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Published January 2018
UBKB Fighter
Sean "The Razor" McFarlane will be defending his Ultimate Bare Knuckle Boxing British Light Heavyweight Title at Manchester on March 10th in what should be a cracking fight.
Just enough time for me too grab him between his work, family and training for a brief chat.

Hi Sean thanks for taking time out to talk to me. If your ready let's do this.

Jon P: For anyone who does not know Sean has fought on all the three previous shows with a draw on the first one followed up by two wins. How many bare knuckle fights  have you had altogether?

Sean: Thanks Jon for giving me the opportunity to tell people a bit about myself. I've had 6 wins all first round KO's 1 draw and 1 loss to Jimmy Sweeney. That wasn't my best performance on that night but to be fair he was in a different league to me and 90% of the lads on B.K.B. circuit. Still happy with what I've achieved since I began fighting.

Jon P: Previous to Bare Knuckle Boxing had you had any other combat sport involvement or did you wake up one morning and think I fancy a Bare Knuckle Boxing bout?

Sean: When I was in the army i had 4 fights but only at squadron level. I've been competing most of my adult life on and off for different gyms and had 19 gloved fights in all W 17, D 1, L 1, only 2 White Collar. 

Jon P: You mentioned when we first spoke about doing this interview that you worked so it would be best to do this at the weekend. What job is it you do?

Sean: I work as a Traffic Management Foreman on area 10 for one of the biggest construction companies in Europe, it's a good job it gives me my wife and kids a decent living.

Jon P: As you work full time how do you find fitting training into your busy working week and what would your usual training schedule be?

Sean: Because I work shifts when I'm on days I train at 5 in the morning, some weeks I work 72 Hrs and still manage to train a minimum of once a day 6 days a week. It helps a lot having a training partner and good friend Chris Wheeldon, who works round my times. I appreciate that a hell of a lot.

Sean McFarlane CelebratesJon P: Your a family man what does your wife think about you fighting and does she come and watch you fight?

Sean: My wife Lilly is really supportive and helps me with my diet, cooks me a different meal to her and the kids and is understanding about the time I sacrifice training. She comes to watch every fight but never stays in the room to actually watch it. I wouldn't be were I am with out her in my life.

Jon P: You are currently the Ultimate Bare Knuckle Boxing British Light Heavyweight title holder and your fight on March 10th is against Karl Hazelden who you fought on the first U.B.K.B. show resulting in a draw. This time you have the belt to loose will you be ramping up your training taking into account your last meeting was the only U.B.K.B. fight you have not won?

Sean: The more you succeed in B.K.B. the fights always get harder but every time I step in the ring I take something away with me and build on it to improve. I take this fighting game very serious and my training gets harder every fight camp, because I only expect the best out of my self, nothing but a win is acceptable that's what I'll be aiming to achieve.

Also I would like to add that Karl is a very tough lad but a great fella, family man and I have got nothing but respect for him and want to wish him a safe fight. But this will be an all out battle 5 rounds and I hope it goes the whole 5.

Jon P: Who is your favourite bare knuckle fighter and why? This can be any fighter but alive preferably.

Sean: This is a tough one because I respect any man that chooses to put himself on the line in any contact sports but Jimmy Sweeney to stay undefeated for 17 fights I think lol is some achievement. Also Luke Atkins, Andy Robo, Chris Wheeldon, Sean George, Jimmy McCrory all dedicated to the sport. 

Jon P: That question is always a bit of a stinker to be fair but that is a list of fine fighters.

Jon P: The fight card for 10th March is looking good I appreciate your busy on the day but is there any of the fight on the card catches your eye in particular that you would like to watch?

Sean: I really enjoyed Josh Foreman's fight last time both lads gave it everything and this ones 5 rounds so can truly say this one will be a top fight. 

Jon P: How do you feel on the day as your fight get nearer and the moment for you to start walking becomes imminent. How does it compare now to the very first time?

Sean: If anyone says they don't get nervous then there talking shit. I just try to channel that and focus on what I am here to do and that's win it. Defiantly gets easier the more I fight. One thing I can say is I'm never worried about getting hurt I'll keep coming forward no matter how hurt I am.

Jon P: How much longer do you see yourself continuing as a Bare Knuckle Boxer?

Sean: At the minute I'm loving everything about U.B.K.B. and I love to challenge myself so hopefully I'll be around bit longer. But there will come a time where I have to call it a day, it will be the day I wake up and don't feel the love for the sport anymore but that's not going to be anytime soon.

Jon P: Cage Fighting or Mixed Martial Arts as I should really call it is very popular have you ever thought about going down that road or is it B.K.B. all the way for you?

Sean: Defiantly B.K.B. all the way, maybe gloved fights again but Mixed Martial Arts isn't for me. I've tried it before and it's not my cup of tea.

Jon P: Is there anyone on the U.B.K.B. list of fighters that you would like to fight in particular? As this is just a theoretical question you can choose anybody from any weight division.

Sean: I was thinking of going down a weight after this fight but that's something I need to speak to the management team about. I'll fight anyone really but my main concentration has to be on March 10th so won't be looking past that date for now Jon.

Jon P: Before I finish up, one more question and I think I will ask this to all the fighters I speak to. As we know Shaun and Amanda Smith are the promoters of this show. Amanda in particular I am going to ask about so choose your words carefully lol. What is it like fighting for a female promoter, does she have net curtains and potpourrie all over the place? Go on you can tell me no one will ever know.

Sean: Amanda once said to me I call her more than her husband when you have a problem Amanda will go out her way to sort it so having a female promoter is working out prefect as you can see from the success of U.B.K.B.

Jon P: No potpourrie then.

Jon P: Well thank you for allowing me to have this interview with you I have enjoyed it I hope you have too. One last thing to do. Is there anyone you wish to say Hi, Thanks or Bollocks too?

Sean: Massive thanks to all the U.B.K.B. management team so much hard work gets put in to give everyone a night to remember. Thanks to all my sponsors mattoo's tattoo studios Warrington and ULOAD man and van service, J&J brickwork, Castle Kings Inflatables. All the friends, family that come to support me and all the U.B.K.B. fans, I look forward to seeing you all March 10th and Thank You Jon it's been a pleasure.

Jon P: Thank you Sean as always when I do these interviews I always find there is such a depth of character to fighters. A depth I can not really cover in such a short time you have certainly been no exception so any fans at a show go speak to the guys and say hello. I'm know they appreciate your support and you will find they are not just a bunch of guys that like beating the crap out of each other. That they do for fun, beyond that they are just normal guys but with a passion to prove themselves in combat. Do I understand it? Not really but they are without a doubt some of the most decent people I have met. Thanks again Sir I look forward to seeing you at the show.

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Footage of the first time Sean McFarlane and Karl Hazelden met on February 4th 2017

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