Peter Dodds

Stu Armstrong Interviews Popular Peter Dodds

Published May 2015
Peter Dodds
Stu Armstrong continues his series of interviews with some of the biggest names in combat sport this week with boxer Peter Dodds. Peter has recently competed in a last man standing bout which went to a staggering 23 rounds before the referee called it a draw. A Last Man Standing bout consists of 2 minute rounds and continues until one man either gives up or is knocked out or more unusually the referee stops the fight.

'Popular' Peter Dodds a married man who is 38 years talks to Stu Armstrong about this and much more on this audio interview recorded for Radio Northumberland.

As usual the audio has been edited purely to help the conversation flow more comfortably with nothing being removed apart from large gaps, music and pauses. 
For more information about Stu Armstrong you can find him at his regular on line home
Interview length 20.05 minutes


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