Paul Stredder


Published June 2018

UBKB Fighter

Stu Armstrong interviews a new name to the Ultimate Bare Knuckle Boxing camp. Paul Stredder will be fighting at U.B.K.B. 5 at the Bowlers Exhibition Centre in Manchester on August the 4th against another new name Brandon Harden.

Although new to U.B.K.B. Paul brings with him experience from the gloved world of Boxing and being an ex Royal Marine Commando pretty much points to him being a pretty hard bastard, (No Offence). This interview is a bit shorter than some of the others at only 3 minutes and 4 seconds but I guess this fighter does his talking inside the ring rather than out. Grab a beer, sit back and enjoy another interview by Stu Armstrong.

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Many thanks to Stu Armstrong who has allowed us to use this and other of his interviews.

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