Renato Matyasi


Published July 2012
Renato Matyasi
In this interview we speak to Ranato Matyasi a young boxer who until recently lived in London but has had to return to his home country of Hungary due to the loss of his Father. This leaves this 22 year old not only dealing with his fathers death but now as the head of the family and supporting his family which will leave him with all sorts of problems defending his Title Belt due to the financial cost of getting to London. Despite these hurdles I have not once heard him complain and he says that if you are passionate about something it will all work out. I personally wish him all the best with his career.
Thank you for taking the time to speak to me Renato here's the first question
Cage Amateurs UK: Can you start off by telling us a little about yourself where your from, age and how long you have been boxing.

Renato Matyasi: Hi to all boxing and sport fans! My name is Renato Matyasi. I'm 22 years old, from Hungary, Budapest. When I was a kid I've started Kyoukishin karate at the age of 6,became a 7 time National Champion, National Team member. First time in the ring was when I was 14,just wanted to have a look at the gym, the environment, wanted to see some difference, but it was kinda love at first sight. It was a bit more than 8 years ago.
Cage Amateurs UK: Renato we recently saw you fight at the Coronet Theatre in London in defence of your title how much training did you do in preparation for the fight?

Renato Matyasi: I was taking it seriously as always when it comes to a live fight. I've been training 6 times a week, putting everything I could in to the training and the preparation. It's much more ,than just training. Preparing for a fight means you have to change your lifestyle, your nutrition, even your living. Its complex, lot of physical and mental obstacles you have to climb over to get to a fight 100% in mind.
Cage Amateurs UK: Do you have or have you had any other boxing titles or awards?

Renato Matyasi: Yes. I was a National Team member, National Champion before I came to the UK. My perspective as an amateur was great at home, but I want to achieve bigger things, than that. I want world titles around my hip...a lot!
Cage Amateurs UK: I believe you lived in London for a while but had to return home for personal reasons. This must make it hard to come to England to defend.

Renato Matyasi: Yes, sorrily my dad passed away last year leaving me alone as the head of the family. I have my granny, 2 brothers, a sister,and my mom to take care of. Cause of the economical crisis really hard to get any kind of work here, especially when you have goals to reach, as a title defence what needs a proper preparation and proper training regime. It's like a Full-time job. To travel there all the time for fighting and defending is a pain in the arse for me financially cause I live from temporary jobs when its possible. It's not enough to take care of my beloved ones as I want. Not to mention the flights, accommodation, travel, food etc. when I'm there...
Renato Matyasi
Cage Amateurs UK: Do you have to cover the costs of getting here yourself or do
you get help from the promoters or sponsors?

Renato Matyasi: No, its all on me. Getting a sponsor in my country for anything nowadays, its like winning the lottery 2 times in a row...almost impossible. I need to work when its possible to feed my family, pay bills, train and travel. Its not easy. It's hard believe me. But if you have a goal and stick to your dreams, hopefully help will come along the road.
Cage Amateurs UK: So if anyone reads this who could help out by sponsoring you how should they contact you?

Renato Matyasi: My email address is, I'm on facebook as well, Renato Matyasi. I'm available there all the time.
Cage Amateurs UK: Funding your travel and such must be a problem but as you have to earn money fitting training into your day can't be easy?

Renato Matyasi: No its not. It needs discipline and dedication to do both together. Boxing is the most important thing for me. This is the only thing I know. Can't fix cars, paint walls or lay bricks, this is what I was "studying" since I was 6 years old. For me,"founding for living" means "training for living". My only chance to change mine and my family's life is to train harder than anyone, box better than anyone and reach higher than anyone before. Its not easy. I don't expect it to be "easy", I expect to get real support and make all that easier.
Cage Amateurs UK: Mixed Martial Arts are big at the moment have you thought about taking that up or are you a boxer through and through?

Renato Matyasi: I'm interested in M.M.A. since the beginning. Its a complex sport, mixing everything from boxing to grappling. We have a saying here ,says "You cant ride 2 horses with 1 ass"... That's true in sports. Either you train for boxing, to be a boxer or train to be an M.M.A. fighter. Both requires different training ,diet and trainers. If you want to be a boxing champ and a M.M.A. champ in the same time, It can be confusing...One of a sudden you slam your opponent to the ground when he tries to grab you in the corner of a boxing fight, just cause a "reflex"  move, not that lucky I think :) My choice is the boxing career, but you know, never say never...
Cage Amateurs UK: Do you have any advice for anyone who is just starting out in boxing?

Renato Matyasi: STOP!!!! Go and study, have a nice job make lots of money,or play football....Lol. Joking :) Yes! If someone is trying boxing for the first time,you have to make sure you go and see a couple of gyms. Just because your friend goes to the best gym in the city with all the best boxers and best trainers, doesn't mean that has to be your place to get somewhere in boxing! If you don't feel yourself comfortable in a gym, or with the guys you train with, it's not going to make you any better. Go to a gym where you feel yourself good. Then you start to learn! Don't forget, later that gym might be your second house, and the team could be your next family...keep that in mind ;)
Renato Matyasi
Cage Amateurs UK: Who if anyone do you admire in the world of boxing?

Renato Matyasi: I'll be honest with you. I admire everyone in this sport. Boxing is the cleanest, most honest sport I think. All the work, all the effort you need to put in to get there 100% is unbelievable, and the ones stepping into the ring they need to be respected for that. This is something what every one understands and feels who ever stepped in to the ring. I admire all fighters, big respect!
Cage Amateurs UK: Is there anyone you want to thank if so who and why?

Renato Matyasi: My dad. Gosh if I could say thanks to him just one more time! He was the one who was taking me to the gym all the time when i was a kid, stopping me to do silly or bad things like the other kids. Because of him I was and I became different to the others. Stronger both inside and outside. He was the one never let me be over confident or big headed. If i was about that he just took me down to earth again in a minute! I will never forget all the things he did for me, for my life, for my career and hopefully I can say Thank You to him once more, but till then I need to make our dream come true first, what we always fought for and its the real World Titles.
Cage Amateurs UK: Last one coming up. What hopes and dreams do you have for your future boxing career?

Renato Matyasi: I'm Semi-Pro at the moment, want to be a real pro now. It sounds easy but it is very hard. To be a great pro you need to have a great team behind you this is the only way it works! Good team, hard work and discipline. My goal now is to find my team, turn pro so we together can achieve big things and reach higher than anyone before...
Thank you for taking the time to speak to us a good luck finding a sponsor. Anyone reading this who can help Renato out even if that's on a per fight basis then please contact him I'm sure he will be very grateful.
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