Steven Doran


Published August 2012
Stephen Doran
We finally caught up with Steve Doran, probably the most stylish man in M.M.A. after running the length and bredth of the country. Not strictly true but he was hard to pin down. Stephen Doran is half of the FURY M.M.A. Team which in our opinion is going from strength to strength at a rate second to none. If you have not been to a FURY show I would suggest you get yourself down to the O2 on the 8th of September and see what your missing. Enough from me Dan T asks the questions Steve Doran gives the answers.
Q/ How long have you been into Mixed Martial Arts ?

A/ I think I have been into M.M.A. before I actually knew what M.M.A. was.  My friends and I would always go to the local park and take turns to fight each other on the grass combining moves we had picked up from various books and martial arts classes.  I read a lot of Bruce Lee’s literature and became very interested in his hybrid martial arts system, Jeet Kune Do, ‘the style without style’.  I was a big fan of the early U.F.C. and remember as it changed from different styles being pitted against each other to an amalgamation of all styles, which was M.M.A. I didn’t start training specifically in M.M.A. till I was around 20 which was when I met Dan Movahedi who was my personal trainer at the time and over the years has become a very close friend.
Q/ You are now the proud promoter of FURY M.M.A. But what did you do before FURY?
A/ I was a firefighter for 7 years, from the age of 19. This job did a lot for me in terms of discipline and maturity as I was somewhat of a loose cannon growing up.  I was still firefighter when Fury first started but resigned officially last year in order to free up my time. I always ran a few other separate companies alongside working which are fairly successful and gave me the financial platform to invest in Fury but these businesses are all fairly self-sufficient now allowing me to focus fully on the event. I often say joining the fire brigade was one of the best things in my life but leaving it was much better.  It’s great to be so closely involved in a sport I enjoy so much.
Q/ Daniel Movahedi is your matchmaker, good choice may I add. Why did you choose Dan to do this?

Dan MovehediA/ Dan is the perfect guy to match fights for a number of reasons, first off he himself is a seasoned fighter and has a great understanding of different people’s abilities and styles, he seems to be able to visualise what combinations will make for an exciting fight.  Due to being so involved with the sport over the years he is well networked and knows everybody who is anybody in the sport.  He has a great eye for spotting up and comers, as he refs all around the country, well the world now in fact, I often get late night messages and calls from Dan when he finishes at a show saying ‘Steve, we have got to have so and so on the show’ and we generally always make it happen.  In credit to Dan the main feedback I get from spectators at every show is that the fights were some of the most exciting they’ve seen, I truly believe in terms of match making we have some of the best matched cards in the UK.

Q/ I notice you are doing a lot of M.M.A. training, could we see the Playboy fighting at the show anytime soon?
A/ Well I wouldn’t say I’m doing a lot compared to some guys I know but I get down the gym as much as my lifestyle permits. Mainly just because I love fighting and to help my team mates at S.J.M.M.A. with their sparring and help push them, not so much to compete as I’m not sure I’d have the time to fully commit to training and don’t believe in doing things in halves. That said I certainly wouldn’t rule it out as there I times when I get urges to up my game and compete but first I’d need to shed a lot of weight as I carry a lot of muscle and sit at 93 kg, which is Light Heavyweight and not a great weight for my height. If and when I do fight semi-pro or pro I’m not sure I’d do it on Fury as I see it as a potential lose lose, reason being if I steamed straight through someone I’d be accused of matching an easy fight as its my show and if I lose…well then I lose.
Q/ Fury 6 is fast approaching. Tell us about the card and venue? 

A/This card is absolutely, completely, well and truly stacked, we have great fighters for this show and lots of them. I usually host events every 2-3 months but Dan and I decided to give it a 4 month gap this time and really make it spectacular. We have our light heavy weight belt up for grabs and I’m sure these guys will show you exactly why I don’t want to compete at that weight! As for the venue it is fantastic for lots of reasons, the location is prime being within the O2. The layout of Proud 2 works very well for an M.M.A. show. Proud 2 is the second biggest night club in London which should give you an indication of how Fury has progressed over the past year.  With the club boasting the best sound system in Europe the atmosphere is going to be immense, needless to say the after party will be rocking!  If you’re unlucky you might see me throwing up a few shapes in there.

Q/ With your knowledge of promotion and the great cards you have had so early on. How far are you willing to go with the FURY brand?

Fury BeltA/Fury will be massive without a shadow of doubt.  The fact is as you have said we have great cards and I promise you they will only get greater. The shows always run smooth as we put a lot of work in pre-event to ensure this is the case. M.M.A. is a rapidly growing sport and Fury is a very marketable brand, we don’t just offer fights we put on a show with many different performances in between fights from fire eaters to magicians to musicians. I anticipate Fury will be an international fight promotion within the next few years although I plan to walk before we run and want to concentrate on properly establishing ourselves in the UK as one of the country’s best shows if not eventually the best UK show first.

Q/ Please can you tell us who else works on FURY apart from you and Dan?
A/ As far as the lead up to event asides from us we have Danielle who is my PA and worth her weight in gold. She helps take a lot of workload pressure off of me and Dan when things are getting a bit much to keep up with which can be often. L.S.A. Management, who sponsor the event tend to spend the time prior to the event sourcing ring girls who of course are a very important part of the show and we thank them greatly for that. Asides from that we have our promo team and the rest of the guys help mostly on the night, our staffing on the night is massive. There are so many of these guys I couldn’t name them all suffice to say we are always extremely grateful for all of the support we receive on the night. 
Q/ The work we done for FURY has had over 4000 views with the videos. How did you like the stuff we did? 
A/ The stuff you guys done was great, you guys are clearly very professional and a great credit to the sport.  The video interviews came out well, asides from the one of me trying to get a word in edge ways with motor mouth Movahedi! I joke of course. Jumping in and filming some of the fights at the last event was a life saver for us.  I’ve also gone through your site and read a lot of the interviews and always enjoy hearing every one’s story so to speak.
Q/ Who do you rate as a real up and coming fighter in the UK?
A/ I think Max Nunes is definitely one to watch out for at the moment from what I gather the guy breathes M.M.A. I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting him yet but he trains with my close friends and also my brother at Nick Osipczak’s camp NWA.  He is doing well thus far in his pro career and with his passion for the sport I’m sure will go far. Max is fighting for our Light Heavyweight Title on 8 September, not a fight to be missed.  Also my good friend and team mate Vitor Silva is oozing potential and I am certain we will see great things out of him in the near future. He is not adverse to taking on tough fights and testing his abilities and although he lost at the last Fury on a decision in the Lightweight Title match he always comes to fight and I love that quality.  He trains hard and as a black belt in BJJ he knows his stuff, the guy submitted me once whilst blindfolded what more can I say!!
Q/ Tell us about the FURY title belts and the guys who hold them?
A/ As a fairly new promotion we have only 4 belts out at the moment as we didn’t want to be one of these shows that just gives belts out from the start. The first belt belongs to Carl Orriss our Featherweight Champion who fought an absolute slug fest only for the judges to call it a draw and then went on to win an additional deciding round. Carl will be back to defend his belt in the near future and I believe at the moment he still remains undefeated. Secondly we have Cliff Meeks who beat opponent Aurelius Kerpe to win the Middleweight Title. Knowing Cliff had only lost only one fight in his pro career prior to this title fight we knew we had to make this a tough fight for him so we matched him against the only guy who had ever beaten him before. Then we have Nigel Whitear who defeated Vitor Silva at the last Fury to become Lightweight Champion, Nigel is a great fighter and has been on the circuit a while and proved his skills by defeating Vitor who as I said earlier is a superb fighter. Finally we have Tomasz now if you don’t know what happened with Tomasz then you need to go and check out the video, brutal knockout of Paul Saunders in the first round won him the belt. Tomasz is back fighting on our November show against Ian Hawkins who is a top Heavyweight fighter and had an absolute slug fest with Tomasz before, miss it and miss out.
So there you have it from the man himself. Thank you Stephen see you at the O2
Here is an interview with Steve and Dan at FURY MMA 5

12th June 2012
Written Feature First Published Approx 17th August 2012

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