Seamus Devlin


Published May 2018

I personally have seen this guy fight only once in his B.K.B. career and that was at top show Ultimate Bare Knuckle Boxing where he mixed with names such as Chris Wheeldon and Sean McFarlane but he has appeared on the fight card at the Bolton Bible and on the 11th of this month he will be adding another promotion to his list. Seamus has also had a few gloved boxing bouts in his time and it was one such possible gloved bout which mean't had to leave in a hurry mid interview. More about that later. Recently he contacted me regarding some video footage so it seemed a shame not to find out a bit more about him and his up and coming bout on Stevan Millers Promotion, Rogue Elite. This is how it went.

Hi Seamus first question.

Seamus Devlin and Chris Milky
Jon P: For anyone who does not know this fighter we will do the usual and start at the beginning. So tell us a little about how you started in the world of Combat Sport?
Seamus Devlin: I started in Bare Knuckle Boxing 18 month ago, I had no boxing background at all and I started from the bottom. I was given a great opportunity by Shaun and Amanda Smith who introduced me to the world of Bare Knuckle fighting. I started training there with numerous names on the Bare Knuckle scene like Sean McFarlane and Chris Wheeldon and the rest is history. That was my introduction into combat sports through Smithy's gym Warrington.
JP: So 18 months ago you woke up and thought " I know I will start fighting in B.K.B. bouts." Fair play but wouldn't a better past time to have taken up D.I.Y. or something rather than someone trying to bash you?

SD: I always knew I didn't fit into the normal ebb and flow of society and I was fine with that. In the world of Bare Knuckle Boxing I found a way to utilise my talents and channel my energy into something I'm passionate about! D.I.Y. and other outlets are safer granted, but I am passionate about Bare Knuckle and Boxing and it was always something I wanted to do and with the Semi Pro scene booming also it was a good time to get into game. I was always told " use what you have lots of, not what you have none of." I have a big heart and a good mind set and it goes a long way in the sport.
JP: Good walk on music as well It must be said. Couple of good names you train with. I would feel a bit strange training with them and then fighting some one I was mates with. Does this affect how you fight or is it a case of business as usual once you step into the ring.

Thanks for the reference to the my walk out music.It is an Irish folk song that reminds me of my father who'sSeamus Devlin Before The Fight memory I fight for. I lost my father to Cancer over 6 years ago so to answer the question of fighting friends or training partners etc I haven't yet fought competitively against a friend, but if the offer was there I would, and do it like it is, as business and not personal. It's a gentlemen's sport and a honest environment and I'll fight any one. So yeah it's just business. Some of the best names in the game showed me the ropes including the former British Light Heavyweight Champ and dear friend Sean McFarlane.
The Sean and Karl fight on Ultimate Bare Knuckle Boxing's first show was an epic I wasn't there but having watched the video that was a fight to the end. But moving on you are fighting at Rogue Elite this time, is this a change of direction do you fight anywhere rather than one show?

Where do I start on the Karl and Sean fight. WOW two men's men right there and take it from me they are two of the finest, respectful, gents you could possibly meet. That fight was unreal and I watched that from the ring apron. I will fight on any platform sir I was lucky enough to be contacted by Steven Miller to fight on the historic Rogue 1 event. When I started 18 months ago if someone would of told me I would be on the same card as the likes of Melvin Guillard, Luke Atkins and Davie Joyce i'd of asked what you were smoking lol. But here I am! I've lived literally in the gym for large periods of time and fought wherever against whoever. I'm a free agent who will fight on any platform. I currently fight out of Lacey's Gym in Farnworth and that's the place that has made me the fighter I am today. My head coach Baz Neil and his team have worked tirelessly with me at their expense sometimes and I owe a lot to my coach and gym for being where I am today.
Jon P: It was at this point that I had just sent him the next question and was waiting for his answer when his partner Danielle messaged me to say Seamus had just received a phone call to say there was a possible fight in Wolverhampton for him and to get himself down there rapid. I've heard of fighters taking fights at the last minute but this really was the last minute. Seamus being a family man and thus having other people to consider plus having his partner online I thought I may as well ask her the next question instead asking the fighter which is what I would normally do. 

JP: Do you go and watch him fight and how do you feel about him fighting especially Bare Knuckle?

Seamus On The StairsDanielle: 
I do as much as I can sometimes it's hard with the kids to get a babysitter etc. I've never watched him Bare Knuckle Boxing, so the first one I go to watch will be Rogue 1 on May 11th. 
I don't mind at all I try and support him In his dream as much as I can.
Jon P: Next day I caught up with Seamus only to hear the fight he had rushed off to in Wolverhamton was cancelled at the last second as the other fighter failed to turn up. I'm not sure how this problem can be sorted out as many a fighter and promoter has suffered from this and at the end of the day it is a waste of everyone's time. I am not talking about genuine injuries but I was at a Cage Fighting show or Mixed Martial Arts show if you prefer, talking to the promoter when he received a call from a fighter to say "I can not fight today as my wife has gone shopping and left me too look after the two kids." You couldn't make this shit up. Anyway I digress.

JP: I enjoy the Ultimate Bare Knuckle Boxing promotion run by Shaun and Amanda Smith. I love the venue, the crowd is great, the fights are exciting in fact everything about it. Mr Miller's Rogue Elite are on their first show so I can't comment on that one yet. The first show I attended was the original B-BAD in October 2012. It was kind of strange as I had never attended anything like it in my life. To be real honest with you I did not know what to expect and was a little unsettled but it was great and I loved it. What would you say to someone who was thinking of coming to a show? To be fair the differences between B-BAD 2 and the U.B.K.B. show are massive and the main stream media are more on board with things. The media stance has changed a lot recently but there are mixed messages to people about the whole thing. How would you tempt people to come and see a show when they may have read things such as "Do you want this coming to your town?" and other creative headlines.

I'm a massive advocate of the sport and it is actually safer than boxing too believe it or not. Pugilist syndrome is far less likely to occur in Bare Knuckle Boxing but I suppose it's pick your poison. Also with people like the Smiths, B.K.B. and Mr Steven Miller on the scene I feel it can come to fruition, that shows have an intense atmosphere also. I would recommend any fight enthusiasts or fight fans come and watch B.K.B.
JP: You also do gloved boxing how long have you been doing that?
SD: I did B.K.B. first then I learned the basics of boxing, I'm a former County Champ with the U.B.B.F. and officially ranked with them. U.B.B.F. is the United British Boxing Federation run by the best ref in the Semi Pro scene, G Man Faisel Ghazgazi. So about 18 months now but properly training for about a year now. and I like to stay active. lol

JP: Next question. Apart from the obvious of one type of boxing wearing gloves and the other not do you fight different from a tactical point depending on which type of bout you are fighting?

SD: It is different for a few reasons. B.K.B. is a pugilist sport and you have to pick shots as opposed to throwing away shots in the hope to land one. For example in a gloved contest you can throw shots as a distraction throw them with more reckless abandonment. In Bare Knuckle Boxing if the shots don't land on a soft area i.e. the cheek or their jaw and you hit their skull it tends to hurt your hands lol. Gloved is actually worse for your brain as you can absorb the shock from shots as the gloves smother the hand lessening the units of pressure in the shot. Like I said before, pick your poison some might say. I love both sports. 
JP: I believe you have another bout at the weekend against a very experienced fighter. Last minute match up,  too me it looks like you prefer to do it that way. Am I right in saying that and if so you must have to keep your training at a consistently high level rather than build up for a bout. If I am wrong what situation do you prefer?
SD: To be honest I like full camps and preparation, but last minute guys are always needed and I have more balls than ability some would say lol. I love testing myself but to answer the question directly no I don't prefer it! and I train as hard if not harder than any one. I have had blips this year and haven't been in peak shape and it comes at a cost...but I'm nearly back to peak shape.
JP: Do you have any particular fighters in the current B.K.B. scene you particularly like to watch fight?
SD: Yeah my biggest Influences and Bare Knuckle idols are Jimmy Sweeney and Jimmy McCrory those men for a few reasons I love to watch and support them all the way. Dave Radford was a legend and great to watch and I am a fan of Scott Midgley also, he's a hard man and all action fighter, not my style but admirable nonetheless.
JP: Some good choices there. Ever thought of going along the Mixed Martial Arts Route?

SD: No my friend I think it's a lot more intricate and at 28 when I started it was no time to try Mixed Martial Arts and make a proper go of it.
JP: What would your routine be on fight day. Some people like to do certain things like listen to music or go to the gym. What is fight day like for you?
SD: I try...try being the operative word lol, to relax. If I get to psyched up I lose energy so music on and chill is the best way I would say.
JP: One more question before we wind this up where did "The Celtic Cobra" come from?

My dad was an Irish Republican and also a big Celtic fan and my fighting name was always gonna be something with an Irish twang lol.
Jon P: Well thank you very much for taking time to do this and I hope you have a great fight in Coventry at Rogue 1. Before we finish up is there anyone you want to say Hi, Thanks or Bollocks too?

eah...a massive shout out to Chris Milky from the Booyar Gym and massive a shout out to Baz Neil my coach if it wasn't for him I wouldn't be the fighter I am today. A
ll my family, my brother Adam, Alex and Patrick, three of my biggest fans and a great support network. They all need a mention along with my long suffering missus lol. Last few, can I say " A huge thanks to Stevan Cyril Miller for the opportunity to fight on Rogue Elite 1 on the 11th May" and a big shout out to Mark Cox from Bridgewater, Marley Tomlinson and Sam Robson.
JP: Mate it has been a pleasure talking to you and once again I thank you for giving up your time. I appreciate it. 

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Here are a couple of videos of Seamus "The Celtic Cobra" Devlin in action. The first from The Bolton Bible and not filmed by us, so thank you to who ever did film it. This is linked from Chyna Green on YouTube.

The second was filmed by us so no messing around. Just click it too watch. After a good fight Seamus sadly does not win this one against Kenny Barnes at U.B.K.B.'s second show held at Colwick Hall Nottingham.

Thank you to anyone who's footage or still images I may have used please contact me so I can give you credit for your great work, Thanks Jon P

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