Rachel Bowes


Published March 2014
Rachel Bowes
A double first for us today. Firstly we have our first interview by new Cage Amateur Miss KC 'Carnage' Kendall Lady Cage Fighter and pretty much one of the first ladies the website ever had an interview with. Second the above mentioned Miss Carnage is interviewing a lady who has her own boxing magazine called Bocsio, that means boxing in Welsh if you didn't know. Now that attempt to make myself sound smart will obviously bite me on the arse in a moment when Rachel actually tells you this but moving on quickly check this out an enjoy another Cage Amateurs UK bit of quality.   
Hiya Rachel! Hope you're well today? I'd like to take this opportunity to welcome you to Cage Amateurs UK and find out a bit about you! 
I hear you started your own magazine this year? Would that make you the CEO of Bocsio? Or what title do you go by?
Yes it would, I'm the Publisher, I also do most of the photography.
As I've mentioned, your magazine is called Bocsio, why did you chose this name? 
Bocsio means 'Boxing' in Welsh. Its  clean, memorable, and a Punchy name.

How does Bocsio differ from other Boxing / Martial Arts magazines? 
Bocsio is a Feisty Boxing Magazine in support of the Welsh Fight Scene. There are online subscriptions, but no other Welsh magazine of its kind that I know of. There is definitely a buzz in the air within the boxing world.  It supports and raises the profile of the current Welsh boxers both in the amateur and professional scene and the gyms. We strive to fill the magazine with quality related articles which make a good read.
How does it feel to be involved to such a degree in what is a male dominated area.
It is a male dominated industry of course, and men will be men ... but having grown up around the sporting industry, one I love, I remain focused on the sport, keep my eye on the prize and enjoy the journey.
What is the favourite Combat Sport you cover, and why? And have you ever participated in combat sport - If you have, which ones? 
I've achieved a few belts in the art of Kickboxing, and enjoy Boxing too. Working away all the built up tension, there's no better feeling than cracking those pads, and you get fit too. It's a tough one between the Boxing and Kickboxing but Kickboxing may have the edge, it's where my journey began and runs deep. I lived in Bournemouth for a couple of years and when my dad passed away I took up Kickboxing. I felt I needed to focus my attention on a sport, something to keep me going because though I hadn't been involved for a few years, I always understood the benefits of fitness and the positivity it can bring. With any of the related Combat Sports there is such a degree of  skill involved.
How do you feel the standard of women competitors are, compared to the men?
For the women I feel this is becoming a more popular sport, women are definatley recognised for their impressive art of technique, and I've met some feisty women on my travels too. Women are interesting to watch perhaps because there aren't so many involved in the game, but this is changing.
What were you original thoughts / Who were your original inspirations before you started this project? 
I moved back to Cardiff from Bournemouth for family reasons and quickly felt there was a buzz in the air within the boxing / fitness industry. I'd started training with Steve Robinson at his gym in Splott and soon realised I'd never become a world champ but wanted an opportunity within the sporting world to become involved. Originally I had been dreaming of running a kickboxing academy, however saw how fast the boxing world is progressing and the need to support these guys. People perhaps don't realise the lifestyle and dedication of sportsmen and they deserve a lot more recognition for their achievements. There was a gap in the market for a supporting magazine, and training at the new gym in Splott I saw an amazing opportunity before me. I ran the idea past Steve Robinson, we ran with it and Bocsio was born.
 Bocsio So what was the initial idea you had behind this magazine? Tell us how long ago the seed was planted and what your original plan was for this magazine. 
The idea of the magazine came about in September 2013, I was on a mad mission, but determined to make it happen. The launch of the first magazine was 13th December 2013.
And has the original idea and the finished product ended up as the same thing? How did the journey to get to where you are now, change or progress from that original idea? 
Its early days for the magazine, and launching the first was always going to be the hardest.  I was relatively new to the scene, and recently moved back home from England, but knew there was no greater platform for getting it off the ground than having it endorsed by Steve Robinson, the former world champ. We will always strive to increase the quality of content, and listen to the feedback from the magazine in support of the Welsh fight scene, and we want to deliver the product. There was such a great response from the 1st magazine, and I'm excited to receive the feedback on the next which is a massive improvement, we wont disappoint.
So from here? Where do you see your magazine going? Are there more changes on the horizon? Will it always remain a purely boxing magazine? 
The magazine will grow in quality, we already have a theme going which people will notice the more editions are published.  There are some exciting changes, it will become more regular and there will be a membership package for those closely involved and related to the sport. The magazine will always have a feature on other related sports, the next one has kickboxing and M.M.A. and we strive to deliver what our readers want to see ... after all this is their magazine!
You've already published your first edition, and I believe you have completed the 2nd edition, to be released very soon. During this journey you have obviously met and interviewed a great number of people, are there certain people who have really helped you out and given you direction along the way? 
There are so many people who have helped with this journey. I could write a long list, those people hopefully know who they are. I'm truly grateful to everyone who featured in the 1st edition because this is support in itself and without you there would be no magazine. I have to say the biggest support has been a lady I met Jill Williams who helps with the editing, but does so much more behind the scenes. Jill is a strong lady who has given me no end of direction, advice and support with the magazine, and we work so well together. We also work with Mel Bastier who is the graphic designer, behind all the amazing artwork ... Bocsio is full of girl power!!
I've met some big names, too many to mention. I was at a charity and social event very early on, and afterwards a few of us went out to Cardiff. I was with Nathan Cleverly and Joe Calzaghe, there was a crowd, but with blurred vision I became confused and talking to Joe I was calling him Nathan for most of the evening ... I saw the funny side afterwards, but not sure it went down to well.
When can we expect the 3rd edition? 
The 3rd edition should be released in May 2014

You've mentioned Bocsio being a Welsh magazine. Are there any plans to sell this magazine outside of Wales? Across the UK? Or any plans of World domination?? Or are you happy / or would you rather keep it small (ish) and the property of Wales?

I like the idea of a Welsh magazine. In the future I would be happy for it to slip across the English border, even now we feature big names from around the UK and internationally. I'm happy with this and we reach a wider audience.  I am loyal however and would like to keep the magazine's main focus on the Welsh fight scene.

Well Rachel, thank you very much for your time, and I can't wait to get my hands on future editions of Bocsio!! And I very much look forward to working with you. 
Well there you have it a great interview with a lady who not only is carving a path into the male dominated world of combat sports but is also doing it the hard way via a magazine. Running a website for two years now i'm sure Dan will agree it is a lot of hard work keeping things going so good luck to her with the venture. Two tough ladies here on Cage Amateurs UK. Expect no less. Jon P

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