Spartan Way of The Warrior

Spartan The Way Of The Warrior

Published July 2015
SpartanSunday the 26th July 2015 saw me heading to Maidstone to attend local fighter and promoter Pete Stoten's show Spartan - The Way of The Warrior at Wonderland Night Club. For some, especially Pete, I am sure this was to be a bit of an unhappy day as this popular show that has held hundreds of bouts was to ring it's very last bell at this venue. No more walk on music, no more cheering enthusiastic crowd, no more warriors are to fight on this battleground.
It seems that the powers that be have decided to close the building as a night club/ entertainment venue and reopen it as a Trampolining Centre. A wise move some may say with Maidstone/Medway being a virtual hub of the Trampolining world having sent such great names as ......ummm... and......err...... bouncing into fame and glory.
Anyway I was a guest of Pete's for his last show at this venue and headed off full of the joys of spring jumping on the train at Gillingham and heading to Strood where I was to seamlessly cross to the other side of the platform and board the connecting train bound for Maidstone West and an afternoon of top notch boxing. Anyone who knows me can tell you that me and trains seem to have a misunderstanding between us. Be that my tripod jammed in the door or being on the totally wrong train, we just don't get on.
Being on the correct platform and without my camera gear it was looking like I had broken the curse until a rail worker shouted from the other platform 'You ok mate?'. Feeling on top of the world I thought that's nice and responded by telling him I was waiting for the Maidstone West train. 'Not today mate it is a replacement bus service' says he. Well F*ck my old boots thinks I as he prompted me to go jump on the bus that was waiting for me for the last five minutes. I would be lying if I said I was less than pissed off with the situation and rushed to the bus. That couldn't open it's doors!!! This resulted in everyone having to get off and jump aboard a very much smaller mini bus making me even later only to watch my phone gasp it's last as it went dead leaving me with no way of contacting Andrew Juby and letting him know what was going on.
At least it could get no worse I thought as the last passenger sat down next to me. Ah, Mr Smelly bloody typical.
As it worked out I arrived as the show started and met Andy at the door with little more than blocked sinus's as a result of my journey. It has too be said that Pete had a great venue and I could not say how many people were there but It was bursting with bodies which is always a good sign of how thing were about to go. Seating arrangement seemed to work and buying a couple of beers did not break the bank at £10 for over two pints of lager I was more than happy.
Now anyone waiting for me to do some kind of fight write up you are going to be disappointed but anyone wanting to know if it is a promotion worth going to for the money then you will certainly know by the time I finish. So far four ticks in the recommended box. The show was totally slick with no waiting around between bouts. Everything flowed nicely the ring announcer, who was also the referee kept things moving along nicely. I admit I rather liked the fact that none of the title fights were left as a draw another round taking place to decide the winner. The matches were very evenly balanced and personally I thought the judging was good and with some very tight fights it was tricky deciding who had won. Some of the fighters were local lads and very popular. This was a very noisy crowd who left you in doubt who they wanted to win. I have seen this affect the result but the judges stuck with what had just happened in the ring and did not let this influence them.
For me 22 bouts was a bit long but if you stayed the whole show you would have got your monies worth. The amount of rounds actually worked in a lot of ways as the venue was pretty much full for 95 percent of the show with a kind of rolling audience which also helped to keep the energy flowing.
All bouts are sanctioned by the UKBC which means the fighters results are recorded and with local businesses Peacock Gym of Cuxton and Unique Kickboxing of Chatham on the fight program it showed good local support. More ticks for the box.
Before I go on to the results of the bouts I thought I should ask Promoter Pete Stoten how he feels about the situation with the venue, having used Wonderland for his show for quiet sometime. I pretty much felt he wouldn't be joining the trampolining club so what was his next move?
Pete told me: 
I have been there 7 years and have promoted around Kent and Essex. I'm devastated but I'm moving on as it's such a strong brand the UKBC. 

I also asked him if he had any ideas for a future venue? He said: 
Priestfields Gillingham Football Club and the Gallery are next venues. I have such a solid team and good boxing connections there's not a gym or fighter I don't know in the U.K. or have most of their numbers so I am going to make this work wherever I promote, from a back garden to the Royal Albert Hall.

Pete Stoten and Team
Pete Stoten and some of the Team

Pete is set to carry on but there must be many memory's of the venue and the shows he has held there. Here is a post from Facebook that Pete put up after the final show.

I am overwhelmed with the endless posts, in boxes and text and wanna say a big thank you to God, my wife and family and strong team (far to many of us to name) the secret is have a solid family base and loyal friends. I'm lucky to many of these. Twelve weeks of matching, planning, flights, hotels and airport pick up also a lot of stress ended in a perfectly run ELECTRIC boxing event The crowd was nice the clubs and fighters were bang on the money. Every bout was 50/50 before the bell rang on ablity, weight and records and it showed no one sided beatings, every fighter showed skills and fitness and 'looked the part' a far cry away from this 'unlicensed' tag. All boxers are welcomed back regardless of wins or loses. Big thanks to Terry Hadaway who filled up the card with his army of 'MBC' boxers who gave up the home dressing room to make life easier when he had the choice ,never moaned about any decisions just got his long list of fighters ready utter professional ,be looking forward to working on a bigger scale with him. The new clubs CSA and KINGS gym were great to work with big thanks to the usual gyms I'm proud to promote Unique, Paul Wiffen, Boxsmart, Armour Plated, Pej all stars and big thanks to U.K.B.C. Fighting Fit Gym. My pal from Fighter Promotions Mark Ellins, a special mention to Jay and the Irish Team as always were a joy to work with and Samuel Frain my media guy. 


A few prats, a few voiced opinions of "NO ONES" and a few to many drinks in some cases.

The term 'Kent's Best Promoter' is getting a bit over used these days by promoters so I wont get involved with any self brand promoting, but all I wanna say is at any U.K.B.C. show you can expect a well run, carefully planned, electric event bringing all the borough together for a great nights entertainment. Boxing has been a massive part of my life for nearly 30 years and it will carry on for a while yet ..we're ready to rock again DEC 6TH so inbox me guys!!...Thank You and God bless!!!

Title Belts
My partner in crime who has also been known to scribe the odd sentence or two wrote: 

Huge thanks to Pete Stoten and his U.K.B.C. for their hospitality today at the 'Spartan- Way Of The Warrior' championship boxing event in Maidstone. In spite of a massive 22 bouts on the card, everything ran smoothly, all of the fighters turned up, and were really well matched- they fought like warriors. 3 fights were scored draws by the judges, so the ref put it to the crowd and the fighters, then an extra round was fought and winners declared! Pete is taking the show to a new venue soon, and I can tell you now, his shows are something else!

So there we have it. I personally would recommend either going to see this show at it's new venue or if you are a fighter contacting Pete and getting your place on the next card.
Being a local show I was expecting to see a few names that I know and sure enough I did. Zeki Hussain and Johnny Armour along with Zeki Faulds were there with fighters including Josh Mann who was on his first fight and Joe Potter who was fighting for the Southern Area Light Heavyweight Title.
While looking  through the fight card I spotted the name Josh Mann and straight away wondered how many Josh Mann's there can be. Not many it would seem as there he was making his way to the ring for his first bout. He was up against a much taller Ryan Williams but Josh didn't let this bother him and took the offensive from the get go and totally overwhelmed his opponent. I was once told it is easier to get power if you are punching up and this did seem to be the case with the shorter Mann push forward despite the longer each of Williams. The bout was finally stopped with Mann being declared the winner much to the delight of the crowd.
The second fighter I knew on the card was Joe Potter who had a title shot against Ryan Dibley from Portsmouth. Four rounds saw things even so despite both fighters looking tired it was agreed to go another round. Sadly for Dibley he sustained a cut to his head and after medical advice the fight was called off leaving Joe the winner. It was clear that Joe had not wanted to win that way but sometimes that is the way it goes. It took nothing from Dibley who got unlucky with the cut so he should not feel bad about his performance.
Joe said on Facebook 
Winning by a cut is never properly satisfying , but I asked for a tough fight and that's what I got.... I defo learned a few things which can only help me grow as a fighter, ( like stop blocking punches with my face ), Ryan was tough as old boots and i'll be straight up...... like f**k did I want that 5th round.

Fight Card 26/07/2015
Andzej ZinKenic - Dover
3 x 2 Minute Rounds
John Pope - Medway
Lee Stratton - Thanet
3 x 2 Minute Rounds
Sam Fuller - Maidstone
Ollie Mathis - Medway
3 x 2 Minute Rounds
Gary Hudson - Medway
UKBC Four Nations Title
Rob Muir - England
4 x 2 Minute Rounds
Damien Darker - Ireland
Charity Bout
Ryan Williams - Medway
3 x 2 Minute Rounds
Josh Mann - Medway
Steve David - Dartford
3 x 2 Minute Rounds
Chris St Clair - Maidstone
Chris Garnet - England
3 x 2 Minute Rounds
Glen Bryne - Ireland
Wayne Morley - Dover
3 x 2 Minute Rounds
Brad Austin - Leeds
John Bushel - Maidstone
3 x 2 Minute Rounds
Shane Hadaway - Maidstone
UKBC Southern Area Light Heavyweight Title
Joe Potter - Medway
 4 x 2 Minute Rounds
Ryan Dibley - Portsmouth
Tommy Adams - Maidstone
3 x 2 Minute Rounds
James Paul- Portsmouth
Special Contest
Ollie Lawrance - England
4 x 2 Minute Rounds
Jay Byrne - Ireland

UKBC Southern Area Super Middleweight Title
Slick Evans - Chatham
4 x 2 Minute Rounds
Lenny Fuller - Maidstone
UKBC Kent Middleweight Title
Andy Greenbank - Dover
4 x 2 Minute Rounds
Karn Murphy - Northfleet
UKBC Novice Title
Joe Draper - Maidstone
4 x 2 Minute Rounds
James Mahoney - Margate
UKBC English Heavyweight Title
Ashley Collins - Medway
4 x 2 Minute Rounds
Shaun Williams - Dudley
Craig Salmon - Crayford
3 x 2 Minute Rounds
George Abbot - Maidstone
Ricky Taplin - Medway
3 x 2 Minute Rounds
Mark Bond - Maidstone
Jamie McKeown - Dover
3 x 2 Minute Rounds
James Holcombe - Portsmouth
UKBC 4 Nations Title
John Caney - England
4 x 2 Minute Rounds
Damo Mates - Ireland
Warren Page - Sheppy
3 x 2 Minute Rounds
Charlie Adams - Maidstone
UKBC British  Light Welterweight Title
Matar Sambou- England
 x 2 Minute Rounds
Karl Kelly - Ireland

Fight one was a pretty steady bout but was won by a unanimous decision by local fighter John Pope
Fight two was taken by Maidstone lad Sam Fuller after Lee Stratton failed too come out for the second round
Fight three taken by Ollie Mathis
Fight Four after an extra round went too Rob Muir
Fight Five Jush Mann
Fight Six was given a draw
Fight seven was taken by Irelands Glen Byrne
Fight eight was a first round knock out by Wayne Morley giving him the win
Fight nine went to Maidstones Shane Hadaway
Fight ten Joe Potter
Fight eleven was a win for Maidstone's Tommy Adams
Fight twelve to England's Ollie Lawrence
Fight thirteen was taken Maidstone Fighter Lenny Fuller much to Slick Evans surprise
Fight fourteen was won by Andy Greenback who gave Murphy a hard time even getting him halfway out of the ring and had to be stopped by ref. The fight went 27 seconds into round 4 before it was finally stopped by the referee.
Fight fifteen say Joe Draper knocked out in the first round by Margate's James Mahoney
Fight sixteen went to Ashley Collins after an extra round. Previously Williams went between the ropes and only the quick action of people ringside save him injury. It did appear though that he had injured his back but was gracious in defeat even attempting to lift the winner.
Fight seventeen was a win for Craig Salmon
Fight eighteen Ricky Taplin was stopped in the first round 1.42
Fight nineteen went to the Portsmouth lad James Holcombe
Fight twenty saw plenty of action with both fighters trading blows. This one was finally taken by Ireland's Damo Mates.
Fight twenty one was a non title bout won by Charlie Adams
Fight twenty two the final fight of the night saw England's Matar Sambou take the title after six rounds of classy boxing against Ireland's Karl Kelly

Pete Stoten can be found on his Facebook page. Read a recent interview we did with Pete ahead of his bare knuckle bout against Craig Liptrot here on Cage Amateurs UK. I would like to thank anyone who's photo's I have used if you contact me I will be happy to give you credit. JonP


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