Published November 2018

Bit of a change of direction for me here as today I am going to be talking about a film. Yes a film. As you may or may not know I rarely watch television let alone watch a film. This film is home grown and has a connection to the Combat Sport World as my old friend Stu Armstrong has a part in it. Two to be fair, but we will come back to that later. 

Roofied - The lethal dose is the third in a trilogy of films written by Sammie Lei who not only acts in this production but also Directs and pretty much does anything that is not being attended to at any given time. Stu Armstrong has been involved in the Combat Sport World for many years and is one of the hardest working among the collection of media types including myself.  

His list of achievements in Combat Sport Media are extensive plus over the years he has been writing about his time as a Door Supervisor, or Bouncer as us older people would say, in his series of books ‘Diaries of a Doorman’. Add to that radio and television, interviews with fighters, recording fight shows and I’m sure you should have a picture of how busy the man is.

Currently Stu is Head Of Media at Ultimate Bare Knuckle Boxing a promotion run by Shaun and Amanda Smith and has now turned his hand to a bit of acting. So this leaves me expecting some great answers and wanting to see the trilogy of films let alone Roofied - The Lethal Dose. I am sure I will have both by the end of this.

Right let’s do this at which point I say. “How are you buddy, let’s talk movies”

Jon P: Hi mate appreciate your time, ready, lets have it.

Stu A: Hi Jon and and thanks for taking the time out to do this, just want to mention that we have been friends now for great many years but we haven’t worked together until recently when Shaun and Amanda Smith asked me to come on board at UBKB and its great working with you mate!

Jon P: Thank you for your kind words but we can tary no longer so let us get straight down to it, not too much detail so it does not spoil it for those who wish to see the movie, but what is this film all about?  

Stu A: Well, this is the third movie of the ‘Roofied’ Trilogy, called Roofied (3) A Lethal Dose, this is the official synopsis and some may see it as gritty gangster movie full of ‘Birds, Booze, Drugs and Guns’ but there is a very serious message that we are trying to get across, something that is often not talked about and brushed under the carpet as it can be rather unpalatable for most people but we want to raise awareness about the trafficking of young women and sometimes young girls into the sex industry. And when I say trafficked I mean they are often drugged (Roofied) Forced into it with threats, violence and often rape. It’s a far bigger issues then the media and the establishment would have us believe.

This, in fact, all three movies of the Roofied series are sadly based on a true story and true experiences.

Personally speaking I want people to watch the movie and enjoy a really gritty crime movie, but it would be nice if they also came away with the knowledge that sadly this thing happens all over the world. It’s almost impossible to stop bad things when they are brushed under the carpet and hidden from view, so I think I can speak a bit not just for myself but all of the writers, cast and crew this is our attempt of drawing it out into the open, and if just one person becomes aware then we have succeeded, and who knows, maybe this could save that one person in the future.

Jon Says: For those people who do not know what a Roofie or to be Roofied is it is a drug called 'Rohypnol' or more commonly know as the date rape drug.

Jon P: No big surprise with this question but fill me in about your character and the part he plays in the films plot.

Stu A: Well, that should be Characters, rather than Character! One of the other actors didn’t turn up for a two-day shoot in Derbyshire (Absolute shit House letting everyone down) so I kind of said I can do that; I am not going to tell you how but I played to totally separate parts!

My main Character is called Richy, and Richy is a kind of right hand man for a seriously naughty gangster who is the top of three names Marcus. Massive cool role to play and I have learned so much from the actor who played Marcus, Luing Andrews. Luing has been everything for EastEnders to Movies and is now the face of Curry’s the electrical retail company as he stars in their latest advert.

Richy spends a lot time trying to, calm down and reign in Sharky (Aaron Twinn) and Micky (Stacy Fordham), well mainly Sharky who, how can I put this, turn into an an out and out crazy and dangerous motherfucker,

Jon P:  A slightly different style of doing things for you. With regards to what we normally do, interviews etc in combat sport, often they are a bit more on the fly so to speak. I am guessing but I would think this was a lot more structured than a lot of the work you normally do. By that I mean a script to follow and a set of instructions with people dependant on you delivering so they can do there bit. Time is money with these things. Did you feel under more pressure?

Stu A: That’s a great question Jon. Well at first I have to admit I stressed over the script and learning my lines badly and on the day travelling to Milton Keynes to be on set my mind went to a blank, I couldn’t remember anything and yeah I was, how should I but this………Absolutely shitting it and as soon as I heard “ACTION” guess what it all just flowed like my lines I had known all of my life.

This taught me a really good lesson, and that don’t stress on it it makes it worse. My main worry was in a dialogue scene you have to be ready to pick up on the last word of another actor and they are reliant on your delivering your lines well, and correct and if you don’t it has a knock on effect.

Talking about lines some of the most enjoyable scenes we didn’t actually have scripted! Writer and Director Sammei Lei would would take us through the scene and what she wanted to get from it and between us actors we would ad-lib it. That’s without knowing what the actor that you will take your lead from is going to say. These I think will be some of the best scenes as we are genuinely reacting to what the other actor says. I am still very new to acting and have so much to learn but I think being able sometimes work in the way shows a huge amount of trust from the director in the cast and also what an amazing team we have on Roofied. I think with a different team of actors would this work? I am not so sure,

Jon P: Tell me about the people behind the film?

Stu A: Well this is a Sammie Lei production, Sammei has been behind all of the Roofied Movies, from writing to directing, editing and even playing the lead role of Lucy. Sammie has a pretty cool ability to react to problems on set quickly I have even seen seen her write script changes within literally minuets if there is a no show from an actor or actress in order that the whole shoot isn’t ruined. Sammie has become a friend of mine since we started on the production in early summer, she is a huge talent and will be up there with the the big names in stars in the future, her name on a star on Hollywood Boulevard I have no doubt.

Along with Sammie we have Allen Manyon of 2025 films who is an old hand in the film making business and is a real talent. I have seen, just on the shoots where I have been, on how he can turn his hand to whatever needs to be done. I have seem him as a director, DOC, the sound engineer and even the driver at some points. Alan has wealth a talent in the film industry and again like Sammie is an absolute pleasure to work with.

Jon P: What is the release demographic (good word hey) for the film? By that I mean things such as fringe film festivals, cinema, satellite or dvd?

Stu A: Well all going to plan, and if I get my backside in gear in finish doing the credits then we are hoping to premiere at the Cinema in January 2019, which isn’t that far away now.

Jon P: Unfair question but film 3 in many big budget films is not always good. How does this film stand up compared to 1 and 2 or was it an important part of the story as compared to, for example, a bolt on to the previous offerings?

Roofied 3 Cast Meeting

Stu A: Well just in my own humble opinion I think that the Roofied Trilogy has been a huge learning curve for everyone involved and I think that this will be by far the best of the Roofied movies in all aspects, and I also think that the story line of a Lethal Dose is far more developed and mature and obviously the quality of the acting has come right up with me in it! HAHA. No that was a joke of course a very good mutual friend of both mine and yours Jon, was in the first films, Manny Hayre. But in all seriousness like anything in life things develop and from what I can see the whole Roofied team has developed over the last few years and many lessons learned and I think put all of that together and, well A Lethal Dose is going to smash it all the way out of the ballpark I feel as the whole package is together this time.

Jon P: So how did you become involved?

Stu A: Well as  have just mentioned above, a good mutual friend of ours Manny Hayre was in the previous movies playing the part of Jax, and just like you I love to see my friends doing well in life and I always supported Manny in anything that he does so I was doing a lot of sharing on social media of the previous movies and did a few write up’s on my website etc and then I got a message one day from Sammie and it went along the lines of “I can see that you’re a star of the future Stu, and wow your so handsome please be in the next movie”, Bah you know that’s a lie Jon don’t you, ( Jon says; I will resist temptation and say anything lol) no Sammie sent me a message over social media thanking me for help publicising the movies and we got chatting and became friends, and the rest they say is history.

I have done a previous movie believe it not about two years ago, but if I am honest I cant see it ever seeing the light of day for many factors, mainly because of a combination of lack of funding and the backstabbing that goes on the Bare Knuckle World, but that’s another story for over a beer one night. I have been promised that I can have a copy of the footage of my scenes with a promise to never put online but that was getting on for two years ago now and absolutely zip, nada, not  sausage and that’s from the director who is actually thought was a friend of mine to, but I think that maybe some other forces may well be involved, but  I guess you never know mate you just never know.

Jon P: Do you see yourself doing more of this kind of thing in the future?

Stu A: Oh bloody hell mate yes, I have fallen in love with acting its kind of like the first time that I saw Bare Knuckle Boxing absolute massive buzz and I am really fortunate to have two confirmed acting roles in two films that start shooting at the turn of year, the first is from Alan Malyon and it’s a film called‘Casa Del Ray’ I am not too sure just how much I am allowed to say about this at present, but it’s going to be a cracking production and really looking forward to acting in it.

Roofied 3


And next up thanks the actor that plays Marcus Mathews, my gangster boss in Roofed A lethal Dose, Luing Andrews (The man off the Curry’s Advert) I also have an acting role in what is going to be an absolute, ‘8ish’ which will also be filming early 2019 see

Jon P: Favourite character from the film and why?

Stu A: It’s got to be Sharky, played my bro Aaron Twinn. Aaron is a cracking actor and the character of Sharky is fantastic, he is absolutely nuts but he is kind of like so many people I have known in the past at the same time, people will know the character of Sharky from ‘Roofied (2) – A Double Dose’ but without giving to much away Sharky comes a lot more to the forefront in many ways and his behaviour becomes more and more erratic.

Roofied 3 On The Beach

Jon P: Just for a laugh before we finish and no googling the answer.

What is

1/ Gaffer - Tape

2/ Grip – What I will do when I get my hands around your throat for stitching me up ahaha J

3/ Best Boy – Obviously me mate, I am the best you you that J

Jon says: Not 100% correct but the answers were 1. Head Electrician 2. Basically they assist with support for electrical and camera departments, setting up lighting or tracks for camera movement. 3 Assistants to department heads in camera and electrical departments.

Stu A: But seriously without googling I haven’t got the first idea mate, apart from they are always on movie credits, ahh hang on actually ‘Best Boy’ he is a runner on a film set is he not? And does a Grip get paid to hold stuff? God knows but I do want to say a big thanks for this Jon and look forward to seeing soon and working with you on the greatest show on earth – UBKB!

Roofied 3 - The Lethal Dose is now available for your viewing pleasure at the very reasonable price of 4.99 at

Roofied 3 The Lethal Dose

Jon P: For anyone reading this who is thinking why is he asking that.  It’s because I can and gives me a chance to pull a friends leg now he is a movie star. That will teach him for not signing my book.

Stu A: Haha Nope mate no movie star, at least not yet but who knows, but if you hadn’t took this piss even just a little bit then it wouldn’t be us would it, we have been friends for a lot of years mate so you always have my permission to take the piss, but just a bit.

Jon P: Ok my friend this is the most important question of all. How can I and the thousands of people who hang on my every word ( That would be mum more than vast amounts of people ) see this film and why would I be kicking myself if I didn’t?

Stu A: Well as yet I don’t know the full arrangements, however, make sure to like and and share the official facebook page of the movie and of course my own page and my website where regulaur updates will be given. Oh and make sure to like and share the official page of UBKB – Ultimate Bare Knuckle Boxing at its got nothing to do with the film but its class.

Jon P: As always I finish off by saying a big thank you to my guest and giving them the chance to say thank you to those they would wish to. They are also welcome to say ‘Go soaks ya head’ to anyone they wish but thank you tends to be better.

Stu A: Haha, big love, respect and friendship for you always brother

Jon says: So, there we have it thanks again to Stu and try and support the film by watching it because as is the case with many gems they are found not in the big budget films, bands or shows but more at a level where real people are going for it but without the benefit of unlimited funds.

Well I’m off to get roofied, so to speak, if you have enjoyed this I am as always Jon P and we are Cage Amateurs UK If you did not I am Andrew Juby currently on location making movies about boats. 

Roofied 3 The Cast


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