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Published May 2018

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Since writing this interview I am sad to say Stevan Miller has passed away. Stevan passed on Sunday 13th May 2018. May he Rest In Peace.

Stevan Miller, The Killer, Miller, Cyril, Kingpin a man of many names and talents. Stevan has fought in the Bare Knuckle Ring notably against Decca Heggie and has also been in the ring as the third man, the referee. He can be found protecting the rich and famous in his position as a personal bodyguard and now he is launching his own promotion after a short time with BKB, the company not the sport. The only one I would fault him on is the refereeing. Not because of his actions while doing that job but this guy is one big ole unit and when you are filming the fight and have chosen the wrong side of the ring as he is also using that side to track the fighters then believe me when I say he can fair move and trying to get the shot round him for the video is bloody hard work. This is going to be a fairly short interview so as not to take up too much of his time and I'm going to keep it mostly to the up and coming promotion of his which is on it's first show. Rogue Elite 1 at The Sport Connexion in Coventry on May 11th is the place and date so lets crack on and get this done.

Hi mate thanks for taking the time out to do this. Question One coming up.

Jon P: Who are the people working with you on Rogue 1 and what is their positions in the promotion?

Stevan Miller: OK we've had a bit of a change around with people removing themselves from the firing line.  But the main man behind it all is Russ Norman without who I would be lost. Also my best friend Kenny Willis who the word staunch was made for. We bought in B.B.B.O.C. promoter Les Allen also a very good friend. Neal Salvage, Rich Kitchen, Rich Williams and Dan Stokes.

Massively also Richy Horsely and Kev Bennett.
JP: I believe this is your first show on your own. How you feeling people do not realise how much work is involved?
SM:It's not really. But this time I'm leaving it to the professional Les Allen to manage so I can enjoy my card.
JP: Obviously due to the fact you referee, have fought and your work you have some good connections. How muchking Pin would you say that helped out with getting fighters?
SM: Fighters trust me. I do what I say. I understand their needs and go above and beyond to help them out. Never discard lads who've fought and put the position it's in.
JP: You have not pissed around and gone straight in with a big venue. Did you choose Coventry's Sport Connexion as you already have experience with it and you know you won't have problems with the show going ahead or was there other reasons you selected Coventry?
SM: Just remember. BBAD made me fight Ferry (a good friend) on very little notice to get my Rogue Fighters on the bill at a 400 capacity Nottingham which I sold half the tickets. Three months later we are at my friends venue the Connexion which most will agree is best. And there's nearly 2000 there. Hummmmmm. 
Jon P says: I personally like the venue. A venue in my opinion has to be BIG and SQUARE a blank canvas so to speak.
JP: I see you have a fighter from Ultimate Bare Knuckle Boxing ( A show I would recommend ) and one from Bare Fist. You obviously think that co-operation between promoters is a good thing. Personally I think it has been a long time coming, would you agree it can only help push things forward for Bare Knuckle Boxing in general.
SM: The only way the sport can move forward. I'd like to thank Shaun and Amanda for their cooperation and I know they have only the best in mind for the sport. Both a pleasure to deal with as is Andrew Bakewell and Corey Williams. 
At the end of the day fighters will get bored of fighting in EMPTY cinemas.
Stevan MillerJP: There are more shows coming along some big and some small. Jay Wann runs a great show as you know yourself. Could you see yourself taking one of the smaller shows under your wing so to speak as it is generally the case in all the Combat Sports that the smaller shows tend to have unknown fighters and they cut their teeth there  before moving on. On the return side of things the bigger show has plenty to offer them even if it is to spread the word for them about their events.
SM: I fully support anything Jay wanna does.  Rogue are sponsoring all shows and will be showcasing new talent on Jays show. I owe Jay a lot.
JP: You was called " The Kingpin" by one of the newspapers. I know you didn't really like the "Killer" tag, how does this new name suit you?
SM: Yeah I like it if you look at the comic character he's a big fat bald bloke who throws windmills so I like it.
JP: Dave Radford is going to be at your show and he along with Matt, James and Seth were the first knuckle fighters I ever met. All legends in their own right. When we did the video interview with Dave he was just chatting away when we asked him about people he had fought in the past. He reeled out some names in a matter of fact way and we thanked him and wound up the interview. Outside the room we were both like "Fucking Hell" there were some quality name on the list he told us. So the newer breed of fighters have a lot to match up to. In your opinion who is the best fighter at the moment? We will keep it as B.K.B. only, but you can pick any fighter from any promotion.
SM: Jimmy Sweeney. He's took the sport a long way. Full of talent and I love the kid.
JP: With that I will tie this interview up as it is getting closer to fight day and there is always something needs doing. Thank you for letting me take up your time to do this it is well appreciated. People won't know this but Stevan was actually getting onto a flight when I asked him to do this.

On finishing up is there anyone you would like to say Hi, Thanks or Bollocks to?
SM: Yes it's quite simple. If people think they can get away with trying to sabotage my show and offering fighters money not to fight then I'm afraid they are sorely mistaken. For every action there's a reaction. And believe me rats get poisoned. I've not worked in war zones to be cunted off by a pair of midget football fans. Watch this space. 
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Thanks mate for a good honest interview look forward to seeing you on the 11th Jon P.


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