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Published April 2015

With the breaking news announced this morning that Davie Joyce is going to be fighting over here on a Prize Fighting Championships card against none other than Raging Bulls giant Stevan “The Killer” Miller. Our paths have finally crossed and Stevan has given “The Bare Knuckle Lowdown” this exclusive interview!

Q. It was brought to light in the last few days that Davie Joyce has signed to fight on on a PFC card with a lot of names being thrown about to who would be his opponent, how does it feel to know you are going to be the person to fight such a tough opponent?

A. It came about very quickly. To be honest it's just dawning on me what a challenge it is. But this is the first time ever I will be properly prepared for any fight as I have 10 weeks of training. So I'll be at my best ever as I know Davie will. He's a top drawer fighter so it just goes to show I will fight anyone

Q. What was the first thing that popped into your head when you got the offer of a fight against Davie Joyce?

A. Fuck that lol.

Steve MillarQ. A lot of people were mentioning names such as James McCrory, Decca Heggie and Michael Ferry. What makes you have the edge over these fighters?

A. Well all due respect to Decca he has a fight coming up and I'm aware him and Davie are friends. James McCrory is going down the weights and I don't think BBAD would risk Michael Ferry.

Q. After your recent title fight, how are you healing will you be ready in time to fight one of the most anticipated fights in UK Bare Knuckle Boxing history?

A. Well I have a problem with my hand. Stress fracture of my thumb very annoying but I'll be ok I hope.

Q. Now obviously you are a lot larger than your opponent, will this work as an advantage or disadvantage in this fight?

A. I don't really know Davies height and weight. I have to use it to my advantage I know my trainer Kenny Willis is already working on a plan with my manager Jay Wann so I'll do my best to implement it

Q. People are saying you are going to come in a lot slower than Davie, will you be concentrating your training more on speed as we all know you pack a lot of power in your punch?

A. Again that's a question I don't as yet know the answer to.

Q. You are a Raging Bull fighter and managed by Raging Bull owner Jay Wann. Has he showed you a lot of support so far with you fighting for another promotion? I know other promoters don’t like there fighters being on rival promotions cards.

A. Jay’s an old friend of mine. He wants me to succeed for me not just Raging Bull. I run everything by him and can honestly say he has faith in me. I know if he thought I had no chance against Davie he wouldn't let me fight.

Q. We have all watched the Joyces fighting on YouTube videos, have you watched any? Will you be watching more now that you’re actually fighting one of their top fighters?

A. I watched a couple last night before bed. It didn't help me sleep hahaha.

Q. With it being such a highly anticipated fight and has a lot of people speaking already, does this add more pressure onto getting a win?

A. Pressure just makes me tougher to beat. I have to say Davie will have to knock me out to stop me. It's a local fight for me and I'll have amazing support. I refuse to let anyone down.

Q. Have you spoken with Davie about the fight yet? Do you plan on contacting him?

A. Yes we spoke briefly by message earlier. I respect him a lot as a fighter and a man. There will be no trash talk.

Raging BullQ. If you win this I think your name will go down in history books. What could you see coming of the back of this fight?

A. A long holiday haha. No obviously all the names will be there but I'm not even gonna think past Mr Joyce. That would be suicide.

Q. Davie Joyce fought and defeated James McCrory back in mid 2014, obviously James is one of the biggest names in the sport, How would it feel to defeat someone who has managed to defeat a Bare Knuckle legend?

A. I'll hopefully tell you may 31st

Q. Fighting with 1oz gloves on is pretty much bare kuckles, how do you feel about fighting with such lightweight gloves on?

A. I'm gonna have a look at some this week. I'm happy to be honest. No problem.

Q. You have a couple of fights before the big event on the 30th of May in Coventry. Could you tell us about the fights you have scheduled?

A. I am fighting Jay Afroman Ali at Raging Bull on April the 18th then Don Alcock for my BSB heavyweight title on May 2nd. Both in Leicester.

Q. Be honest here are these just going to be training fights for you before your fight before what will possibly be your biggest test in you career?

A. Absolutely not. They are boxing matches and I take my boxing seriously. I'm 7/0 all stoppages and I fully intend to me 9/0.

Q. One last question, when will we be seeing the Raging Bull Title fight rematch between Stevan “The Killer” Miller and Decca “The Machine” Heggie?

A. Hopefully October. It's a fight everyone wants. I have to clear something up. I was offered two dates. One in April (my hand wouldn't have been ready for Bare Knuckle) and also one in June. I am scheduled to work away from June all summer. I don't think anyone can say I'm scared to fight it just didn't work out right and I'm sorry to anyone that thinks otherwise.

Q. In closing is there anyone you would like to thank or acknowledge?

A. I'd like to thank my manager Jay Wann and my trainer Kenny Willis. I trust these implicitly. Also all my friends that support me and it's down to their numbers and following that this fight is possible. Amazing.

Stevans Manager and friend Jay Wann had this to say about the giant warrior:
I have known Stevan Miller for near on 20 years and i can honestly say the Man is every bit the Gentleman people think he is.

I could go on and on about the charities that have benefited from his generosity but were here to talk about his upcoming fights, May 30Th 2015 is going to be massive for Miller and Raging Bull as a whole when he takes on Davie Joyce but i know Stevan and he will be calm and collected in his training but will give as always 110%. Stevan is strong and has as we all saw in his last fight the heart of a lion, I don't make predictions but i know Miller has the power and skills to win this fight. He is not named "The Killer" for nothing, proud to be a friend and Manager.
Jay Wann.

Well I would like to thank Mr Miller for giving me my first exclusive interview under the new banner of The Bare Knuckle Lowdown! All the very best for your fight bro!

Thanks for the support everyone!

Kris  Megaw
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