Stacy Hayes


Published June 2012
Stacy Hayes
Phil Doherty the man from the North speaks to up and coming lady fighter Stacy Hayes. This Interview was first published in The Martial News
GYM: Ministry of Martial Arts 
MARITAL STATUS: In a Relationship 
LOCATION: Romford, Essex 
OCCUPATION : Professional Fighter 
PRO RECORD:Wins 1, Losses 1, Draws 1 
PHIL Doherty: How long have you been training in martial arts Who did you start training with and where was this? What system was your first Martial Art?
Stacy Hayes: I have been training in Mixed Martial Arts continuously for 2 years now, I started at a young age with Taekwondo but stopped practising after a year or so. I started training with a small club in Essex then moved on to Titans in Edmonton London.
PD: What styles and system have you trained in over the years? Why did you choose those particular systems? What is the one system you enjoy the most and why?

SH: I have and currently trained in Muay Thai, Wrestling, BJJ and M.M.A. I like the combination of these Martial Arts together I think they represent each other really well for them to come together to be used in a Mixed Martial Arts fights. 
PD: Who is your hero and why?
Cris CyborgSH: My hero I couldn't say but a person I respect and really relate too is Cris Cyborg. I see a lot of myself in her, not her standard of skill as of yet, but I see her hunger for the sport her journey, her battles and her mind set shes a warrior. 
PD: What grades do you hold? And which one means the most you and why? How did you get involved with Mixed Martial Arts?
SH: Grades I don't hold grades when I was at Titan I steered from BJJ and concentrated of on Wrestling so the grades I would of been achieving in BJJ I was earning with experience in Wrestling. Now I've changed gym's I'll concentrate harder on my BJJ when I think I'm distancing or could be working harder on a particular Martial Art I'll steer towards that. 
PD: What is your normal daily training? What do you do to prepare for fight?
SH: Normal daily training would be lunch time and then evening and when I'm preparing for a fight its three times a day for four hours sometimes five in a day five to six days a week.
PD: Can you tell the readers about your first few fights?
SH: My first M.M.A. fight was against a girl from Lithuania she was an A.B.A. Boxing Champion with 200 fights behind her. She's a good boxer, I knew I had to take her to the ground well that's what I thought, so I prepared for ground work as my game plan. But when you're in the cage for the first time it all changes. Instead I ended up standing up with her I did take her down a lot but we weren't allowed head shots on the ground or elbows so I just kept standing up with her. It went all three rounds and I dominated her all three rounds and won by unanimous decision. My first Pro fight was a bit of a disaster I knew I had the fight coming up and left my Gym so I didn't have a gym to train in to prepare for the fight. I was so game for the fight I didn't step back to think. I hadn't done any cardio or even prepared for it so with only 10 days left to the fight I walked into Diesel Gym and they was kind enough to help me for seven days. My opponent had 10 weeks boot camp to prepare. 
PD How did you do?
The HammerSH: I think I did well. I went three rounds with her 3x5 min rounds. During the fight I could feel myself gassing but I wouldn't give up. I got the take downs but we got stood up. Unfortunately she did well in the second round and then in third round I went for the finish with ground and pound and took her down. I landed on her knee and winded myself and had to tap. The Ref said he saw me tapping but chose to ignore it as he knew me and couldn't believe it - charming! So she went round the back and started to ground and pound me whilst I was winded and then the fight got stopped. In my heart I don't look at that fight as a lost as I fought to my best with seven days hard training while she had 10 weeks and I walked out without a bruise and winded myself while my opponent was not in a good state. 
PD: And your second fight?
SH: My second Pro Fight was 10 weeks ago I had a eight week boot camp for that my first ever real boot camp and won that in 1 min 2 secs. She was a points Kick Boxer so I knew I had to take her to the ground. As soon as she threw her first jab I countered it and carried on as I saw it had rocked her. She then grabbed my waist and pushed me into the cage. I turned her into the cage and then she tried to take me down and I postured and took her down. I then based up and ground and pounded her and the fight got stopped. 
PD: What was your most memorable fight? Why?
SH: My most memorable fight will be my first ever fight. It was a Muay Thai fight and I had only had six lessons. The team was going to fight and I was told I could fight amateur. She had three years stand up behind her and after two minutes of fighting she told the ref to stop the fight due to my low leg kicks. That was a very proud moment for me that I'll never forget. I hadn't even told anyone I was fighting until I had the fight. That was when I realised this was why I'm here and what I'm meant to do in life. 

PD: What was your worst fight you remember? Why?
SH: My worst fight was my first Pro Fight because I got in the cage without a real boot camp and knowing I could of beat her if I had. But that's M.M.A. for you you never know whats coming next. I've learned from that I had to cancel a fight a few weeks back due to chest infection I got better last minute and wanted to fight and remembered what happened with my first Pro Fight so that was a lesson learned. 
PD: What are your ambitions for the future?
SH: My ambitions for the future are very high. I'm fighting the fifth best female M.M.A. fighter in the world in eight weeks in Marbella for Gladiator World Cup. I've been signed to a fight league in America, Triad Fight League. My next opponent in Marbella will be in my Team in the league, we're Miami Crush. I also have a fantastic manager in America Stanley Day who also manages Cris Cyborg and other great fighters. I'm very lucky but I will continue to work hard I have given up a lot to become a full time M.M.A. fighter it can be a very lonely life as a fighter but its worth it as I love it. I have a fantastic coach, Horia who pushes me very hard. The Ministry Of Martial Arts, Essex, is the best gym I have trained at so far they work me very hard and believe in me as a female M.M.A. fighter. I'd like to thank Gareth Tilley for all his hard work in my promotions and my coaches, team mates past and present, my sponsors and most of all my friends family and supporters... I'm eternally grateful to you all.
PD: Thank you Stacy...
SH: Thank you for interviewing me...
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