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Published June 2012

We didn't have too travel too far today as we headed off to Kancho Shihan Darren Murphys Kyokushin Dojo in our home town of Gillingham Kent. This Dojo boasts a nice size main hall and a weights room with all you would need to keep you at the cutting edge of your game. The Dojo is open seven days a week with various membership plans to suit all pockets. Darren is currently a 6th dan and is the head of the K.S.K. Union which has members world wide. Many thanks to Darren, Sempai Tony Card for taking over the class while we Interviewed Darren and respect to the guys who attended today's Competition especially Daniel Wyatt who gained 2nd place in his group.
Spartan MMA BadgeKyokushin is considered the strongest styles of Karate by many and from what we witnessed it's easy to see why this would be said.Things kicked off, so to speak, with warm ups followed by sets of other exercises including striking pads, kicking a heavy bag, punching etc to name but a few but all done full power and with maximum effort which set the temperature rising in the matted hall quite quickly. It was explained to us the students train at this pace on a regular basis as Shihan believes this the best way, as many good traditional martial arts dojo's do, so as when tournaments are taking place there is no need to up the pace as day to day training is already done as if every day is tournament day. A case of the old saying "Train Hard Fight Easy" definitely applied here. By the time Sempai Tony Case took over the remainder of the class while we interviewed Shihan some 60 minutes after the students started training me and Dan were about ready for a sit down for a break even though our input was only filming the training taking place and taking some photos. Credit to the students from the white belts through to the black everyone gave 100%  and their level of commitment to there chosen Art and training was clearly visible as although starting to look tired their hard work was keeping them going when many would have stopped.

Cage Amateurs UK would like to thank the writer of this piece taken from The Dojo's website.
The Spartan MMA Kyokushin Centre K.S.K. Honbu Founder is Kancho Darren Murphy 6 Dan who started karate back in 1977 with family members in Shotokan Karate and moved over after the opening of one of the first British Kyokushin Karate Dojo's in East London, under Hanshi Steve Arneil.

Darren trained at Bethnal Green karate club for several years before moving on with his uncle Graham Warden, and instructors, Nick De-Coster and Glen Sharp. He was graded by famous instructors like Roy Bantam and Joe Carolino at Seven Sisters Kyokushinkai Karate Club. Darren then moved on to a spin-off Kyokushin style called Sanshinkai, under The British All Styles Karate Organisation, run by instructor Joe Ellis, and gained his Second Dan Black Belt. At the time he competed at several championships, winning the East London Championships, Kent County Championships, Surrey County Championships, and the European Freestyle Open Championships, until moving on under the Independent All Styles Karate Union, to open his own full contact Kyokushinkai karate club.

Darren MurphyDarren then gained his 3 Dan under Tower Hamlets Full Contact Karate Ryu, winning his first full contact karate championship. Now a 3 Dan black belt Darren was promoted to 4 Dan, after he joined and graded with the International Karate Organisation when the world of Kyokushin split. 
Darren’s dojo’s still remained Independent even if Darren was an I.K.O. member. Kyokushin then settled into four main I.K.O's where one was the new I.K.O. Tezuka group, where he was elected European committee member for the I.K.O. Tezuka group.
At this time Darren was asked to open and run the first Independent Kyokushin Union, called the Kyokushin Schools of Karate (K.S.K. Union).This union was established in 1999 and gained lots of new members and within several years grew to over 300 members UK based.
Then in 2002 the K.S.K. Union become an international organisation by opening the first overseas branch in Pakistan, India and Sri Lanka and now 35 other countries to date. In the last ten years the Kyokushin Schools of Karate Worldwide under the Independent Kyokushin Union, has become one of the largest Kyokushin Unions in the world and Darren was elected life president by the Committee for services to the Union.
Today the K.S.K. Union is over 7000 members strong and has dojo's and memberships in, Europe, North, Central and South America, Africa, Asia and the Middle East including the South Pacific.
In 2009 The K.S.K. Union opened its full time Honbu, a two storey building housing, union offices, dojo and gymnasium. Which is named the Spartan MMA Kyokushin Centre, K.S.K. Honbu?
On the 24 September 2011, Darren decided to complete the 50 man Kumite test. 50 full contact Bare Knuckle fights with each fight lasting one minute with a fresh opponent for each round. There are no gaps between and each fight is on a continuous rolling system.
The Spartan MMA Kyokushin Centre, K.S.K. Honbu, is located at,
55 Green Street,
ME7 1AE.
Cage Amateurs UK's Dan Towers takes over the helm now and Interviews Kancho Darren Murphy.
A short video of Kancho Darren Murphy taking a class
Click here to see the interview we did with him after the class
Recorded Approx 17th June 2012

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