Paul Mathew Williams


Published May 2015

Well readers Kris is no longer doing the B-BAD beat down so this will be the last one from the current team. Andy is going to be soldiering on alone or until he finds someone to meet his high standards Jon P

Paul Mathew Williams
BBad New Era
Kris: Our lucky next victim you may recognise from BBAD Newcastle, he stepped in the ring against none other than Paul Knight, but before joining the largest B.K.B. Promotion in the UK if not the world he fought for Knuckle Promotions against none other than The BBAD UK Heavyweight champion Michael “The Real Deal” Ferry.

Q.Firstly Paul you have had two B.K.B. fights so far against two very tough opponents, Your first fight against BBAD Heavyweight Title holder Michael Ferry, for some of the newer fight fans could you talk us through your first fight?

A.Yes, I didn't have a clue what I was doing or getting into, but thought I'll have some of that, I knew closer to the fight I was punching above my weight experience wise, but I got in there and tried and I really done some damage to myself with my shoulder, that hurt but hasn't put me off at all!

Q.What other fighting experience have you had?

A. None really, apart from two unlicensed fights I had when I was 16, and I was just there to watch but ended up standing in for a drop out, and just the average street fight most of us have.

Q.We have a huge array of talent in BBAD from all walks of life obviously boxing being one of the main disciplines, also quite a lot of street fighters come through do you think street fighting gives you the edge against a boxer or vice-versa?

A. No chance, the boxer will always have the upper hand in the ring, we will have to adapt to it. The straw bales I liked and wish I'd of been able to have a go.

Q. I know you got pretty badly injured on that fight of course dislocating your shoulder then landing on it heavily. What went through your mind after the fight, was it a hard injury to come back from?

A. Yes it actually came out as I through the punch you can see it happen if you watch it slow, and obviously being how heavy I am landed on it then that caused it to break also. I landed flat on my face when I missed that punch I didn't actually get hit, looked like it tho, I remember Mike Ferry telling me to get up, ha ha I don't think he realised my arm/shoulder was hanging off I couldn't move. After the fight I was a bit worried going home to the Mrs, obviously I was expecting a messed up face but nothing that would stop me from working so was worried about work and stuff and new really I would get a bollocking as I have a family to look after and no good to nobody like that.

Q. You were relatively unknown in the world of B.K.B. How did it feel when you got the offer to fight such an opponent as Paul Knight?

A. I thought yes why not, he had no boxing experience, and neither did I so spot on match.

Q. There were rumours that you never actually trained for this fight, are they true?

A. I done a few sessions but the fella that took his time to come help me actually had to have a big op on his hand so I couldn't really ask for anything then, so (in my head) I thought I'd be fine and obviously wasn't and learnt another big lesson and 'll admit it I'm not ashamed of losing at all. Fuck me did you see the pictures? Well worth a bust nose, I was doing it for fun and learnt its nothing to be playing with. I'm putting my head down now, not happening a 3rd time, I know how fit I need to be. I was there once ha ha.

Q. What went through your mind In the lead up too the fight?

A. I love the run up to it then soon as your there its like "Holy Shit" ha ha, but you gotta go in there and get stuck in.

Q. You have a lot of power behind your punch as we seen at Newcastle as does Paul Knight, could you talk us through the fight?

A. I don't really know what to say as everyone seen it, obviously I wanted to win. I don't really remember much of it honestly I don't, I have watched it after I wasn't impressed with myself was unfit all over the place rushing in no composure, but that was a scrap, I'm new to the sport. I've noticed my mistakes, now I'll go away and sort them out, fair play to Paul Knight though, he is a fit man I don't think he got out of breath, top guy.

Q. You took some great shots from Knight, you always came back hitting hard though, were there any points in the fight where you thought you had sealed the victory?

A. I think I was concentrating on trying to breath let alone beat him, my head was all over the place, all I could hear is Paul Paul Paul, yeah, which fucking  one ha ha, no but I knew if I didn't knock him out quick I wouldn't of won.

Q. You were pretty bloody by the end of the fight, obviously your nose must be pretty damaged after the punishment, how is it now?

A. Yes my nose exploded, its all good now though, stung for a couple days but all good now.

Q. Now that your fight is over, are you going to take time off from fighting to train and what is the plan for your next fight?

A. Yes 100% head down family then training and get of this Facebook, takes over my life.

Q. You have already fought Michael Ferry once before. Could you see a return bout somewhere down the line?                 Possibly a title fight if you up your game to the next level.

A. Not till I'm fit and have a few under my belt, that lads on the way up, really I would probably be daft enough to do it again tomorrow ha ha.

Q. A couple of personal questions now, Are you a family man?

A. Yes I am.

Q. What do your family think of you fighting in un-gloved boxing bouts?

A. My Mrs hates it in fact she doesn't want me doing it at all. I don't blame her because anything can happen, us fighters don't see it like that though, some lads like football we like fighting, she did say she wants me to train hard and win one and then get back to normality.

Q. Where do you see yourself in 5 years time? (Chasing titles possibly? )

A. I'm not sure if I'm honest 5 years is a long time and to still be doing B.K.B. I'd like to be proper settled down by then but we will see.

Q. In closing what could we expect too see from Paul Williams in the future?

A. Ok, I wanna say the last bit, well done to Paul Knight who trains flat out and deserved the win, good luck with all your future fights pal. Also this, the fight I have next with Clifford Grey, may be my last one, my family at home can't cope with the worry and I got to respect the woman's wishes as she has put up with a lot already. So head down 110% from me then I'm out!! I'll still be a part of it all, but family first. I can't put that on the line although I love it, I love my family more!

Thanks for your time Paul, max respect for you fight at Newcastle you fought with the Heart of a lion.

Kris & Andy.

The BBAD Beatdown.

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