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Published June 2015
Boxer Pete Stoten Arm RaisedPete Stoten is a trainer, promoter and fighter who’s shows can be found in the Medway Towns on a regular basis. Considering that I myself live in Medway you would have thought that by now I would have taken the 101 to Maidstone and checked out one of his shows. Strangely I have not. Even this interview came about in a funny sort of way starting with me sitting watching Mercury Sport Network footage of the last BBAD show. On the card was a fighter called Craig Amer and in his corner was Pete Stoten. That set the old brain ticking resulting in me thinking that I would contact Pete and see if he fancied doing an interview with me. Before I actually got the chance I noticed that Pete had been signed up by BBAD to fight on a future show. Speaking to my friend Andy Juby who writes for and runs the BBAD Bulletin website I find he had been speaking to Pete the day before. Must be fate thinks I and promptly contacted Pete who has kindly agreed to answer a few questions? So let’s do it
Hi Pete thanks for taking a time out from what must be a busy schedule.
Q. Just to get a bit of background when did you first start boxing and who was your trainer at that time?
A. We have always had combat sports in our family, dad was on the England Karate Squad in the 70's and had a club in Eltham with my mother. Both my brothers boxed and were services champions so from an early age I can remember we were always messing about with gloves on. My first real trainer who took me up to the ring, wiped my nose etc was Brian Skippsy at Gravesend A.B.C in 1990.
Q. You obviously took too it like a duck to water looking back over your career. But was it like that for you in the early days or did you know, even back then, that it was going to be a life of boxing for you?
A. To be honest I had 60 plus amateur fights (lost half) but was never a top boy I never reached a semi finals or finals, bottle was my down fall but I gained a lot of experience and boxed for a few top clubs that carried me well in unlicensed boxing (have not lost in 7 years) as my job as a promoter never in my wildest dreams would I thought id be earning a living out of the fight game, I am truly blessed I've got to God to thank for this!
Q. Let’s take you back a few years. I have heard from quite a few first time fighters that they are more nervous about the walk to the ring, than they are the actual fight. How old was you when you fought on your first boxing show and do you remember what was going through your mind on the way to the ring and up to the bell for the start of the fight. I would guess that when the action starts the only thing on your mind is not being hit and hitting the other guy?
A. Well my first bout I actually forgot my photo which is meant to go with your medical card. The trainers cursed at me ”They wont let you box now Stoten.” In my head I was relieved and when we got to the venue I started clowning around with my friends shadow boxing saying this is what I was gonna do to my opponent if I was boxing tonight. I was 11 at the time. Then all of a sudden I saw my trainers walking around asking where I was they managed to get around the A.B.A. officials about my photo and got me a fight. The next thing I hear is ”Stoten stop fucking about get changed your on tonight.” I fucking shit myself lol. I boxed Mathew Cooke of St Marys and lost a close decision.
Q. How did you get the nickname ‘The Assassin’? Anyone who has seen you in action either live or on YouTube will know why. But, for those people who read this online that have not had the pleasure could you tell them how the name came about?
A. Just the way I box. I'm calm, cool and ready to pounce. The real origins I would rather keep to myself lol.
Pete Stoten And Craig Amer in Boxing RingQ. Well it certainly suits you. Up to the end of 2014 I believe you have had 22 wins and have held three title belts. As you move into the bare knuckle world is there an update to an already impressive record?
A. It's actually 24 wins and 8 belts. I can't predict my bare knuckle wins. all I know is i'll be fit and ready, all I do is train and promote fights.
( Thats even better than I thought. That will teach me too double check in future- Jon P )
Q. You have recently signed up to BBad Promotions which is a bare knuckle show. Do you see bare knuckle boxing being your direction in the future or are you going to mix and match the gloved and ungloved fights?
A. A bit of mix and match I think.
Q. I believe you have been in BBad fighter Craig Amer’s corner recently. Was it this that prompted you in to signing up for a bare knuckle boxing promotion or have you had any involvement in the past either as a fighter or as we have seen as a fighters corner?
A. Craig talked me into it lol. My main concern is looking after Craig he is my best mate I'd die in a 
heartbeat for him. We have been around years in the fight game and I have always admired him. I've never told him this as he has already got a big head. I've worked many fighters corners and trained champions so to be asked by Craig to do his corner for BBAD is one of my proudest moments. I mean it ain't everyday you get asked to do this!
Q. What do you think about the level of fighters on BBad and other such promotions at the current time?
A. There's some good fighters on BBAD, very good, i'm not interested in other bare knuckle promotions as I don’t fight on them. I rarely watch fights as they bore me.
Q. Personally I feel things are a little fragmented in the bare knuckle world, but it is still early days all said and done. At the moment the only other regular show is Jay Wann’s Raging Bull promotion. I do realise there are other promotions but just to stick to the ones I am familiar with to make things easier. Andy Topliff is getting started with Field Rage and James Quinn held a show the other week of which I am sure there will be more to follow. But at the moment we have a combination of gloved, ungloved, in the ring, in the pit, hand wraps, no hand wraps, in a building or in a field. Add a marching band and dancing girls and everything is pretty much covered. If I was thinking about going to a BKB show of some type for the first time I would find it all a bit confusing. Do you think this mixture adds a bit of a variety or could it put people off going plain and simply because they are a bit confused by the whole format?
Pete Stoten In Action BoxingA. You will always get new promoters starting up I get it all the time in unlicensed boxing I just focus on what i'm doing I have been leading the pack for 7 years, I've seen these new bare knuckle promotions starting up but I pay no attention to them as I'm not involved with them. I think it's great the way we do things (BBAD) nice venue, proper ring etc if it's called BKB that’s what it should be, no gloves.
Q. Before we move off of the subject of BKB who, when and where will you be fighting on your first BBAD card?
A. I will be fighting in September on BBAD I am actually a light heavy but got my debut with Paul Knight who's a big strong heavy. I hope he turns up it will be a great match after which I wanna be champion at light heavy if there is a title.
Q. How did the whole promotion side of things come about or was it just a natural progression?
A. Just natural loads of elements to the equation.
Q. I saw a post on Facebook today by Michael Blackett, in my opinion an authority in the BKB writing world, he asked what people think about fighters having to sell tickets for shows.This tends to be the same for Cage Fighting as well as boxing. Personally I feel it is a necessary evil otherwise a lot of shows would not go ahead due to advertising being expensive and a bit hit or miss. As a fighter and a promoter what do think on the ticket selling subject. I would think it would be easier as a promoter if you could do some advertising that was cost effective rather than collecting money and keeping track on who has had what with fighters?
A. Without ticket sellers you cant run quality shows end of, it's like this from white collar up to pro boxing it's a bloody head ache no one likes doing it but it's life, my shows cost anything from 5 to 8 grand to put on so without ticket sellers I'd have a load of fighters and officials chasing me around for wages!
Q. One last question for now what do you see in the future for fighter, trainer, promoter Pete Stoten will you still be getting stuck in when your 80?
A. Hopefully I'll be promoting for the foreseeable future as far as fighting goes ill carry on for a few years yet.
Well there you have it. Thank you very much for taking the time to do this for me is there anyone you want to mention to bring this to a close?
Obviously Craig. I must add when I went to the first BBAD show I didn’t know what to expect I thought it might go off lol, but what a nice bunch of guys they all are. I wanna thank BBAD and God, if you haven't guessed it by now I'm a born again, also high five to you Jon for giving me this chance to voice.
Thanks again Pete look forward to catching you in the future and all the best with your up and coming fight
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