice geezer, not a lot of boxing history like myself.

BBB. How did the fight first come about?

P.K. Paul sent me a message on F.B. asking about getting a fight sorted as he thought we were a good match, so I said yeah, I'm up for it and I will sort it with BBAD.

BBB. Have you talked to Paul Williams about your bout?

P.K. After the fight was arranged, we have only spoke to confirm we are now fighting Newcastle, I was suppose to fight him in London but as we know no fights could take place.

BBB. Who will be in your corner at Newcastle?

P.K. Aaron Popeye Watts, Ju Midnight and maybe my first opponent Clifford Grey (If available).
BBB. How do you think you will win this fight?

P.K. Lets just say you’re gonna see a more composed fighter. After all this isn't an eight man shield team I'm fighting its one man. Could be a brawl, could box clever, we're see on the night.

BBB. Is there anything you would like to say to your opponent?

P.K. Win, lose or draw in my eyes your gentleman. I say this on the pretence before meeting you, prove me right on the night. `R`

This is the piece Paul and I wrote together when I was pretty new to interviewing, we would like to share it with you!

BBB. I would first like to know how you got into B.K.B.?

Team KnightPK. My partner and I, Elayne, used to go to watch gloved boxing organised by Tyrone Monaghan , then a B.K.B. event was organised in aid of Charlie Bronson now known as Charlie Salvador to highlight the injustice of Charlie's imprisonment and to bring awareness of a man not a monster that the media perceive him as. So I said I would fight on the show. My original opponent bailed out the night before. That's where Clifford Grey stepped up and I took the fight.

BBB. You fighters train hard in the lead up to a fight, Could you talk us through a days training from start to finish?

PK.. NO. However I will say as soon as I know I’m on the bill I split the weeks in to 3 phases. phase 1, strength and bulking. Phase 2, Bag work, sparing and working on stamina. Phase 3 , endurance, speed and loosening up so I’m not too muscle bound as I’ve learned by mistakes before and not forgetting eating healthy. I'm not a boxer never claimed to be or had a lot of input from an early age like most fighters I’ve fought so far. But still can hold my own. I’ve never been K.O.'d

BBB. Where did you learn to fight?

P.K. Some people don't learn they have in them, like most people I was fighting all the time as a kid, but learned the hard way after getting stabbed outside a pub when I was 18 years old suffered a punctured lung but it didn't stop there. I took revenge after finding out who it was and got three years at the old baily for arson with intent.

BBB. I know you have a fight coming up at Camelot (Dave Courtney OBE’S House) how do you feel fighting in the pit?

P.K. I’ve never fought in a pit, only in a Boxing ring with boxers with more experience than me also in a barn with a 22 stone power lifter. I know i'm more powerful up close and personal with no were to run or no ropes to turn to. As you have seen I don't care about getting hit. It don't faze me just when I’m in there I’m not me. Just switch it on and off.

BBB. I know you’re a family man, what do they think about you fighting?

P.K. PROUD and by my side 110% win, lose or draw.

BBB. You have had three B.K.B. fights for BBAD promotions so far and from my point of view you have the heart of a lion, what has been the fight you have learned the most form?

P.K. I’ve learned different things from all of them, you can never stop learning.

BBB. If you could fight anyone on the planet, who would it be?

P.K. YOU! only joking.

At this point in the interview we had a break as I needed to quickly change my underwear!

BBB. I know your one of Charlie's boys (Charlie Bronson/Salvador) we all hope he is going to be released soon, what would your reaction be if he came to one of your fights?

P.K. I would feel pleased but also hope people remember Charlie is a man not an icon, also a friend so I'd expect V.I.P treatment.

BBB. We spoke after your fight at Bradford and you had a belter of a black eye, what has been your worst injury to date?

P.K. Never had a bad injury all superficial they look worse than they are.

BBB When you go into a fight are you looking to win your fight as quick as possible or inflict as much pain as you can?

P.K. If I feel disrespect straight away before the fight then a bit of both.

BBB. What go’s through your head in the 24 hours leading up too your fight?
P.K. Getting to the venue with out rushing around when I get there.

BBB. Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

P.K. I'll be 47 then, so hopefully living of the royalties from my book ect.

BBB. What has been your hardest fight to date?

P.K. first one

BBB. What other fighting have you done previous to BKB for Bbad Promotions.

P.K. 10 years of fighting with riot shields in Broadmoor, as some people know I have a personality disorder and been in hospitals most of my adult life. I didn't commit a crime to get to Broadmoor I was unmanageable in other places and that's when things snowballed out of control that's what I’m writing my book about.

BBB. What can we expect to see from Paul Knight in 2015?

P.K. WINS, K.O.'S with the right opponent a like for like

Here it is the bit all you fighters hate.

BBB. Why did you like gorillas so much? Having a lack of hair, I thought you would be jealous of them.

PK. My bald head is an option I choose. I love gorillas as they are powerful but placid but unpredictable. Gotta love them.

BBB. If it came to it in the wild, Who would win a fight between you and King Kong?

P.K I'd let him win as I've never been to the top of the empire state building. lol

BBB. We all know that you’re scared of me! Have you ever met anyone else and thought this bloke is a complete nutter?

P.K. Everyone knows I’m scared you Kris mate, remember I’ve been to Broadmoor so take your pick I’ve met a lot.

Paul had this to say on BBAD

BBAD has moved with the times and with what the B.K.B. enthusiast want to see. some fighters are sponsored and only need to put in the hard work some do it alone, and others have a good woman beside them like myself.

I would like to also mention, Andy and Clare offered me to fight after me and Elayne were invited to BBAD 7 at D.C.'s . that's where it began after me fighting for Charlie.
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