Seth Jones


Published May 2015

This interview has come about under strange circumstances mostly due to the fact that Seth is currently in the care of H.M.P. Stoke Heath. I first met Seth at B-BAD 2 way back in October 2012 this was my first contact with bare knuckle boxing and in all honesty I did not know what to expect. We interviewed Seth and after we had finished I said to him that he seemed really nice but there is something about him that unsettled me as he obviously had not come to be nice. 
I can confirm he hadn't gone their to be nice and beat Mathew Thorn in round 2. After the fight he was back to normal, an ability all the guys in bare knuckle boxing have and I would guest the majority of fighters. 
Seth Jones

From there on we saw Seth at B-BAD 3 and then at various times from then including the time I jumped into his car after B-BAD 7 thinking it was the car of the person taking me home. Luckily Seth didn't think I was some kind of carjacker and knock me out. After offering me a lift to Wales if I would like it, a rather confused me got out and found the correct vehicle.
Seth ran the B-BAD Wales group, fights both gloved and ungloved trained to be a solicitor and is one of the 'originals' from B-BAD. If anyone is looking to make a film about someone then I believe Seth Jones is your man and would lead into some very interesting situations between the man locked up waiting to get out before his partner gives birth and the man from earlier years.
Now I am a bit of a Seth fan and have been writing to him more so because he is part of the group and just because he is out of the limelight doesn't mean he should be forgotten. I see much talk of love, loyalty, respect and family but unless you actually follow the meaning of these words then why the fuck use them.

Anyway this interview came about from an email I sent Seth and half jokingly suggested we do an interview. A bit of a misunderstanding happened as Seth thought I mean't a video interview which would not be allowed but he sent me an interview he has made up from past questions and some rather skill full between the lines stuff. 

Enough waffle from me I will leave the rest to Seth from behind locked doors.
Jon P. Seth you are in prison right now !?
Seth Jones. Yes Jon I got some hard time. I'm doing it for hitting some guy for calling my family  spazzers   (I had a bit of trouble reading the word but I am sure you get the idea Jon P)
Jon P. When are you due out?
Seth Jones. End of June/July.
Jon P. What are things like for you at the moment?
Seth Jones. Well to be honest Jon I am missing my Laura and missing out on the pregnancy, scans and feel lousy for not being there when needed. In here it is a mundane daily routine. Monday to Thursday weights, gym and up to four sessions of cardio a week. Food is shit!
Jon P. What do you think of B-BAD at the moment?
Seth Jones. Well I have been loyal to B-BAD as I created B-BAD Wales and named Bare Knuckle, Broken Knuckle and Dust Ups. When Joe took over it was a blessing. I remained loyal to the promotion company and I successfully promoted the Welsh Groups own show. If Joe sells up, which I believe is on the cards, well my loyalty ( sworn ) will still be to Joe but I will go on my own with a B-BAD Wales group of real Bad Ass fighters.
Jon P. So if Joe sells at some point, hypothetically speaking,  ( Don't want to start no rumours ) you would go it alone promoting and would that be managing as well?
Seth Jones. Yes I will.
Jon P. So what would your plan be?
Seth Jones. I would use other promoters for example Raging Bull and Knuckle Promotions and create a non squabbling promotion geared at unattached new fighters and those linked through other companies. Anyone who wants to fight basically. 
Jon P. What do you think of the current state of the BKB world and as your loyalty lies with B-BAD especially them?
Seth Jones. As it stands B-BAD is starting to look like a joke according to some fans I am in contact with. The admin should not air any of their views on open chat and all. But topic of conversation should be approved as a tight group of practices with Joe having the final say as to what is and what is not allowed on the chat.
Jon P. For anyone reading this who does not know you you sound very passionate about the sport.
Seth Jones. Joe has begun to promote the sport of BKB and it looks like admin are a bunch of amateurs making the group look stupid.
Jon P. What do you think of the Arron Gaughan fiasco?
Seth Jones Andy Topliffe and Paddy MonaghanSeth Jones. I believe he challenged me? Lets get this straight. I will fight any man, but I don't class him as a man he is a *****. Any fight with this category I bring a noose. I am doing bird for hitting a man and it makes me sick that a ***** walks free.
Jon P. What about the rest of BKB?
Seth Jones. Maybe I did not get my point across earlier. To me each group looks willing to pull the next group down instead of working with them. In doing so they limit the fighters available to fight and more shows for fighters without contracts holding back the progression of the sport.
Jon P. What are you plans for the future upon your release?
Seth Jones. My plans are to get out and prepare for the birth of my child and prepare for a title fight in the short term. In the long term be a decent Father and Family man and look after my Laura and family to the best of my ability. I am establishing a charity for children caught in the middle of domestic violence and short lives, collecting cash, scrap metal, clothes, furniture and anything donated opening shops to sell the good. It is in the first development stage but the money raised will go into 'investment'! I hope that answers the question. Pretty much Jon P. 
Jon P. What about the whole Pay Per View situation?
Seth Jones. It is a bit of a joke Jon and a real shame as Pay Per View will help promote BKB and generate the much needed cash that will bring higher standards. I will or should I say, aim to build my own P.P.V. channel called B-BAD Wales promoting all manner of fights, M.M.A. Kick Boxing, BKB will all be advertised what ever the fighting style.
Jon P. How do you think things will go in Thailand?
Seth Jones. I won't be going unfortunately but I will get out there with Laura maybe for their next solar eclipse. I wish all the fighters well! I am sure it will be gigantic our fighters will love it!
So there you have it from the man himself. Some questions are things we have spoken about in the past mixed with a combination of reading between the lines and a few points Seth wanted to get across. Like I said we have spoken to or watched Seth in the past so I will put them up in case you haven't had the chance to view them.

Interview with Seth Jones at B-BAD 2


B-BAD 2 again with Seth fighting Mat Thorn

B-BAD 3 saw Seth in action after Ross Chittock stepped up to fight after Seth was left without anyone to fight

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