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Not being a production company or a any kind of company come to think of it promotional stuff had never really been thought about. As things happened things do not always work out like you think they might.  


Published 25/08/12

The first time I ever tried to do anything of this kind was for Gary Bond. Women Fight Back a women only fight show to raise money for Victim Support was in the process of being set up and Gary asked if I could do a video for promotion. On telling him that I had never done one before he responded by say 'Just have a go then'. Pretty good advice so thanks for that Gary. My plan was to go and film some stuff and add a bit of music all pretty simple. Then things started going wrong as my camera died leaving me with no footage but with a promo to do and zero hour closing quickly.
So on a Sunday afternoon I sat there scratching my head and this is what I came up with. What I must say is it was rather cool watching this being shown on big screens one either side of the cage at the beginning of the show.

Women Fight Back was the brain child of Emma-Aphrodite Smith and is being hosted under the C.S.M.M.A. banner. This Women only cage fighting event is unique in the fact it is the first women only card and is currently buzzing around the MMA scene with support coming from every direction with those involved giving there efforts for free so all the money will go directly to . The main sponsors are Cage Queen "The Home of Women's MMA". Our involvement on the day will be to film anything that moves.



Published 25/08/12

Not really so much a promotion video but while we were at the women fight back show, which was held at Fight Science in Aldershot, I filmed a lot of interviews and of course the fights but also lots of other bits and pieces while we had time to kill. So I decided to see what I could do with the extra I had and this was the result.

This Gym owned by Cage Fighter Nick "Head Hunter" Chapman swallowed the cage and the decent amount of people who had come to see the show with plenty left over. I hope this gives you some idea of the size of the place.

Like the lady from the BBC said " You could get an airplane in here."  

Fight Science from Cage Amateurs UK on Vimeo.



We were asked to do a dvd for this show, something I am not really interested in doing but as a favour to the Promoter, Andy Topliffe, who we get on with very well I agreed and funnily enough I ended up doing a good few more for other promoters after this one. 

This is not the full fight dvd but is a promotion I did for the show which was Bare Knuckle Boxing this being the second show that B-BAD Promotions had held.



Yet another dvd in production just three weeks after the last one. This was to be for the intro to the dvd of Promoter Walid Ali's Boxing show Bengal Tiger Promotions. This was the first time I had really spoken on any video we had done and I was also stuck for ideas what to do for the intro. 

The show was being held pretty much in central London so what did I do? I filmed typically London things like Red Buses, London parking meters and last but not least "The Boris Bike."

Walid Ali Intro dvd - C.A.U.K. from Cage Amateurs UK on Vimeo.



This one came about due to a song that was being played on the radio all the time in the run up too Christmas. I had a load of footage around from when we went to the zoo weigh ins and from there previous show so as they were holding a show near Christmas it seemed like a good idea to male this promo. I don't like to do the boring old show real thing so as Zoo hold family show it seemed like an idea to bring in their sponsors and do the video as a two choice thing. The obvious choice after a bit of lunch at the pub was to go to Zoo's Glory M.M.A.


Zoo Fight Club - Christmas Promo from Cage Amateurs UK on Vimeo.



Would you believe yet another dvd that I said I would never do. Anyway that said here is the intro for it and this one is probably one of my favourites.

Monaghan's Prizefighters Fight Night 3 from Cage Amateurs UK on Vimeo.


This one was actually done for the first of our own show. We did a bit of filming at the gym with the guys with no real purpose in mind. It seemed a bit odd not actually doing anything for our own show so I put this together quickly.

White Collar Fight Club is holding their first event on May 25th 2012 at The Rainham Mark Social Club, London Road Rainham, Kent in aid of the family of David Young who was murdered on New Years Eve.


White Collar Fight Club - C.A.U.K. from Cage Amateurs UK on Vimeo.



The footage for this was filmed at a charity event being held by boxing promoters Original Fight Club. The special guest and start of this film was 4 year old Neve and her family who travelled down for the show. When I got home and finished getting the boxing together I decided to use the footage I had and this is how it ended up.

Filmed at Studio 336 in Greenwich London. This show was held to raise funds for Children With Cancer UK and was sponsored by Semtex Gym, Tradesmann Recruitment and I.B.C. Kent also Mr Mark Potter donated his fee for refereeing to the charity.


Trans Atlantic Title Belt Fight - Pre Order NOW from Cage Amateurs UK on Vimeo.



It has been a long time since I last done one of these but this has got too be my favourite. This is for a show I am involved with along with Andy Juby and Ian Jones which is going to be held in Brighton on November 21st 2015. I tried a few bits and pieces with this by over laying stuff. Not totally sure if it worked or not but was worth trying something a bit different.

War On The Shore Brighton 21/11/2015 from Cage Amateurs UK on Vimeo.


Bill The Winner - When Men Were Men 


I was asked to do this by the grandson and writer of the book about bare knuckle boxer Bill O'Driscoll or as he became known Bill The Winner. I have never done anything like this one before but I have to say I am rather pleased with how it came out. It's a great story so I would grab the book if you get the chance I am sure you will enjoy it.

'Bill The Winner - His Fighting Life - When Men Were Men' from Cage Amateurs UK on Vimeo.



Not so much a promo more like a bit of footage we shot at a recent boxing show in Leicester.


Toxic Dolls from Cage Amateurs UK on Vimeo.


Ultimate Bare Knuckle Boxing 4

Promo for the UBKB show in Manchester 2018

Promo Ultimate Bare Knuckle Boxing 4 from Cage Amateurs UK on Vimeo.



This contain more than enough sadness. A friend of mine who I first met through the fact another friend Andy is his promoter decided to take his life at 28 years of age. He was going leaps and bounds in the Combat Sport world with a bright future ahead of him. With only two weeks to go until his first Bare Knuckle Boxing bout at U.B.K.B. 4 in Manchester he took his life. The Promoters Amanda and Shaun Smith held a minutes silence for him before the fights started and a collection was taken in his name with the money being given to "The Academy of Hard Knocks" / "Rise Up Against Bullying" and gratefully received by the man responsible for both of those projects Mr Sam Rowe. Over the last 5 years Sam has been funding the Academy pretty much from his own pocket with help from friends, the odd donation here and there from well wishers and pretty much nothing from the powers that be. This was requested by Jake's family and will be well spent in Jake's name.

This video was more for his parents as it contains the minutes silence with over lay of video from one of his fights and sound bites which I hope sets the mood for this short piece of video.

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