Scott Midgley


Published December 2014

Scott and James Quinn

Kris Megaw. Hi Scott to kick things off could you tell the fans how you got into Bare Knuckle Boxing?

SM. I've always been a fighter, my family are fighters and I won't lie I used to love having any sort of fight I could with anyone anywhere. My dad is my hero always has been always will be and he's one hell of tough guy and he raised me to be like him. But as for B.K.B. a mate of mine asked me if I'd seen some of these Bare Knuckle fights in a pub on YouTube and said I should get into it. At the time I didn't know but it was the Dave and James fight, I watched them all and kept watching for a while. I was chatting to an old mate of mine from the army and we were talking about the days when I was a bit of a tear away and some of the things I did and I mentioned the fights on YouTube. He said he knew the name of the guy running it. He was called Andy and he's on Facebook. I found him, added him, and got some tickets to come watch B-BAD 7. Two weeks before B-BAD 7 he asked if I was up for a fight. I said no as i'll just come to watch this time. I watched it and enjoyed it. Later I re-read Andy’s message about the fight I could of had and he said the kid was called Aaron and was very game. Wish I'd of took it now.

Straight after B-BAD 7 I told him I want to fight and I want the best, B-BAD Wales was too soon for me to train for so I said i'll fight at Hinckley. I could see no one was taking Nat Taylor's offer to fight so I thought lets get it on.

KM. Where did you learn to box?

SM. My first experience of anyone showing me or training me properly were with my cousin as kids. We used to go to a local boxing club. But I'm from a tough estate and used to prefer a good old street fight over boxing. But later when I joined the army I found the love for it again but this time I was older, fitter and more determined. I found I was very good and had freakish punching power.

KM. How often do you train?

SM. I'm injured at the moment but before this I would train 6 days a week and sometimes twice a day. There's no denying we trained hard. I'm happy with my training and even happier with my new boxing gym with Nate dog and Jordan. Brendan can push me hard and knows my limits too. Me and Nate will have some messy sparring sessions once my legs better, he's a decent boxer and I hit like a Mac truck so we will test each other in sparring as its hard to work around Nathan's fast jab, and he's fairly heavy handed him self.

KM. Who was your first fight with?

SM. My first fight was with some mad jock called Stevie lol, in B.K.B. anyway. But my first ever fight I probably couldn't tell you. I was a little shit my whole life and I've always been fighting from a young age.

KM. Before a fight what are you more scared of losing or getting hurt?

SM. I think by now people will know I'm about as tough as any man before me, so getting hurt never even enters my mind or thought but but losing does. It's more about losing in front of people who don't know you and may judge you purely on that performance.

KM. In the hour leading up to the fight, what goes through your mind? 

SM. I have had plenty of experience in getting ready for a fight, I have prepared to fight men with A.K.47's so no man stood in front of me is gonna put any sort of fear in me. The only person who could answer this best is Brendan Donahue, he's with me 24/7 leading up to a fight and he will tell you I'm the most chilled, relaxed and coolest guy ever before a fight.

KM. When you fight is your aim to hurt you opponent as much as possible or win the fight as quick as possible?

SM. This isn't going to sound nice but it's to hurt them. I have a good ability to turn my aggression on and off in a instant and once its aggression time all I want to do is put my fist through your jaw and break as many bones as possible. I want to show everyone what I can do. Although getting someone out there as quick as you can Is always better I always want to leave my guy in a mess.

KM. Who would you like as your next opponent?

SM. I've seen people not try answer this through respect but we are fighters, I would like Seth or Ross next I think. They are both great fighters Ross has been on a 3 fight win streak with 3 knockouts and his only loss is to Seth. Seth looked absolutely fantastic in his last fight very sharp and he's a very well known and popular name. So i'll watch B-BAD Bradford and see who wins and go from there. I like both guys and have nothing but respect for them but I'm not here to pussy foot around anyone, I want to fight the best and to do that I've got to earn it by beating people like Seth to get a crack at the title. But I also want to fight a few of the heavy weights too. But think I've got to have some good fights at middle weight. 

The guys I admire the most like Dave and James would fight any man no matter what the weight so I want to do the same. When you get into a pub fight you never ask the guy what he weighs before you step out side do you? All my life I have knocked out guys twice my size that's what I'm very well known for.

B-BAD New Era SmallKM. How many fights do you wish to have in 2015?

SM. I'd fight at every B-BAD show as long as I'm fit and healthy. That's gods honest truth.

KM. With B-BAD spreading it's wings in America would you like to fight for B-BAD on American soil?

SM. Dam strait pal. I'm already getting a lot of attention from the Americans, I don't know if it's because I look like I have just walk out of Westlife and it's not what they expect a hard, tough man to look like or weather it was the fact I fought the way I did in the last fight with the injuries. Either way they're liking me. What's not to like? I'm a loveable chap. Lol

KM. Who would you like to fight over there?

SM. Well if there is gonna be the same fighters I've watched Bobby Gunn and Decca fight send them all on the same night. Not one American has impressed me to think fucking hell he's gonna be a hard fight. Americans are talented boxers, no doubt, but they haven't been raised and brought up like us U.K. and Irish guys. We fight growing up, they get into a scrap and a gun gets pulled out, there's a difference in being a fast and skillful boxer and a tough hard hitting man, for a B.K.B. fight anyway. From what I've seen they quit easily and as soon as they are hurt or get a cut. So I'm not bothered too much about them yet. Maybe as the sport grows we will see better harder guys who knows. The UK and Irish guys are the toughest in my eyes.

KM. With B-BAD crossing the pond, could you see B.K.B. becoming a mainstream sport?

SM. It's going to full stop. It's not if but when. It's all about getting the publicity through. Media, papers, radio and TV need to hear about us more.

KM. I watched you fight at Newcastle with a bad injury. I have to say you have the heart of 10 lions, could you talk us through the injury?

SM. Most people who are friends with me on Facebook may have seen the picture of my ankle but I didn't post them in B-BAD because a win is a win and I would never take the win away from Aaron. But 1 minute into the fight I was swinging for him and he caught me on the chin but the weight and motion of my body carried on turning me as I went down but my ankle stayed in the same position and then the weight of my body bent and twisted my ankle.
As I got up I nearly fell again but at the time I didn't know I'd done anything, all I can say is it was like my leg had gone to sleep because every time I put pressure on I was stumbling. I tried to stamp it on the canvas to wake it up and shake it off but it didn't work. I then realised it was fucked. But call it ego, call it pride, call it stupidity, call it brave but I just thought fuck it, it's a fight lets carry on, all I need is to hit you right and your going to sleep and I knew he couldn't rock or knock me out he hasn't got that sort of power. He hits from a short distance and doesn't have the correct motion to follow through with his punches. I later broke my left hand and I walked into a clean strait right that fractured my cheek bone. That made me see double for the rest of the fight. I had to try keep that eye closed to see him but then my depth perception was all gone as twice I swung for him thinking he was in front of me but he was a couple of meters away.
I missed and fell over myself like some pissed up lad out side a pub lol. By this time the pain in my leg was throbbing and I couldn't move side to side as I had to put pressure on it. I couldn't work his body because to work his left side of the body I had to put pressure on my right leg which I tried a couple of times but stumbled before throwing a punch then couldn't put enough pressure to try lift my head back up.
I defiantly couldn't box or dance out of the way so I thought fuck this all I can do is move forward take 10 of his to land my one. That never happened even when I dropped him I didn't catch him cleanly. He was patient enough just to let me walk forward and caught me on the way in. Like I said after to him though "I don't want to take the win away from him but if we were to swap the situation around and he had snapped his ankle, broke his hand and fractured his cheek bone I'd of taken him out in 20 seconds flat so the rematch was going to be a different story." I just know I'm better but couldn't physically show it which gutted me.

KM. How long will it take for your injuries to heal 100%?

SM. Can't answer that mate because 100% will be a long time, but i just want to fight. It was only last week I was still in talks about fighting at Bradford. I will be back early in the new year for B-BAD no doubt.

KM. I know you are helping out at Bradford. Is that something you could see yourself doing later on down the line?

SM. I've got a lot of connections in the fight game. I'm a popular and likeable guy so I find it easy with my network of friends to find anything to do with boxing. I think before anyone should start thinking about doing events like this we should get B-BAD global and mainstream, then that will help you in the future too. I could find it easy going into something like this but I've got a fair few years left in the fight game yet.

KM. We saw you fight Stevie Cairney after someone no showed! Do you admire him for that?

SM. No he's a prat for doing it lol. That day I was in a bad mood from all the drop outs I have had and I really wish it wouldn't of been Stevie to step in. I'd been training for 3 months and was very fit and ready, so even if Stevie was a very tough guy the odds were always going to be against him. But yes I admire that man a lot for stepping in. There were many fighting lads in there who could of took his place but it was him what did it. I may have a solution to the drop out and no show problem but ill speak to Joe about it and I think it will help in the future. But back to Stevie he is a legend for doing that that day.

KM. What advice could you give to a young lad wanting to start B.K.B.?

SM. I'd say can't you be a doctor instead. If someone wants to get into this. Get to a boxing club. People may say don't fight on the streets but fuck that have a few scraps enjoy life and be a lad. I'm a lads lad, I enjoy life. It's ok having all the talent in the world but then when it comes to facing a guy one on one them nerves may kick in and beat you before he does. Having all kinds of fights can build your confidence and at the end of the day it's still experience. I don't mean be a twat and go round kicking off and being a bully. I mean don't shy or turn away from a fight. That's my take on life anyway, I'm not saying it's right. I get asked a question ill give my answer not a answer people think I should say. But a boxing club or a Mixed Martial Arts club is always the best thing to do.

KM. Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

SM. Well seeing as its midnight I will be in bed, can't say which side of the bed i'll be in though. I will still be fighting. I'm 30 but my body is still in great shape. Don't know why because I have abused it living a hard party life but it seems to have stood by me and I'm still very fit, strong and fast.

KM. If you could be in a fight with anyone past or present who would it be and why?

SM. Hard one as I've so many idols in boxing. I'd say Jack Dempsey, he's one of my hero's. He used to go round fighting men all over America in saloons Bare Knuckle and was a very tough freakishly hard puncher. But as for present fighters I'd like to smack Kell Brooke or Eubank Jnr. for personal reasons or have a barn brawl with Carl Froch. He's a tough hard hitter who doesn't back off.

KM. What are your thoughts on the B-BAD fans?

SM. My thoughts on the B-BAD fans, well there great and very passionate but I've seen there's over 10,000 fans and it's the same 30 people who comment or like. There's your die hard fans but I want to hear from the other 9,970 fans in there. Or I see if someone puts a video up and a fight you get all these arm chair experts who tell you what the guy is doing wrong or what he should do but they have never been to a B-BAD event. I think everyone in there should get involved, I want to hear you all.

KM. What are your thoughts on the B-BAD management?

SM. The management are great, Aaron does so much work people don't understand how hard he works for B-BAD. I mean he rings me at 2 in the morning just to ask what I'm wearing and if he can come watch me sleep. If that isn't dedication I don't know what is. Joe is a spot on guy and a honest bloke who will back up anything he says. I have a lot of respect for Joe and Aaron and i'll back them all the way in anything they do.

KM. I suffer from a social anxiety disorder which the B-BAD family have helped me get closer to conquering. Has B-BAD helped you in any way outside of the ring?

SM. No mate I'd never wish my problems on my worst enemy, my life and family makes Jeremy Kyle like the family from the little house on the prairie so I'd not want them going through the crap I have gone through. But knowing the guys I know I'm sure they would be there. I'm very pro Cancer Charities and Help for Hero's and I have seen them give so much help and fund raising. Especially the Charlie Bronson fund raising which I back too. It's really nice to hear they are helping you too buddy.

KM. What hobbies do you have other than fighting?

SM. I'm a Dog Breeder and Dog Trainer. I also love Football, Motorcross, Dog Racing, Rugby and the outdoors. But most of all I love socialising, usually in the pubs or bars.

KM. I know you are now good friends with Stevie Cairney after he nearly beat you! He was wondering if you have a pair of lucky pants?

SM. Lol yes I do. My lucky Superman boxer shorts. It usually involves me been pissed up standing on a table in a bar with my pants down pretending I'm Superman flying through the air. 

KM. Who is better looking you or Joe Bbad?

SM. Come on that's like asking who's better looking Brad Pitt of sloth from the Goonies, I'm Brad Pitt by the way.

KM. Why do you use spray tan? My Mrs wears spray tan!

SM. Never had a spray tan in my life, but I'm partial to a sun bed or 2. Moisturising after to keep the skin looking fresh. Are these Stevie's wank material questions? They are really not for B-BAD are they? He's keeping these and reading them at night the perv!

KM. My final two questions are about the Bare Knuckle legend Stevie Cairney. Stevie had his mum at Bradford, do you think that she was there just for back up?

SM. I think it's so she can crack me with her hand bag.

KM. Are you faking your injury because your scared of Stevie's mother?

SM. Yes mate I have been hopping on one leg crying in pain at night just for that reason. I was more scarred of his daughter when she bollock'd me on the phone but now I know his mothers coming I may not turn up now.

Scott had this to say on B-BAD Promotions.

My little view on B-BAD is this. If the fans can start attending more shows, maybe sharing the B-BAD videos more, then the UK scene will be huge. I believe the UK and Irish fighters are the best in the world and America is where the fame and fortune is so I believe we need each other to grow. What Andy did to get B.K.B. going is unthinkable and what Joe is doing taking it global and mainstream is gonna be unstoppable. I came in here to test myself against the best in the UK full stop. We can all claim to be the toughest guy in our town or city but that's an invisible title you can never really claim. But testing your self against the best in the UK that's different and there are actual titles to say your the best Bare Knuckle fighter in the UK.

I've changed things up this time. We all know Joe is out in America and extremely busy so I asked Stevie Cairney to say a few words on Scott.

“ I first met Scott at Holyhead. When you meet Scott the first thing you notice about him is his fantastic smile, which he has a great personality to go along with, even spending five minutes with him you feel like you’ve known him all your life. He is a caring dad with one of the biggest hearts I have ever seen in a man. Come 2015 big things are to come for this man, WATCH THIS SPACE!!!”

I would like to thank Scott Midgley for taking the time to do my interview, its been some laugh Bro!!

Thanks again to all the Bosses and Fans and of course the fighters for their continued support.

B-BAD New Era


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